Selling Abductions -Hardest Part of UFO Phenomenon

When I became a MUFON investigator back in the 1990’s, I had believed for some time (approximately a decade) that a few humans were being “kidnapped” by some kind of odd creatures. My entire life of witnessing strange creatures, floating disks, various size boomerang aircraft, along with hundreds of orbs of all colors and sizes did not give me a clue that I might have been among those claiming to be taken up into alien ships. Since I was raised a Christian (and remain so), I believed what I was seeing until I was 16 were ghosts, spirits, and angels. However, having spent 33 years working for the U.S. Department of Defense (four years as military), I have no doubt that some of these aliens are flesh and blood/liquid living beings whose astonishing technology is beyond what most human scientists could ever believe. I finished writing a book back in the 90’s but did not want to bring any attention my way. I have added to it since then but feel uncomfortable letting other people know my personal stories and family history. Abductions are real. Sadly, money and power are more important and influence public opinion. If certain powers-that-be were not gaining wealth and power from the alien/UFO visits, all of us would be aware what is really going on. Since two aliens removed blood clots from my upper left leg possibly saving my life, I cannot believe all of them are bad or evil. In addition, I am certain there are at least two separate alien species visiting us, and neither group is happy with the other. As long as a majority of humans remain “dumbed-down,” some ill-fated humans will continue to be abducted and the fat cats will continue to get fatter.


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