prgnaunt and the not!

Okay so I thought I was being taken before but now its gone too far after a long night that I won’t even dare say on here I got home and I felt sick like sick to my stomach I raced to the bathroom only to throw up a green fomey substance a week later the same so I bought a pregnancy test ( I have not had sex in a year!!) The test came out positive a couple weeks later I went to my doctor he said its weird because my womb and afterbirth was all there but no baby I’m terrified there’s no way (they) could have impregnated me right? And if they did where is the baby it had only been a couple weeks there’s no way I could have had that baby I don’t know what’s going on but I’ve made myself sick thinking about it

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  1. Sgt. Frost says:

    adelle1, sorry for the delay in response. You do indeed have a point, as our government, as well as others, have done tests on recovered and captured aliens, however our policy is to render aid to downed survivors. Most tests are done on dead specimens, and many have been carried out on volunteers, as an ill-fated attempt at cooperation with the Grays. But don’t under estimate the threat level of this situation, as we are at an unimaginably complete disadvantage. I don’t want to say a whole lot more on the subject here. Contact me if you have any questions, and good luck with your situation.

  2. cecilmasako says:

    Hi. What you mention regarding the test and your doctors comment are important to remember. You should keep a notebook of time date and what happened in the past to your present situation. All this note keeping helps you release your mind of having to remember the event. If you do not know where or not you have been abducted then one should carefully consider finding out. Finding out does not really mean the problem goes away but may set up a whole new set of problems to ponder. The denizens (other life forms) or grays if you like can come whenever they please. Once an impant is within you they can turn you off and get what they need to do. I knew a lady who was taken many times and she went to find via an x-ray and a surgen to find and remove the object with hopes they(grays) cannot locate her. She even moved out of state and away from any related ufo subject matter. I am still looking for mine to remove.

  3. adelle1 says:

    to sgt. frost- i totaly agree with you except that how do u konw there not only doing it to us because the government are doing it to the aliens that they find, or if not then you know for a fact that the government wouldnt think twice of doing it if they had the chance, so even though there have been probably millions of cases of abduction without people knowing and against there will the majority of humans wouldnt want to do the same to them a big chunk of us would love the opertunity to experiment on an alien.

    dont get me wrong it is very unfaire, scary, horrible, terrifying to b abducted (if you remember the experience) and they have no right to just take us and do what ever they want with us but humans are not that inocent and would do the same if given half the chance

  4. Sgt. Frost says:

    Hi there. I want to say that I am very sorry for the suffering some, like yourself, are subjected to by our little ‘visitors’. I feel something must change in our one-sided relationship with such monsters. We are the God appointed heirs of earth, we should not be used as mere guinea pigs and breathing test tubes for their own purposes. And what do they have planned for us after all the tests are finished? I for one believe we (or just myself, if no like-minded people can be found,) must prepare as best we can to make a stand, or at the very least gather some intel on these things while there is still time to do so. If you would like to talk, or have anything to say about this, please email me. Be well.

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