New to forum: My story of physical body marks, and more

Hi, I'm new here and wanted to share my story by way of introduction.  I have actually had inexplicable marks appear on my body but can 
find no way on this forum to post the photos so my story will have to suffice.

The marks appeared overnight on my arms. This occurred about 20 years ago. I found them while I was going through old photos and my 
curiosity was re-sparked. This occurred in Colorado.

My husband noticed the marks one morning as I was preparing to shower. They were on the upper part of both of my arms and appeared as 
though the pigment had been removed from my skin in perfectly round matching shapes. Essentially the marks looked like someone had 
applied 2" donut shaped band-aids to my arms that removed or bleached away the pigment and then peeled the band-aids off.  I'm fairly 
dark complected so they were pretty obvious.  Under each circular mark was a faint dot.  The marks had no unusual sensation at all, 
such as pain or itching or anything at all. The one on my left arm was slightly skewed in that the circle was faded slightly on one side 
and the dot under it was not centered as it was on the other arm. A silly description would be if someone had used a rubber stamp and 
hadn't applied the pressure to the curve of the arm evenly. I went to my doctor and he had no explanation at all. The marks lasted for 
about 3 weeks until I went on vacation and got a tan.  I had never had much interest in anything paranormal.

Some other things of note are:
For about a year before the marks appeared, I had been having periodic disturbing dreams of cats, owls, raccoons, coming for me and 
hurting me, wheeling me into surgery, communicating with me telepathically, coming through the walls to get me, etc.
I would wake very unsettled as it always seemed as if more had happened than just a regular dream and I would feel very disturbed for 
quite awhile as I tried to remember or get in touch with what it was. There was often physical pain while I was sleeping but I couldn’t 
wake up.  Other repeated dreams that year included themes of the end of the world, massive floods, cataclysmic atmospheric events, etc, 
and a few people were going to survive and everyone else would die. I was told I was to be one of them to help begin the new era. These 
also had the sense that they were not just dreams but that there was something more to them that I just couldn’t get in touch with.

The night before we noticed the marks felt as if it hadn't happened. Both my husband and I commented that it was an unusual night. We 
couldn’t remember one thing about the night and had woken up in the same positions we had fallen asleep in. Neither of us are generally 
heavy sleepers and I always get up to use the rest room, which I hadn't done.

About four days after the marks appeared I began to have menstrual-type cramping but I was about a week past my regular cycle so it was 
very unusual.  When the next monthly cycle did occur the bleeding was like a hemorrhage, it was so heavy I couldn’t leave the house or 

I do have what I later learned is considered a ‘scoop mark’ on my shin. As far as I can remember it’s always been there. 

I had one other dream about six months after the incident of the marks. It involved cats coming through walls and hurting me. I 
experienced another period like the first one when my next cycle came.  Even stranger, is that twice during the dreams where the animals 
were coming to get me someone/something (?) intervened on my behalf and stopped them and they got very angry. Once, some owls were 
furious and said, “Now we can’t reproduce!”  The ‘someone’ who stopped them was very powerful but it was a type of power that was all 
good or all love and so strong it couldn’t be refuted. It was an incredible feeling that was eerie and unforgettable I am not a 
religious person. This only happened twice however, the other times I was hurt.

--Finally, about a year after the marks appeared I became deliberately pregnant with my first child. At about five months into my 
pregnancy I had I day where I was very unsettled and had a very eerie feeling that I tried to ignore all day as I was questioning my 
own sanity and thinking that pregnancy hormones were more potent than I had imagined. I had the feeling that something was going to 
happen, that ‘they’ were coming. In spite of telling myself I was surely being emotional, I couldn’t fall asleep I was so unsettled. 
So I had a talk with my self and thought, OK so lets say you're not crazy and something is ‘coming’ that involves your baby, what are 
you going to do?  I decided on three plans. First, I would try reason and explain that this was my baby, I knew when he was conceived, 
etc, if that didn’t work I would beg and plead and if that didn’t work I would fight like hell. Nothing unusual happened that night and 
the next morning was the same as any other except for two things—I had pulled ligaments in one of my thumbs and I couldn’t walk very 
well for days because the muscles in my inner thighs were SO sore. The other thing that was different was that I had a profound sense 
of peace as if it was finally all over. And so far, it has been.

The only last possible connected piece is that when my oldest son was about 8ish he began complaining that there was something in his 
nose. I told him to pick it but he said it wouldn’t come out. It really bugged him for months and he would often mention it. One day on 
a long road trip the two boys in the back seat got all excited because the thing had come out of his nose and I just had to see it. 
Unfortunately, I had a stomach flu that day and was just trying to get through a car trip so I was not about to look at something that 
had come out of anyone’s nose. They kept insisting I had to see it because it was ‘a piece of bone’. They said it was perfectly round 
and white and hard like a little ball made of bone. I stupidly told them to open the window and throw it out, which they did, and I 
never saw it.

And that’s all I have to tell.
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    Hi there,

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    Kind regards,


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