2 things really

where to begin…. well at the beginning. it isnt so much that i think that ive been abducted or visited any more. i know i have been. as far back as i can remember there have always been moments when i was sleeping and a buzzing noise would start and i could not move. when i was younger (ages 6-10) i more or less ignored them and just went back to sleep. as i got older my earliest memory of a presence in the room that startled me was when i was 12. however not as much as one might think since my family owned cats and my mother would often come check on me and my sisters in the next room. when i was 13 i had what could be called a vivid dream? i was out side just at sun break and watched a ufo hover near my house, while the buzzing was going on i heard what sounded like voices but i could not understand them, some other language. since then i have had several other occurrences of hearing buzzing and not being able to move while sensing a presence near me. but the most recent ones have been the most…scary i guess you could say. about 6 years ago i had another vivid dream, i was aboard a ship. my girlfriend at the time was there with me, an alien was motioning for me to lay down on a table, i told it no. then i punched it in the face, i grabbed my girlfriends hand and ran out of the room, out in the hall several other aliens appeared, one approached me, i punched it, then screamed at the others to send us back now. i woke up standing on my girlfriends bed, her laying on the floor fast asleep. the trick here was i went to bed in my own home 15 miles away and my watch told me i had only been asleep for about an hour.

fast forward about 2 years ago i was sleeping in my own bed, in a motorhome by my self, when the buzzing starts, then the paralysis. at first i was going to ignore it but then i heard a cupboard door open…THEN SHUT! i started to panic a little, then heard my mini fridge open…then shut. i started to really freak then, i was thinking i cant move and some one is in here with me. i sat for a moment and thought to my self, if i use mediation (of which i have been practicing for a while now) maybe i can over come this paralysis, so i started concentrating, i could then feel my left hand and open my right eye. i then felt something near the edge of my bed, i quickly grabbed at it not seeing well yet, and got a hand, my thoughts where aha!! got ya now!!. then i was able to move my head and looked. in the dark i couldn’t make out detail but i will never forget the shape i saw!!! the head of an alien!!

fast forward to about 4 months ago again with the buzzing and paralysis. this time i was prepared!! knowing that if i used meditation and concentrate i can over come the paralysis. well it worked, i watched the alien come into my room and over to my wife’s side of the bed. it started to reach for her when i leaped at it and mumbled no you dont!!, i hadn’t over come the paralysis all the way yet but mostly, my movement was slow and clumsy, but i heard it scream? yelp? in any case i scared it for a change!

but this hasn’t stopped them completely yet, 2 nights ago i was visited in my truck by one!!! i never heard of a trucker being visited in the sleeper before! but it was only there for a moment, i didnt actually see it, i was facing the wall and it was gone along with the buzzing as soon as i concentrated on rolling over.

ok im writing all this to get my story out and ask some questions, first i want to know if any one else has ever been successful in over comeing the paralysis like i have? and second has any truckers been abducted or visited in their sleepers before?  i also get this feeling like im being watched from time to time and get flashes in my mind of their faces, dose any one else get this? and im interested to know if there is any one in washington state that i can talk to about getting hypnotized, i have a feeling that theres things i dont remember.

last thing, if i am the first and i hope im not. people we can fight back!! we dont have to sit and be terrified by them while they do with us what they will! practice meditation, learn to concentrate and focus it out!! purge the sensation! maybe this is the first step in….something i dont know what yet but if i can do it you can to!!

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  1. raquelragon says:

    This was posted a while ago so I dont know if youll read this or not but I have had this happen. I dont hear buzzing though. I just woke up on the floor still paralyzed. It didnt happen before I went to sleep, it happened when I woke up. I had the strongest feeling of someone in my house, my room, somewhere…. I didnt know because I couldnt open my eyes. and I too have a feeling that I am forgetting something. That I have memories that I cant remember… but I know I have them. Its the hardest thing to explain.

  2. TrueBlueTheCat says:

    well, i do trust my self, i also trust my instinct. yes its possible the fear is inside me but also let me put it to you this way. they are treating us as animals. implants for witch i can only assume are a form of “tag”, the buzzing paralysis is a tranquilizer, some claim they have been used for genetic material to create hybrids, some have experienced horrible surgery like senerios. while their intent may ultimately be nothing more than mear curiosioty twords us as some are twords animals we possess something animals dont, something they possess as well and refuse to acknowledge. intelegent communication. they know we dont want this and yet they do it any ways, if they where to come forward and simpy ask, they would probally have more vollanteers than they need. it is the fact that they keep secret and do all this with out asking that i belive it is not inteded to be any thing good. simply put you dont put on a ski mask and load a gun to make a deposit at a bank.

  3. mindscape2332 says:

    This has also been going on to me for quite a while…I know how traumatic it can be but what if you are taking it the wrong way? Its only natural to deny what you dont know I understand that. But how can you fear somthing you know nothing about? I think the fear is inside you. There is no need to react like a wounded animal. I know the rage you feel from that powerlessness but that doesnt mean you have to feel hoplessness. You have the power to decide how much you let it affect you. Who knows you might learn a little more about yourself in the process…just dont give up trust in yourself.

