Has this happened to you ?

When my son was about 4 we were both abducted. one being took us by the hands and we walked through the walls to the ship. They had me on a metal table and had an orange cloth over my eyes but i could see out of the bottom. I saw 2 small beings near my son and i could feel they wanted to hurt him. there was a bigger being….a little bigger then a human and he told them not to hurt him. i heard this in my head. My son was told to play with metal toys of different shapes. One thing i remember VERY well is the smell of their flesh. It was a acidic type smell. The skin was very oily.

Weeks after this happened i asked my son about this. He would not say anything to me for awhile but then he said they told him not to talk about it. They took him another time into the ship and went way up in the air(how my son explained this to me) They showed him our house.

I have had several nights over the past 15 or so years when i was unable to move,This i believe were attempts to take me.

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