recent believer of E.T. curent encounters

I am 28 years old and always thought theres something wrong with folks who think et is real.until about a year ago.I blew it off at the time but recently I have seen some really weird stuff going on right above my house,in my backyard,behind tress,pasture. and stars or something lined up that moved and possibly followed me.some were red and blue some was really bright and some I would try to sqwent my eyes to see.I’ve had migran headaches that I’ve never had and when I have them and go to sleep I dream of 9 solid black round things getting in my head.recently my boyfriend said the other night I woke up crying askin him if he new why there putting them in our heads and I asked him if he could feel em.and was wining in my don’t recall any of that other than the pain band the objects.I’m scared cause every night here lately there are more band more right outside our house.we live out in the country in the middle of no where.I’m really just looking for some help or awnsers. I also have a lot of photos and videos..

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