What do Psychics say about alien abduction experiences and ufo’s in general ?

Hi,  When I had  the “dream” I was allmost 40 yrs old. I had had a premonition dream of a tragic accident that had come true about 10yrs earlier and had had a spiritual vision while awake a few years later. As a result of these experiences that really happened to ME…I was at last sure of the existance of ESP and even more importantly..I became sure there is a God. Several years later I have an alien abduction dream. It does not “fit” in the physical, metaphysical or spiritual files in my head or in any other than here on this type of site and forum. I have read your stories and several are so similar in ways to my story that I have come to the conclusion that though our experiences are real, they occur in a different, possibly in-between relm that seems sterile of spirituality,unstable or flexible in it’s physicality, and capable of manipulating the physical in the metaphysical to travel , to abduct, to communicate, to erase and or implant memories etc. I do not believe they are of our dimension or God, but they ARE Real ! Here is the dream that inspired this theory………….. I’m younger…like a child chasing a puppy I am after something in the mist that I believe to be a frightened juvenile alien. When he stops, so do I and I crouch down and hold out my hand and smile saying “It’s O.K….I won’t hurt you” …The little alien turns back and looks at me … and then he sends a picture of a human toothy smile over his small slit of  an  alien mouth .   Suddenly, I realized I was in way over my head , that this was not a innocent youngster. I had been tricked and lured right into thier hands.  Next thing I remember is being paralyzed on my back with the longest set of tweezers I had ever seen retrieving a small pea sized fleshy orb from between my legs. There were beings in the room , but can not see any faces. Telepathically I hear the being in front of me say “What better way to find out more about you ?” Then , felt as if 10 sets of hands were violently gropping in my torso and squeezing my inards !  I remember I was horrified and shocked by this and complained that they had lied to me telling  me it was all over… Terrified I screamed “OH GOD !”…..”God ?”…the being asked me. ………..”God is the one that makes it wrong for you to do this to people !” I shouted ….Suddenly I awoke in exact position i had lay down in; it seemed only a few minutes had gone by, but the clock said 3 hours past when I had lay down. I woke my boyfriend right away and told him about it and have wondered what to do with the experience ever since. I used to feel so blessed to have had the psychic and spiritual experiences prior, and still do, but this alien dream/memory just does’nt fit and if it was a blessing it was to make me a humble and simpathetic friend to other abductees.            Have often wondered if there are psychics out there that can shed some light on the UFO /Alien Abduction topics from there own close encounters or from those that tell them of thier dreams/memories reguarding ?

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