It really did happen…

Hello, my name is Christine.  I live in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.  While this is a safe place to openly discuss experiences, I’m still a bit apprehensive.  I don’t think I’m looking for validation; it really happened. 

But, is there anyone out there with similar experience? 

My “visitor”, as I call it (I think it makes me feel less insane?) appeared in my bedroom window; fedora/trench coat-ish-had to be rather tall to reach that window…no face…early-mid 1960’s Ohio.

There is more to my story, but mostly interested in connceting with anyone who has been visited by similarly described beings.  Once, I gave my report to local UFO investigation group (no MUFON in Northern VA)…they hadn’t heard this description before…so trying to connect with others who may have seen similar being.

What I recall is NOT my imagination; of this I am certain.

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  1. liis says:

    I have also seen the man in the fedora/trench coat, but when I was a small child, in the late ’50s. I thought he was real until Kerri Cassidy of Project Camelot described her experience with him. I remember being frightened of him, that no one saw him except me (I claimed that he followed me home from school) and that I met him late at night (what would I be doing on the street corner alone as a child?). I have had many other abduction experiences, but he stands out.

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