I’m going to keep this short so that it is actually read.  I didn’t decide to tell too many people about, “aliens”, until I was 50, for very obvious social reasons. 

With this decision … I decided to do a lot of reading on others being abducted, to raise my understanding.  I have eight years of engineering university work and am not easily fooled. 

After covering material by some of the researchers in the field who have been working with abductions and relating the information with my families experience with these entities, I am now horrified to except that my life, and my childrens lives have been controlled by these creepy crawlies.

Don’t get me wrong, for years I truly believe that I was this princess grandaughter of this great and powerful Oz……the bolony they actually use to con with is enormously enticing to believe.  Please don’t believe them.  Please.  They in no way have any insight into your being something special.  That is part of their game plan.  However being part of the human race means that you are special……and these invasions of our very soul should not  be happening to any of us.

I have decided to write a book from the prospective that has come with a great deal of hindsight.  As well, I  believe there is a way to track what these entities are doing, at the time thier doing it.

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  1. kelemvor says:

    i’m not sure how far the detectors penetrate the clothing/body – but surely under the freedom of information act or something like it you should have access to the images taken – at least that way you could see for yourself whether or not there is something there.

    Cool free scientific body check for implants lol – dont think the government thought too much about that one lol

  2. olderanwizer says:

    I just had lighting strike guys………I was looking at a full body scan from an airport, (simulated), and this doom thought came across me. What if the government could identify and collect possible implants, saying they are there, and do what with that information. I would like some intellegent imput on this please.

  3. olderanwizer says:

    Without concern for what is known biblically as, “the mark”, and instead having human compassion for abducted persons, it would be a leap ahead for mankind to take the agression in reverse and place tracking devices in abducted volunteers. It would prove once and for all the seriousness of the problem humans have been exposed and complaining about to for as long as man has had a written language.

    Want physical evidence … we have the technology to get it. Denial seems more the human way however.

  4. Shadowchaser says:

    >>>I have decided to write a book from the prospective that has come with a great deal of hindsight. As well, I believe there is a way to track what these entities are doing, at the time thier doing it.>>>>

    So how can these things be tracked?

  5. kelemvor says:

    I agree. I myself work in IT and have a degree in physics (the degree was actually something i did in response to my abductions), so I know that I must be fairly sane (then again perhaps only a crazy person would do physics 🙂 )

    These people no matter who they are should not be doing this to us, unfortunately we can see all to readily that such things do occur and even mankind is not perfect (we treat this planet and its other inhabitants with contempt much of the time).

    However, it seems that we’re the only ones that can make these people stop – it looks like they aren’t going to stop on their own.

    Sorry to rant on, anyway good luck with the book – I only wish that more people would come forward and that we could remove the stigma that surrounds abductees reporting their experiences. I actually saw in the news the other day that the British government (I live in the UK) is no longer going to be keeping records of reported sightings of UFO’s etc due to a need to reduce costs and avoid having to publish the data requested via the Freedom of Information act. Unbelievable !!!

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