hi,i’m giuseppe and this is my experience

Hello, I am Joseph and I will tell you the best possible quality that is my experience with alien entities.
About three years ago I had my first contact with these entities, at first began to arrive at strange images in my mind, with a sharpness and a mode that I had never seen before, a continuous flow accortomi immediately something strange
I tried to ask if anyone was present, and at that point I received as an electrical impulse to the stomach, from that moment the images that flows in my mind are thoughts become a continuous flow, now these entities were presented as god or his emissaries, but at first claimed to be God, the approach was very sweet but cmq shokante, after a bit of explaining how I was drugged and I fell asleep, then I woke up in another place, a completely dark room and in front of me were two of these beings, I was wide awake and I had the same perceptions that I know that in reality, these two beings were not human, her head a little larger than ours blacks but with a degree of transparency with eyes like a fly, deep blue, with dashes of blue as a not very intense throughout the body, which was quite similar to ours, although on that occasion I could only see his head, a of these entities told me, put a lot of awe and gave off a strong positive emotional energy, he asked me what I wanted to do, I told him that I wanted to understand, learning to deal with their world, I answered yes, and then I woke up with a anesthetic-like system of two seconds in my bed, then began to tell me about my situation and what had happened to me in the months prior to the event, an issue that had brought me to break with the whole family the next day, I was obviously still dazed, I turned on the television to distract me for a moment and after a while I realized that the characters in the TV responded to questions that I did with the thought, my first thought was, but you can hear me? and received reply, I will shortly realized that responding to every question he did, not only with the live program, plus the characters on TV and changed appearance in skin color and clarity of the eyes, so suddenly, as if talking about the same size as I obviously I was totally amazed by this thing, I was in shock after a while I realized that even with animals was like with TV, responded and changed appearance suddenly, at the time because I live in the country had several species of animals between including three shepherds with a litter, I could talk to all of them and they answered every question with gestures or verses, the day after leaving in the car I realized that even with people was the same thing, with everyone spoke, telepathically, I replied, always by gestures, then I realized that if I thought something without looking at anyone respond to me with the noise in the environment, especially the horn, I answer every question instantly, always, wherever I was, all this in the first two days in a week that saw everything guard was designed that way, whatever, I was deep in shock for about three months, I was always drugged, I felt terrible, weak, almost always in bed, then began even dreams in their own way, a whole universe, but with the feeling of not really tangible, and since then everywhere I went and I thought whatever I did had a specific purpose, they began to explain a little bit of all the various tricks they use to get you to do this or that, but the bottom did not want to talk to anyone and do not tell anyone, but that situation has always created a strong sense of unease from the outset, so that I began to get nervous, increasingly, in the meantime they made me believe that the authorities knew all about me but that did nothing, he controlled only to a certain point I got nervous so much to give focus to the first shed and after a couple of weeks at home, then began the most critical period I was arrested, and after a couple of days on trial, one month in jail and the first two or three days I screamed like crazy with everyone, especially policemen, believed to be in some sort of conspiracy, then finished the jail came home forever isolated, with the house completely burnt, and remained so for about six months, the walls were completely black in every room except one where I slept, then resumed contact with his family to whom I told the aliens but it was as if I believed it or did not understand anything about the meaning of what I said, besides the fact that change their appearance constantly, straightened the house and as it began this second phase, which led me to this day, all this time this type of phenomena has never stopped, still persists today, a few months ago I bought a PC and a month or try to communicate my situation, but I’m just saying things without meaning, or rather without relevance, if I try to speak directly occur to someone that I said that immediately change looks and do nothing but laugh in my face, telling me plus I can keep for months on another dimension, and that if I do not want to talk to anyone, even if I try SO at some point I was forced to drop out, plus the fact that almost every thought or something that interferes keeps me always in a state of mental confusion, now try this way to make known what is the power that these entities have on us.
All this time I was shown both through the tv and mentally a myriad of incidents involving allegations of my past lives, plus many, in addition to all the different ways in which we carry here, they tell me that we are a part of their mind , as was their dream, but I still have assured that once you have finished this life, so when we awaken, we remain the same person or if there is a change more or less marked, which is ultimately the thing that brought me to get in complete contrast with them, in addition to the methods used to keep me isolated.
This is very briefly my experience with these entities, I hope to have been clear enough, but if I wanted to tell everything I should be writing a month.
sorry if translation have error,please if you don’t believe don’t offend me.
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