An Apology?

I’m trying to think of where to begin.  I guess, to sum up, I have a couple of vague recollections from childhood about alien forms (I do not remember childhood abductions themselves) and have always been truly terrified and upset by images/movies/books about aliens/UFOs, yet at the same time fascinated.  This fear and fascination begain at a fairly young age (around six or seven).

But the point of this particular post, this particular topic, is regarding an incident about a year ago.  I woke up in the middle of the night, in my bed, very upset and with a very clear recollection of having been aboard an alien spacecraft.  This was different for me, because I only have a vague recollection of alien forms from when I was a child.  Anyway, I recalled upon waking that I had been in a room that felt circular, even though I couldn’t see the edges of it.  I was paralyzed on a table (no need for straps – they held me fast with their minds) and there was a sort of seclusion wall, which didn’t reach the ceiling nor the edge of the spacecraft but divided the area from the rest of the room.  There was a rack of instruments, and there was a small, insectoid being with a saw-like implement in his hand.  He was wearing a mask made of something that looked akin to chrome, and it had two rectangular slits in the mask so he could see through.  I couldn’t speak, but I started screaming in my mind, and even though physically I couldn’t cry, it’s like I was sobbing inside.  And it looked at me, and it laughed.  Laughed and laughed.  At that point, I blacked out.  Next thing I knew I was awake and, as you can imagine, incredibly upset.  I immediately described what I had experienced to my partner (who half-believes I am an abductee … he requires concrete proof) and we drew a picture of the creature.

The event upset me deeply and stayed with me for several days.  About three days after this incident, I woke up in the middle of the night again, only this time still in my bed.  Next to it was a being – it had a head like a grey, only it was also very short (its head was almost level with mine as I was laid on my bed).  It had very long arms and short legs (it was like his legs stopped where knees should be) and he had grey, wrinkly skin that had almost a texture of decay.  He felt senior to the being who was with me at the table, and he telepathically told me he was sorry, very sorry, for what had happened.  It felt like compassion for the horrific ordeal I had been through.  Recalling it now feels like a dream, but I’m certain it was real.

I have not remembered an experience since then.  I don’t know if they have happened. I know I have woken up to lights shining in the room and felt afraid, but I remember nothing more after that.

I just want to know, has anyone else ever had an apology after having a truly horrific experience?  Remembering it still fills me with terror.

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