I think I have been Abducted.


Hello. My name is Marisa. I am 28 and I think I may have been abducted. I am not sure what may have or is happening to me but many things have happened in the past few months I cannot explain. I was watching a TV show called A Haunting. I have watched this many times and never been afraid of anything I saw on the scream But this one episode had an “apparition” that was meant to be a man with his legs removed below the knees. It was only a shadow. It struck fear in me to the point of becoming ill. I have never watched the show again. I dismissed it but then I started having insomnia. I watched the sun rise many times in the past few months. I felt compelled to look out my window as if I was sure something would walk around the side of my house. Then I became afraid of my hall way. My husband had to hang a blanket so I could sleep. I felt that a form would come walking down the hall. I see a shape in my mind’s eye. A shadow with a large head and long arms. Now I have never seen anything it is just a feeling I have. Then a few weeks ago I woke up with strange scars on both my arms. They appear to have been puncture wounds but they are much too large for needle marks and I have not been to the doctor for several months, nor do I do any drugs what so ever. I don’t even smoke. Then a few days later the right arm became infected and while cleaning it I discovered it was very deep. when I was younger I thought I had lost my mind because every night I felt like I was being held down by something but I could not open my eyes to see what it was. The last time it happened I had found out I was with child and I fought back. I woke up on my sofa and I had gone to sleep in my bed. I have been known to sleep walk so that could explain that event. I have never had that feeling again. The last thing I recall happened just a week or so ago while on vacation. I was staying with a family member and I felt like something was staring at me. I was not sleeping but my husband was. I tried to wake him but he did not move so I snugglled in and tried to get to sleep. Then I felt cold. My 2 year old was in the room with me and she woke up screaming. She doesn’t talk every well but she said, “Mommy the monster! Get it away from me!” as clear as crystal. She was very upset and we had to take her down and sleep on the floor in the living room. She never went back in the bed room because as she said, “Monster get me.” she reverted back to her normal broken two year old speech patterns. I don’t know if they took her but I checked her from head to foot and found nothing. I was so angry. This could all be explained away if it was one or two rare things but It is too much to dismiss. I am not sure if I have been taken but I don’t want them to bother me anymore. I came here for answers not narcissism. If you wish to poke fun please just leave me alone thank you.

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I am a wife, mother and college student. I love music and math.
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  1. Drweirdlaura says:

    Hi Marisa,

    My name is Laura Brunkala and I am the researcher for a new show on Discovery Science called “Dr.Weird.” The show is currently filming a pilot centered around UFOs and alien life. We have already interviewed an abductee and had x-rays taken at a hospital to determine if an implant existed.

    I came across your blog and found your suspicion interesting. I’d like to have you on the show to talk about how you feel and possibly do regression hypnosis if you’d be interested. I’d love to hear your story. Hope to hear from you soon!


    Laura Brunkala
    Researcher – Dr. Weird – Discovery Science
    Snake Oil Productions

  2. GDT says:

    No one can tell you if you are being abducted or not… When you have had just too many encounters that can not be explained, you will still continue to deny it as it is just too hard to accept…

    BUT, most abductees I know or have talked to, have had close encounters with aliens and or UFO’s during their lifetimes… Most have had the same at least one time during the day, many with people who witness the event. This is not lights in the sky, I am talking about huge crafts 75 yards away..

    I have also talked to Budd Hopkins and more than 50% of the people he has worked with are driving their cars, working etc. when the have a CLOSE encounter. A huge percent are not abductees, but are dreaming having sleep paralysis etc..

    I am not a debunker, but a lifetime abductee who finally opened up and spewed some of my secrets late last year as Budd Hopkins and one of the hosts of the paracast talked me into being on the show. They convinced me , my story would help other suffering abductees. In retrospect- 6 months later- I have to admit it helped me more than anyone. It was like therapy and really helped reduce the fear and anxiety and it is getting easier and easier to talk to others, especially other abductees who share the same lifetime of experiences that are so similar to mine— it is freaky.

    If you are interested you can hear the show at theparacast.com.. it is in the archives dated Dec.27, 2009 entitled “Budd Hopkins introduces Doug…..”

    I know,,,, who is this guy???? Well, if you listen to the show you will notice I have a distinct voice, so I guess if everyone questions who I am I could talk to one of you via skype to verify my identity.

    My only advice to others experiencing this- is to learn to meditate, see a professional to get help with the PTSD symptoms (I have since the show) and share with others who understand.

  3. MarisaE says:

    Thank you. :o)

  4. kelemvor says:

    Hi Marisa
    It’s not a nice experience for you I’m sure, I know that I have been abducted on several occasions and I can honestly tell you that there have been very few parts of them (that I remember) being nice. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone and that no-one actually wants this to be done to them, hopefully we’ll be able to overcome it one day soon.

    Abductions do tend to be hereditary – found that out first hand as my father and brothers have all told me that they have seen stuff but I guess I have just seen or been aware of more.

    Don’t try to ignore those feelings that you’ve been getting, try writing a diary and making a note of all of the stuff that you are aware of even if it feels silly – you’ll probably find that this stuff happens more often that you realise and a diary will help you to focus on what may be happening and gain a greater insight into it. It’s amazing how much we all just want it to stop but that’s not likely if we try to ignore it all – these people seem not to care that we don’t like it anyway.

    So from my perspective the best thing we can all do is keep notes and try to work this out together. Good luck, I hope that this has helped a little

  5. MarisaE says:

    Well if I am being abducted I do want it to stop. I have never been afraid of things that go bump in the night persay so I am not happy about it. At this time I am not sure I want to try to anger these “people” into possably hurtting my family by helping to capture on of them. However I might change my mind depending on events as they unfold. If I do I will contact you. If you have any luck please let me know.

  6. Sgt. Frost says:

    Marisa, it does indeed sound like you are being monitored by the aliens, if you have not yet been abducted, it is likely that you will eventually be. Abductions and contacts do tend to be hereditary, but this is not always the case. There are some things you can try to lessen the contacts, but there are no guarantees on any of them working. Maintaining strong family ties can help relieve some stress, and talking about your experiences with other non-skeptics may help as well. The fact that your wounds were slow to heal, with one becoming infected, leads me to believe that your visits are by some entity other than the nearly ubiquitous Grays, as they usually would have a higher degree of precision, often with trace wounds healing within hours. I am looking for a repeat abductee/contactee, preferably with ‘negative’ encounters, to do a project with. This would involve an attempt at capturing an entity, and if successful could possibly provide some reprieve from the attacks. Let me know if you would consider such a thing. And to everyone who is thinking about how impossible my goal is, I have already heard it many times, but I feel I must try anyway. Good luck, Marisa.

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