a different light on a close encounter of the 4th kind

my taken aboard a flying saucer experience was as a kid, pre-teenager but, i do not remember the exact age (i refuse to call it an abduction): late 1960’s, a small town in the Ozarks where the Apollo Moon mission rockets were built, ranked 2nd in the state of MO for quality of education (high school)  (#11 on the Russian nuclear bombing list so i have been told, no proof but, seems reasonable?) a great place for alien observation and contact.

as a child i had an emotional problem, sort of,  i never understood why.

throughout my late teenage years through about 26 yrs old, i would wake up in cold sweat dreams saying, “so, that is what it is all about!) at that age, i woke up one night and remembered. i had been taken aboard a flying saucer and taught stuff.  (i.e. what it is all about is the meaning of life “creating and being created!”)

i was also taught things in physics which have always intrigued my curiosity. because of which, i have since obtained 7 college degrees and read extensively in real physics books and ancient culture spirituality. i have spent 12 yrs writing fourteen pages of what i call an abstract in absolute explaining the theory of the universe, as the universe itself is “an infinitely self observing entity of pure conscious intelligence” using pure thought as the basis. as in number theory proof of the existence of the numbers 0 and 1 in which if it wasn’t accepted as a pure thought concept all math, physics and engineering would not exist. along with i was able to derive by pure thought of self observation constants of physics, such as Planck’s, and musical spherical harmonics as being able to define the structure of the universe (M-theory if you prefer). i know flying saucers are designed using pure mathematics for their shape and power sources (natural logarithm, exponential and spherical musical harmonics).

since understanding this experience, i have never feared either life or death. in order for there to be life there has to be no such thing as death.

it is the not understanding that gives the real trauma of the experience. understanding can be blissfulness!

i also believe from my research of ancient cultures epics of creation these beings in my close encounter of the 4th kind experience are our relatives and ancestors from another planet in our solar system not yet detected by modern society (the gravitation anomalies in the orbits of the known planets require another planet exist in our solar system). this is not to say detected by us means they were not specifically known in ancient times- so, i do not say discovered.

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  1. lillie says:

    just to comment on planks constants for those of you who don’t know (i know it is a bit of physics for this forum, but it defines reality):

    Plank’s constant of mass, length and time as a subset of much larger theorems/natural laws: mass=2.155*10^-8 kg, length=1.159*10^-35m, time=5.337*10^-44s….substitute these into the units as given of the following formulas gives exactly Newtons Gravitational constant G=6.67*10^-11 m^3/kg*s^2 or angular acceleration divided by density, the speed of light c=2.99*10^8 m/s, Planks constant h=6.62*10^-34 kg*m^2/s or kg*m times velocity or kg*m^2 * angular velocity, E=mc^2 (kg*m^2/s^2) which such a small amount of mass has an such an enormous amount of energy. they are and underlying function of much larger theorems/natural laws.

  2. kelemvor says:


    Yes, much of life is a pattern and maths/physics follow that pattern or are a translation of that natural phenomenon. Plank’s constant etc like many things may eventually be proven to be a subset of much larger theorems/natural laws.

    7 degrees – wow that’s pretty good going. 1 x BSc (Physics) is enough for me and that took 4 years so I commend you on your achievement.

    Also, I’m not entirely sure about the people that abduct us, perhaps they put us here, perhaps they are just using us for breeding (hybrids are a certainty – I of know this first hand, doesn’t matter if anyone else believes me tho, I’ve somewhat seen it for myself so have total confidence within myself to be able to say it). In that, there are those then that are our relatives because they have been cross breeding with is for long enough – even for 1 generation it would mean that we are inter-related and I am fairly sure that they have actively been doing this or potentially thousands of years. Just makes me sad that they still can’t seem to talk to us directly – i wonder if they just want what they want and consider our feelings/objections to be irrelevant compared to whatever their overall plan is lol

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