I think the man in the video is pulling your leg but I can only guess. I do think  I am some kind of a hybrid and that many other “people” are as well, although I think many may be unaware and that if abductions run in the family this is something for people to question very closely. I don’t know if anyone gets this but these stories all sound to me as if the person has filtered them in some way. I think this filter can be removed if you can let go of the fear and you might see more plainly what is so mysterious and frightening. I understand that it IS frightening to people but if they can relax while this goes on and replace the fear maybe with curiosity and with the intention of remembering as much as possible. I also noted that one abductee found it helpful to keep a tape recorder next to the bed and another in the car. Personally I don’t believe that people are safe from abduction in the daytime, I think that daytime abductions happen all the time and for some reason are almost impossible to remember. I also think that if reptilians were breeding with human beings the result would be quite a bit more terrible. I don’t have proof that this man is just horsing around or enjoying the attention but I KNOW.

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