Mysterious hidden scar tissue discovered

Something strange just happened to me this week, and apparently I’ve had a “surgery” of some sort that I do not remember.

I’ve just had my first-ever mammogram last Monday and the doctor contacted me that I have an “anomaly” in the images they took of the right side of my chest. Naturally I’m thinking, okay, they found a cyst or something. So I go in to have a second imaging with the ultrasound and the radiologist is mystified. Four different people asked me if I’d ever had surgery on my breast. I replied that no, I never had. The doctor walks me into the room where my mammogram images are up onscreen and she showed me an area in my right breast where the tissue is gathered into what appears to be a perfectly straight line in the upper part of the breast, near my chest wall. She pointed out an odd concave shape to the tissue there, and asked me again if I’d ever had any surgery or maybe a stab wound. I repeated that no, that I hadn’t. What the image looked like to the doctor was that I’d had a roughly grape-sized piece of tissue removed or damaged somehow on that side and since I’d never had any surgery, she couldn’t figure out what it was. To me, it looks like a chunk of my breast tissue was “scooped out.” There’s no noticeable scar on my chest, though. They’re going to biopsy it next week anyway, just to be sure there’s no cancer, but she’s pretty sure it’s just some kind of scar tissue. I asked my mother if I had any surgeries in that area as a small child and she says that no, I haven’t. I’m left to wonder that if it’s scar tissue from an unknown wound, then how could this have happened? Surely I’d remember a stab wound.

Has anyone here ever heard of missing breast tissue like this? I’d also like to know if “Shadow People” sightings are associated in any way with alien abduction? I’ve had over 100+ sightings of “shadow people,” looking straight-on (not out of the corner of my eye). My kids anda  few friends and acquaintances of mine have seen them, too.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

[Edit: post shortened  for length, plus I got “blogger’s remorse” after I posted this originally]



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