One Of Many Experiences Since Early Childhood.

In November 0f 2007 . I had had some bad luck.I was feeling so warn out with life .That when I was on my way home which is a hour drive threw back roads of Montana.The one road is 18 miles with no visible homes to be seen .It is all ranch land.I had enough I was so distraught I was looking up threw my windshield and just said out loud I have had enough just take me home.In my mind I was talking to a God I do believe in with many other things I believe in that are not your usual golf game at the water cooler talk.I got home went up to my cabin. I live 23 miles from the nearest town of which there is only 1500 residents and the nearest city of 40,000 is the hour away.I went up after walking around looking at the stars as I often do and was feeling so broken I finally went to bed.

I was laying there and then fell asleep. I was having a dream that I was in some house somewhere and for some reason in the dream.I had to go outside . I went to the door and then went to look to the right then the left.I could not move my neck in either direction. I then realized that I had to wake myself up because I must have gotten a cramp in my neck and it was numb like when your leg or hand falls a sleep when you are dreaming.So you wake yourself up and stretch it out. But I could not wake up.I kept trying to shake my head back and forth but it would not move.I finally then just said the hell with it I just give up I am letting go. I then was blinded by some light so I opened my eyes and was in some brightly lite room . There were no contours to it.Like when you look up at your ceiling in your house.Even though your room is all the same color you can see the lines of the walls.This was not like that it was almost as if I was floating.But now as I appeared to be laying on some kind of table on each side of my head were to small sides blocks one each side of my head.

This now explained why I could not move my head in either direction.In what appeared to be in a blink of a eye.I was now looking straight up at this beautiful colored wheel of lights.It appeared to be about 18 inches in Diameter. It was pulsing and it was making me feel good. Then at what appeared to be another blink of a eye.It was gone.Back to all white again.Then on my right a being leaned over and looked right in my eyes I was looking right in his face.Why I think it to be male I do not know but for some reason believe it to be so.As I looked at his face dark black veins running threw each side and I was not afraid . It said nothing but I now felt sad for it.The thought of how bad my life was going meant nothing all of a sudden.I was looking at the being and now feeling sorry for it.

I felt like it was feeling sorry for me and because it was to me feeling this way.I felt like a jerk for making it sorry for me. It felt like when a child sees you are hurt and then comes over to you and you can tell it feels bad for you.This is how I felt now.I had this feeling before years before with my brother during a encounter we both had at the same time.It said nothing verbally .But I remember almost saying I am sorry to it but just thinking it.Then as before with a blink of a eye.I felt as though I was falling back it was now going black. I just said to myself just go with it.I then opened my eyes and was laying there on my couch.I felt great I was happy. I was thankful. I was thinking why was I such a jerk.I can walk up mountains I can see wonderful colors of a rainbow. I have been to so many places in this world.I am in the mountains of Montana where I always wanted to be.I came from Boston .I need to stop being such a baby.In my life I have had many encounters .Some with others that have been with me.It has been going on for over 40 years.But this encounter I just wrote about has had the most profound effect on me.I myself have had at least 16 type encounters from balls of light in the room to lights coming over the trees to abductions missing time.And it all appears to happen most times in a blink of a eye.

I read many stories of people having experiences and hate it. I am not one of them.I have now 6 others who feel like me.We enjoy them.We do not know why it happens but never have gotten the feeling they the beings are up to no good. I myself can say honestly they have helped me.They have opened my mind to possibility outside this life down here.With our brick buildings relationships that ruin peoples lives.Loves lost death and despair.Negative attitude to other faiths and races.I myself believe I have become a better person for the experiences.I enjoy them. And I am not afraid.I am lucky. Not better then anyone else just lucky.

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  1. pascha says:

    further note on the above, when i woke up as above there was no light in my room (electric light) nor outside in the street.

  2. pascha says:

    One last think from me, as mentioned above re: very bright lights, has anyone had experience of such bright lights that has left them with the sensation that they are temporarily unable to see due to temp blindness caused by the intense light in their eyes, much like the sensation when someone shines a very bright light into your eyes and for a while after its gone you cant really see properly and your eyes continue to see flaching light even when the light has gone away? this has happened to me a couple of times in the past year, when ive woken in the night unable to see as light is resounding in my eyes after i had sensed strong light in my room whilst waking up, for 5 mins or so after waking i havent been able to see but could just see residual flashing in my eyes.

  3. pascha says:

    I hope that you would not leave the website because you are in a minority who have had positive experiences, i am new to the website and i am trying to learn about the experiences of others to piece together and make sense of my experiences and why they happen, if ET’s are imparting understanding to humans thorugh these encounters across the globe then we very much need to hear the positives to understand what is happening and why. the only negative part of my experiences have been that i just feel naturally scared of a non human being (if thats what they are) being close to me, its just a primal fear response, but apart from that the experiences have taught me a deep ongoing lesson so in general its positive for me, fear is only a reaction to unfamiliar things and things we dont understand. Perhaps that accounts for the many fear reactions of people who come into contact with aliens, just a normal human primal reaction, once you get used to it the fear starts to go away and you can absorb the info they are trying to give to you and feel good instead of just pure terrified!! its all kinda humorous in retrospect i think, much like the sensitization and denial process experienced by whitley streiber in the book communioin, his first reaction was trauma, shock and resistance and denial and as he went through the process he came to understand and to feel able to laugh at his initial terror reactions.

  4. almostalien says:

    No should not leave the websites.Then I would have no one who did not find it negative on the websites.People that I know do not even talk about there experiences except when I am with them.They bring it up not me.Except when I am with my friend Scot or my brother.I have found on websites all I read most of the time is horror stories about the experience.Or they are trying to take over the planet or some other horrible thing they can make up.No one knows why they have been coming down here for centuries. But out of the many experiences I have had since a child and even one as recent as about 2 weeks ago.It has been the thrill of my life time.To even think some thing that advanced would want to interact with me at all is great for me.I do not think because I am human I am some how better then other life forms.I am the same.

  5. analias says:

    This is really interesting to me because my own experiences from my younger years are not negative either. Which is not to discount what other people have trouble dealing with. It seems that it can be really horrible. It almost seems like I should leave these websites for people who “need support”.

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