writing before i read anything

I am writing down my experience, prior to reading anything anywhere to see if what I experienced makes anymore sense, validates my experience, as well as gives me more peace of mind to help me sleep, because for years I feel like I will be visited again. I was quite young. I am very roughly guessing 6 years old. I am currently in my late 30’s so the memory is a bit foggy, however there are certain visuals that are etched in my mind vividly. I remember the experiences happening in my parents bedroom. I normally did not sleep with them, however I can only remember the experiences happening in that room. I remember small things one was standing on the floor and the size was lower than the bed. I don’t remember any communication from it. But I just remember being quizzical & confused. Another time I remember a small one getting up on the bed & me trying to talk to it, but I don’t think it talked/communicated back to me. Then there was a big one (taller with these big eyes – I thought it was the Easter bunny with its ears tucked back behind his head or something. It must have been around Easter time so that seemed logical to me as a little kid. However there were just no ears.). It only peared at me from behind a door that was slightly ajar. Poking it’s body kind of in & out peaking. I also remember a bright light only seeming to come from a couple of windows of the bedroom in one corner & a “breeze” blowing the curtains only from that one end of the room. I knew this was weird as a kid. There is one other unexplained thing that happened to me years later when I was at a “tween” age or so. I had something growing out of the crown of my head. It must have been there for sometime because when I discovered it, it was long. It was about an inch long, yarn width, growth with a little cap on the top. When I first felt it i thought it was a bug or something, but it wouldn’t come out. i was a passenger in a car at the time so i looked in the side view mirror, clearing the hair out of the way holding the growth up in the mirror to see what it was. So I tried pulling it out & it wouldn’t come out so i twisted it & ripped it out & threw it out the window, eww. Still gives me the creeps! So how I have come to this awkward realization that it could have been aliens is that when I was older my boyfriend at the time was a bit of a science, computer, sci-fi guy. He taped shows on tv. I never really watched his shows but sometimes would sit on the couch with him after work just to be with him for a bit. It was on some show that someone was describing the different sized critters with pictures & I don’t know if it was exactly then or a day or two later that it hit me. I must have been visited. But… who do you talk to without them thinking you are crazy??? I am still loosing sleep over it. I also have a baby & I don’t want him to have a similar experience. So that is it. I can’t wait to see what feedback people have & read other people’s experiences. I have a feeling something else happened, or something I can’t remember because it seems like I slept in my parents bed because I was afraid… thank you for reading.

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  1. kelemvor says:

    Seems like I’m the first to comment lol. I can’t say that there is a cast iron way of identifying whether or not you have been abducted, but in general if you think you have and have had strange occurrences 9especially in you bedroom) then I would say the likelihood is high. Personally I think they abduct us from or rooms because we are generally asleep and that makes us easy targets. Well if you had to catch a lion you would rather do it whe it;s asleep wouldn’t you. Sorry – perhaps not the most comfoting of things to say.

    Please don’t think you are crazy though. Most of us start off thinking like that but generally you should trust your own instincts and intuition – only you know whether or not something is real. We’ve all had strange dreams in our lives, but these things are not the same and you will know in yourself whether or not the things you have seen are just dreams.

    For my own part, i have seen people while I have been awake and have seen more than one craft flying within 40 feet or so of me (I was driving at the time with a passenger in the car – so would like to think that rules me out of the ‘crazy’ group lol). So please don’t feel like everyone that talks about abduction is crazy – yes the first steps to talking about this with someone may make you feel like your being strange, but we’ve all been there. TBH it’s only been in the last 3 or 4 years that I have actually found sites on the web (this one more recently) where I have actually found people that have similar experiences to my own – I’m only 32 so I can appreciate that there are people of all ages that have questions/concerns about abduction, but it’s only by talking about it that we are ever going to learn enough to be able to start examining it and then hopefully helping ourselves/each other/

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