Accept who you are do not be afraid…

Ever since I was little I felt like I didnt belong…it was like being two different people at once…a part of myself wanted to give into fear and anger it wanted to deny the possibility of anything other that wasnt  in my “safe zone”. Then the other part was so different it was like having someone inside of you to guide you. Its mostly a psychic feeling of knowing, having knollege that is beyond normal conscious thought. Its like operating on another dimensional plane. An inner feeling of awareness. Where fear does not have to exist. Its strange telling other ppl this…I might as well say my part in this. It started as buzzing noises like bees hundreds of bees as if shaking your very soul. I know that horrible feeling…the powerlessness. I used to fight it I would challenge them as if it were a fight to the death…I have broken free from that paralysis…only to break free from myself and what I grew up thinking was reality. How did I do it? I accepted it. Something deep inside me made a connection with them…I could feel them inside me, then I could hear their voices inside my head they said,” Don’t be afraid we are you and you are us”. All the fear all the pain immedietly subsided. I felt a rush of joy and sadness and longing…I felt like they truly understood me, they knew who I was and now I feel a belonging with them. All my life I have felt that longing, I looked to the stars and I knew somwhere out there was HOME…I know it might be hard to belive but there have been far too many coincidences.

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  1. buffalospirit says:

    My entire life, I have also looked toward the stars with sadness as if I felt like I was far from home. When I had my son, I was surprised when, at the age of 7 or 8, he confided in me that looking into the stars made him sad because he felt like he was lost and that he was far from home – that his home was somewhere out there in the stars. So, you are not alone, my friend. I just hope that someday, the truth to all of this will be revealed. The “secrets” played by our governments and society are enough to make you think you are crazy – don’t let that influence you. But it sure would make it a bit easier if the governments of the world would come clean about this. Regards.

  2. Kent Elliot says:

    My freind it is as though I was the one to write all your words. Like your life is my life? I now know Im not alone!
    Please feel free to contact me,
    Vancouver Canada

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