Any Experiences with Men in Black?

I would like to hear about anyone’s experience(s) with Men in Black – incidents?  What did they look like?  Where did it occur? What did they say?  Was the experience tied in with any abduction or UFO incident?

I have recently accepted that I have had abduction experiences, but I am also grappling with possible memories or experiences with Men in Black that I am not so sure about.  Reading about the experiences of others will be helpful.

Thank you.

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I believe myself to have had "contact" with aliens - my family as well - which is why I am in this group ... in hopes of sharing experiences and finding answers and more certainty on all of this. Also, as a child, my home and family members were plagued by paranormal experiences and I continue to experience this to this day - at home and at work. I am curious as to learning more about differentiating between the paranormal and those activities that are extraterrestrial.
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  1. buffalospirit says:

    Wow- thank you for sharing your experience. Very mysterious – and I wonder how dangerous they actually are? I have memories of men in black in our living room as a child – I recall my parents sitting on the couch very frightened with the men standing in front of them and lecturing. I have several of these memories. I also recall my mother telling me several times about dreams she had of men dressed in black who she described as FBI agents ordering her around – I think those were probably not dreams!

  2. Paul says:

    Well to whoever is asking this I could shed a little light.
    After my encounter with them(other beings),2 days after to be correct,I was a passenger in my moms car and I thought it was odd that there was no traffic at what ever time it was.(Stopped wearing a watch after my encounter).But no traffic,never happens,the road is a main artery.Anyways,with no traffic I was able to notice a brand new 1991 Chevy Suburban,(this was in 2009)and I mean new.It,they were just sitting there,on the side of the road.An easy kilometer I saw it,them,The truck wasn’t moving.Just as the car I was in passed,The brand new Chevy(all black,tinted windows except for the two front door windows)
    Fired up its diesel motor.You can always tell when those things start up.Very load and hollow(many years in the millitary tells me so)Anyways as the diesels roared to life two men dressed in black(I’m assuming,dark anyways)white shirts,dark ties,hats(ODD 2009,hats?).Looked over at me(I was in the passing lane,they were in the shoulder lane)with in about 15 feet they were infront of the car I was in,ODD not much room,but they were there.I mean the car I was in was turning in 15 feet,the was no reason for them to pull in front.Within a 1/4 of a kilometer they disappeard.
    And that folks is my encounter with MIB.

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