i need help,its been 17yrs now since i been abducted,please help me,its been horrifying and tormented,i even got shot with a implant right in my chest,my name is larry salazar#557179498,i lived at 4599 n.sierra way #38 in san bernardino,ca 92407,i live about an hour away from area51,can some one please help me,i encounter with the greys aliens and another species,my body has also been invaded,and my head has to been mindly open,i was hearing voices and been trying to fight off this abduction attack,i came face to face with a small ufo ship ,right on the cieling of our home back in december of 99,i been abducted since,theres more about this abduction,but right now ,i need help,my cell #9092426585,i inform nasa about this issue about 3yrs ago,but nasa only sent an agent but nothing else wasnt tooken cared of,im still calling nasa and FBI,i requested help to other web sites also,i have a family that i care about and protect,especailly this kind of issue,i need help,i also have a implant right in the center of my chest,i can see it spining,is there an agency that can help me about this abduction issue cause i need help,i been fighting aganist this abduction for the past 17yrs now,this abduction has been tormented and horrifying,it had sent me to hospitals and called a 5150 case,so please get me some help

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