abducted at 7, now 47

The short story is: I drastically changed at age 7 and had symptoms of abuse but had no memory. Since my Dad died last year, and with therapies, I have recovered experience of extreme terror and flashes of memories of probing. (my Dad was abducted too and also unwittingly allowed them to channel through him). Years before, I ignored the recurring “dream” of waking in the middle of the night to a bright light that felt probing but in my late 20’s realized it was real, not a dream. The “dreams” have long since discontinued. Now that I really know what happened, I am in the process of healing all the negative beliefs and trauma around being taken and used against my will. I would love to attend a group in the SF CA area – it would be helpful to let go of the crazy feeling this has left me with. can anyone suggest a therapist/group in this area?

FYI: It seems that the aliens that abducted me are not well known. Being interdimensional, they are able to abduct a person on any plane, thus the missing time element is not a factor. It happens in a blink of an eye. I can provide more details if anyone is interested. Right now, I just need help to recover from the negative emotional – physical impact. Suggestions? (thanks!)

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