What was it?

My name is Samantha, I’m 19 and I think I might have been abducted? Before I tell my story I want everyone reading this to know that I am not on any type of drugs, I do not take illegal drugs, I do not drink or smoke, I was not half asleep, and It was not sleep paralysis!

Ok, so my freaky story goes back about 3 years ago. I remember it being mid winter break. I was trying to fall asleep, but I couldn’t. For some reason, it has always taken me hours to fall asleep even if I’m tired. Anyway, I have a projection clock and I looked up at my ceiling, I believe it read 11:00p.m. I was just kind of laying there. My covers only came to the bottom of my breasts and I had my hands folded across my chest.

After looking at the clock, I thought I heard light ruffling noises coming from the carpet (Note: This is happening directly across from my bed). At first I thought it was nothing, but then the ruffling started to get louder. It sounded like someone was walking on the carpet across from my bed. I quickly shut my eyes and just listened. I shut my eyes because I was afraid of what I might see, if anything was there. My thoughts started racing, I was trying to figure out what it could be. My door was shut, I would have heard someone come in because the door drags along the carpet when you open it. My windows and blinds were closed. My closet is to stuffed for anyone to hide in, as well as under my bed.

It sounded like it was walking back and forth, back and forth. All the sudden, I heard a loud pounding noise. It sounded like someone was hitting a drum or something.I starting thinking about what was over there that would make a sound like that, then it hit me! It was my popcorn tin can my grandmother got me for Christmas (lol. yeahh. It had puppies on it!). Ok, so at this point I wasn’t moving because I didn’t want the thing to know I was awake. I kept my eyes shut as this thing walks back and forth, pounds on the tin can 3 times, and just repeats. It went on for like a minute maybe. It felt like forever though. So then it stops. The room went quiet again. I’m freaking out because I’m bare chested and I was to afraid to move while the thing was being active.

After a few seconds (thinking the coast is clear) I decide it was time for me to hurry up , turn over and pull the covers over my head! But, before I could, It started happening again. This wasn’t making any sense. I didn’t want to grab it’s attention by screaming for mom or darting out of the frickin room! To make matters worse, the thing changes patterns and I could hear the walking coming towards me! The being actually stood over me and I could feel it leaning down, as if it was going to kiss me. I felt an indent in the mattress, like a hand or something. Then I was thinking, “OMG OMG I have to do something before this thing eats my head off !” So, I stretched my arms, did a loud fake yawn, quickly pulled the covers over my body and turned around. Then, it all stopped. But, the funny thing is, that’s all I remember. My memory just goes black after that.

I would say this was an encounter with a ghost, but my house isn’t haunted or anything like that. That’s the only major encounter I’ve ever had with something not human. I relate this to aliens because when I was little I use to have a lot of nose bleeds and sometimes I would wake up with blood all over my pillow with no signs of a wound or bloody nose. In early teen years, I seen a few UFOs and had many strange dreams (still have them). I’ve had many more unexplainable things happen, but the one I just told you was the most scariest event that has ever happened to me. I’m still very unsure of what it was. And even though it was really scary, I still regret not opening my eyes……

Anyone have a similar encounter? I know I’m not crazy! I was awake. I wasn’t even tired!

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  1. buffalospirit says:

    I am an abductee (as well as other members of my family) – and my entire life (I am now almost 50) has been mixed between paranormal activities and abduction-type encounters. To the point where I don’t even other with the weird stuff anymore because they have always happened and I am just about tired of it all. I once had a carpet-rubbing type encounter next to my bed – I just pulled the sheets over my head and went to sleep. That was just one of a million different type of experiences. I have read that these things do go hand in hand (paranormal and alien encounters) and sometimes, it’s difficult to tell if it’s paranormal or an alien encounter. The information about the “staging” is interesting and sounds like Samantha may have encountered this. If Samantha continues to have “paranormal” activity similar to this, would it then be concluded that her situation is a haunting rather than an alien encounter? So much we still don’t know!

  2. Sgt. Frost says:

    Samantha, it sounds like you had a fairly typical staging encounter. It seems they like to test people, to see what kind of response they can get out of whom, and under what circumstances. There is a strong chance that the EBE knew you were awake, and was just seeing what response you would give.
    You mention thinking of it as a ghost, which is a conclusion I have already reached a few times, but many would be surprised to know how similar the two things are, perhaps on a deeper level than a person would care to think of.
    Along with some dream type events, I had two strange things happen a few years ago. I had just been transferred to a different base, and I got a house, so I immediately changed the locks, and gave nobody else a key. The first odd thing happened only a few weeks after my arrival. I got up and dressed as normal, using my clothes dresser for my fatigues, and my pet cat was lying on my bed, as always. I did not go into my closet, as it contains only my formal wear. When I left home, she was at the door, which I locked, but when I returned home that evening, my cat wasn’t waiting to greet me, so I called her, and began to search the house. I finally found her locked in the closet, and I am positive I had not entered it that day. The second event occurred a short time after the first, and was a bit creepier. I was in the bedroom, about to go to sleep, lights out, when a lady friend who was present said “Something’s in here!”, and a second later my cat began to hiss and shriek, the room seemed almost pressurized. I put my hand over my friends eyes and told her not to worry, nothing can hurt her, and just as suddenly as it had begun, everything was fine again. The cat stayed away from the room for weeks, however. Odd business.
    Have you had any more encounters? Take care.

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