Maybe it whas a dream


Hello, i am Andy and from the Netherlands, 43 years old.
I don’t remember my age but i was between 8 and 12 years old.
I had a (dream) that whas so real to me and that whas about the abduction.
A few days later we all where in the livingroom, my mom, my dad and my brother.
We all were busy with what we were doing, when sudenly my brother said,”i had a dream that i was abducted by aliens”.
I heart that, and i said,”me too !”, and going on with the things we were doing, thinking that it was coincidence (now in doubt)or he didn’t hear me,
becausse it whas quit noise at the time, music whas on, mom dad talking etc.
I never forgot it, the (dream)
My Brother who has died with the age of 24, never talkt about it too sinds then.

I have always thought that were not alone in this universe.
Before we came or putt here on earth, life whas already somewere els, maybe millions of years earlier then here on our planet.
So i had my interest in ufo’s and life elswhere, when i saw a footage on tv back in those days when there where no pc’s, a half hour later i didn’t think of it anymore because it wasn’t real proof for me, maybe a little, but when things had happent, you never heart of it anymore,
so you think like, oh it’s nothing…..thanks gouverment of the usa.
But now with the internet i have seen a lot, specialy the ones from Nasa
I spent a lot of time lately, like 8/10 hours a day for a month now, on these ufo’s, and aliens and all what has got to do with it, animal/human mutilations
The reason why i’m writing now is because i saw some things that are simular to the events in these documentaries, here is my story…….(Excuse for my Englisch)

Well i went to bed to go to sleep, sudenly i woke up and whas lying on a metal looking table.
It whas a round room like the upper half top of a ball.
I remember looking to wall on the right site for maybe 2 sec, and saw nothing on the round wall and it was metalic looking to.
I remember seeing 2 persons standing there, with a long coat on, i don’t know the coulor, but one whas very tall and thin, and the other small and i can’t remember there faces.
maybe i saw it a thousend of a second because i saw something over my head and didn’t had the time to look at him, and this is the reason why i’m writhing now.
I sure remember this because this whas the scary part.
I looked up because i saw that thing above my head, you can see that thing it in the documentarie from National Geografic (UFO) at 5:25.
It’s a device with rings on it, and these rings are lit up with coulors, i always thought the coulors where green and orange/red, in the documentarie it’s
blue and i think purple, exept in my case there was a needle in the middle of the rings.( I can’t see it in the picture from the documentarie NG UFO)
I could not move, otherwise i was running i gess, but that thing scared the hell out of me because i saw that the thing with the needle was comming down
towarts my eye, at that time i saw more persons standing on the left site 3 or 4.
I can’t remember if i screamt or shaking with my head, but i remember that the person, i think the one on the right site, said to me that i don’t have to be scared and it wasn’t going to hurt. I saw a documentarie of 2 people driving home seeing a light, and they got home 2 hours later then they surpose to be. Those 2 people were going under
Hypnoses and you can hear them saying things. The woman tells that she had somthing like a needle going in here navel, but the alien tolt her to that she doesn’t have to be afraid and that it’s not going to hurt, exacly what he tolt me.
Then i woke up in the morning with a feeling like this actualy happent, i mean so real.
Well this is my storie, and i hope there are people there who happen the same with that device with the rings and please wright me.

Maybe i’m getting carried away but i saw another documentarie about implants on humans by aliens.
I saw i guy that had something implanted in his face in the area of the jaw/shin, and there is a doctor removing those implants from aliens.
I have a small thing that feels like a little ball, under my shin, i always thought it was a gland, but if i’m not wrong, there is only muscle.

Maybe another bodyfailure, but 3 times i could’t focus, not the tv or whatever.
If i looked at something like a face, it becomes black and had to look at something else and go back to the face to see it clear again for a few seconds.
The strangest thing that happent whas what i saw in my eyefield, not where i whas focusing on, but around it on the left site,
a verry strange thing it looks like this


This thing whas build up in all small rods that gave colour like, have you ever seen a animal very deep in the sea, where is almost no light,
who give colours in a special way, you can see it on youtube named: Amazing Bioluminescent/Glowing Deep Sea Creatures, it starts at 0:39 sec.
I am telling this because i saw in a documentarie that the aliens implant 1 on 40 people, and one whas by putting things in the skin without a scar,
and also by putting something behind the eye on the eye-nerve and the brain.
I thought maybe they put this there with the device with the rings and needle, maybe that’s why it didn’t hurt because they only atach it behind the eye, to the nerve of the eye that is connected with the brain. And the thing in my shin with no scar, no scar no pain?!?!?
Maybe getting carried away but i thought i just mension that.
Thanks for reading this.


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  1. kelemvor says:

    oh yeah. I meant to say also – it wasn’t until I was 21 and had my first conscious alien contact that I spoke to my family about it an at that time found out that both of my brothers and my father had also had these experiences. Kinda makes you think – if only they had told me sooner then perhaps I could have been a bit more prepared (night vision camera at the ready ha ha lol)

  2. kelemvor says:


    Don’t worry friend, you are not alone and believe me you are not the only person ever to be scared. I was 21 when I was first aware of my abductions and believe me it scared the hell out of me.

    The problem I see is that these people tell us not to be scared, but I guarantee that they would be scared if they were in our position. It’s one thing trying to be nice and trying to tell us everything is ok, but we are a people that are very able to think and to perceive what is going on around us. We may be naive or ignorant but we are not stupid and I guess for me it’s the fact that we are used like we are there to be used that annoys me – we are not slaves – or maybe we are but just don’t know it.

    There seems to be no level of respect for us, like we are dog or cats or some other creature that perhaps we ourselves treat as less than they deserve – maybe it’s karma if you believe in such things.

    Who or what in their right mind would not be scared? If we were told what was going on and why + maybe allowed to participate willingly, then we could probably all just get on with it and no-one would need to be afraid.

    Unfortunately they are just alienating us and I fear that eventually there will be some form of retaliation and in the end no one will win.

    Anyway, please don’t be afraid. Try to remember as much as you can, write it down and share with others like you have done here. By keeping quiet and by hiding what has happened, we only help to prolong this type of abuse. Maybe we will all begin like this, only talking to other abductees, but as they say, there is strength in numbers and sometimes I feel there is often nowhere that an abductee can turn to, no-one that they feel comfortable to speak to in case people think they are crazy. I hope that we can gain strength and trust from each other and perhaps help all who have been burdened by this.

    Sorry to go on so much, but I always felt that I had no-one to talk to about this and hope that anyone reading this might find some comfort in the fact that they are not crazy and that this is happening. there is always someone that you can talk to.

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