i dont really know what to say

I’ve tried hypnosis and it was effective I was speaking to someone during my session but my hypnotist said I wasn’t making any since only that I kept repeating a strange word he said I didn’t seem frightened but I was defiantly talking to something or someone. I’ve woken up countless times on my floor or backwards in my bed early in the morning I live alone so I know I couldn’t have been moved by somebody. I always wake up with a pounding headache and strange marks on my shoulder or in between my legs. The worst ever was when I woke up around 2:30 in the morning and everything was hazy like almost cloudy in my room and there was a bright lighT shining through my window and after that I don’t remember anything. I woke up that morning with blood stains on my pillow. I am so scared I wake up terrified and don’t know why almost every night and a close friend of mine said that I have come up missing for hours at a time but I don’t remember. There are times when I can’t remember what I did for hours during the night. I don’t want to jump to conclusions but there is only one thing I can think and that’s that I am being taken outta my house and tooken god knows where! I tried to talk about this to friends but they say I’m crazy someone has got to believe me anyone who can relate or has an explanation please I just want to know I’m scared but curious its like I want to know but I’m scared of the truth! Oh and one last thing my whole entire bed was moved across my room and my blinds were mangled all together and there was a strange footstep on my floor that struck fear through my whole body for a split second I almost remembered what has been haPpening to me and by my reaction to alien photos and needles it hasn’t been pretty someone please explain.

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  1. adelle1 says:

    try leaving a video camera recording in your room or a dictaphone to record the sounds going on, u might find out what is hapening at night or at least whats isnt hapening. please keep me updated on what u find, i woke up thismorning and found 2 big scratches very close together and a bruise at the bottom of my leg and a small bruise on each arm which hapen 2 b where my vien is the scratches look like they could have hapend from being grabed or draged out of my bed but this is the 1st time something like this has hapend to me so dont want to jump 2 conclusions yet
    i hope you get the answers your looking for xx

  2. kelemvor says:

    It’s difficult to say don’t be scared – i still get scared lol. i would say firstly that if you know that something is going on then there is good reason to believe there is. Trust your own judgement, you are the only one that knows if something out of the ordinary is happening to you – try writing stuff down, it’ll help you keep track.

    Everyone wants someone to listen to them and believe them – i guess we all need to be believed and have some comfort in being believed, but I’ve found that the larger public don’t believe abductees either because they have had no similar experience themselves or because the whole subject is generally ridiculed.

    But please dont feel that you have no-one to talk to, you most certainly are not alone.

    Best Regards

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