  4. TrueBlueTheCat says:

    i to have a restless mind, one thing that has helped me to quiet it atleast for meditation is to try focusing on the concept of nothing. meaning no light no dark, no sound no quiet, simply nothing. its a bit of a wierd concept but also grabing all your thoughts and slowly silencing them with it. at least helps me. also, i wasnt implying we should start wearing foil pirat hats either lol, just that there may be a way of jaming the signal what ever and where ever it may come from.

  5. kelemvor says:

    Glad I could help.

    I’m not sure how correct your theory is but I certainly know of several encounters that I have had where i was able to move and other where I was lying down in bed unable to move and yet very aware of a presence in my room. I have seen a couple of different looking aliens at different times so perhaps they have different intentions to each other and so some paralyse you and some don’t

    I guess the most difficult part of smething like this is having/not having people to talk to about it. I know that several members of my family are aware of experiences that they have had and even younger children in the family who have mentioned stuff but it seems that they are able to just carry on like nothing has happened – I guess that some people can just carry on without worrying too much about it. Having said that I’m the sort of person that likes to troubleshoot things and quite frankly am just a little peeved at what has been done to me. I also don’t want this to be done to anyone else.

    I’ll have a go at meditation, I’m afraid that I have a restless mind so it may take a while to get into it 🙂 Oh well, it’s worth a try I guess but I don’t think I’ll be going so far as to wear a triangular hat made of foil LOL 🙂

  6. TrueBlueTheCat says:

    im glad to hear you are at peace now, from the sounds of things you dont reember what happend, but perhaps it was mothers instinct that kicked in…and kicked butt

  7. cynthia says:

    I think I also was able to fight them off. I wont bore you with the whole history of my experiences but I’ll cut to the part where I i was after I became pregnant with my first child.

    At about five months into my pregnancy I had I day where I was increasingly unsettled all day and had a very eerie feeling that something was going to happen – that ‘they’ were coming. In spite of telling myself I was surely being emotional or that pregnancy hormones must be kicking in, I was so out of sorts with the feeling that I just couldn’t fall asleep. So I decided, OK lets say you’re not crazy and something is ‘coming’ that involves your baby, what are you going to do? I decided on three plans. First, I would try reason and explain that this was my baby, I knew when he was conceived, etc, if that didn’t work I would beg and plead and if that didn’t work I would fight like hell.

    Nothing unusual happened that night and the next morning was the same as any other except for two things—I had pulled ligaments in one of my thumbs and I couldn’t walk very well for days because the muscles in my inner thighs were SO sore. The other thing that was different was that I had a profound sense of peace as if it was finally all over. And so far, it has been.

    I do believe that, like you, I fought them off. Perhaps if our intention and our will is strong enough we can retain some personal power. I dont know and would hate to make it sound like I am in any way blaming others for the things that are happening to them. But perhaps our stories can offer some hope to others.

  8. TrueBlueTheCat says:

    thank you, you actually answered a question ive had for a while now thats been bugging me….HOW DO THEY DO IT??? the paralysis part, i mean ok, we know they have some sort of telepathy becouse alot of people claim to hear them in their heads when they speak, but im not convinced this is totaly “natural” it may be possible implants play a roll in this, the telepathy part and the paralysis, kinda like those shock colars for dogs to keep them in the yard, i dont know of any implants in myself but that dosnt mean they arnt there. and if it is technolgical, then that means things can go wrong, like in your case it didnt turn on or the signal got jammed. maybe it works only in a small target area and since you where not where you would normaly sleep it didnt work? i dont know, but i would like to see if i cant find some way of jamming it my self, or atleast find out what signal they use and go from there. maybe the old tinfoil hat isnt just a crazy mans idea after all? all i know is the one that showed up in my truck as soon as i started moveing i got this sudden feeling of fear/dread but not my own, i think they might be starting to be afraid of me since im being able to fight through the paralysis now. something to help you try to fight it your self is to start practiceing meditaion, once you get to a certain point you start being able to focus out things like pain. yoga might help?

  9. kelemvor says:

    Hi, I haven’t had the success that you have in overcoming the paralysis, but I have noted on occasion that I am able to move before they come in.

    One night about 3 years ago I remember being on my bed (had a bunk bed at the time – I wanted to see if that made any difference during abductions, the jury is still out in that one but I think that I saw more then) and there were 2 of them in my room one started climbing up the bunk and the other stood by the side of it. I was free to move and recall telling them to get out (I wasn’t very happy lol). Anyway, the one to the side of the bed threw someting up to me which looked about the size and wieght of a tennis ball – silly me caught it and found that it was so heavy that my hands were forced down onto my lap and I couldn’t move.

    So it looks at least like they have other ways of subduing us.

    Anyway, that’s all for now – keep on fighting my friend, we’ll get the upper hand one day 🙂

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