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Since I was 16, I have experienced intense visions and violent end days premonitions.I have been shown things ranging from Earth being invaded by multiple races of Aliens to weird first person images of me (or whoever I am seeing through the eyes of) engaged in battle on either a foreign planet or in either the Christian heaven or hell. This happened literally out of nowhere and when I came too, I had every word wrote down. I have experienced this all the way into my 20’s and 30’s. But what has been happening as of late, I cannot explain without sounding insane.

I have had a very interesting past 2 months. On the night July 20th of this year, my wife and I experienced a weird situation. We lived in a 2 story 2 bedroom town house. It is only myself, my wife and our daughter. Starting after we all called it a night and went to bed, around 1030pm, my wife and I went up to our daughters room to check on her, she was sound asleep and we walked down the hall to our room, popped in a season of South Park in our blu ray player and passed out. She could not sleep, so she went downstairs to our living room and proceeded to watch Netflix and fell asleep. Sometime after midnight, there was a mass power outage. According to her, she opened her eyes after hearing a loud bang and saw only darkness. She laid there for a moment and once her eyes adjusted, there was a small figure about 3 1/2 feet tall in front of her. She was in fear of what it was and froze. After a moment, she managed to open her laptop to light the room up and it was gone. After a few moments, she states that our daughter woke up and left her room. According to her, there was a very bright white light emitting from my bedroom door that quickly went away. I would wake up around 145am to and realize what went on.

On August 7th around 1035pm, my wife and I would go to bed. She leaves the room about 20 minutes later because she couldn’t sleep. About 1215-1230am I wake up to the feeling of being thrown off something. In our room, there is nothing beside my side of the bed, I fell, what felt like 8 or 9 feet to the floor, screaming a blood curdling scream as though I fell a further distance. When I came to, my wife noticed 3 long scratches on my back and 2 longer scratches on my left side to go along with a large bruise on the lower part of my left side that appeared to look like a small fist or foot. She took several pictures to show me. As I type this, the bruise still emits heat as though it happened just today.

August 8th, at 1am my wife says she rolled over and saw a tall grey figure hovering over my body and vanished when it saw her look its way.

August 16th at 900am, I am woken up to a violently loud high pitch electric laser sounding whistle ringing in my left ear. When my eyes open to see what it was, I was frozen on my side and surrounded by a blinding white light. It was so extremely painful, when I tried to scream I could not utter a sound at all.

Since this stuff started happening, I have periodically had moments where I would be stopped dead in my tracks and thrown into a dizzy spell due to the high pitched whistling in either of my ears. I have been experiencing intense feelings of deja vu and paranoia that just happens at random. And the visions have been getting crazier and more vivid. Any feedback, similar experiences or opinions are welcome. I just need sense made of this.

Thank you

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