We can’t be passive

I’m new to this group but have been an abductee for over 50 years.  Mother was as well, several children and two grandchildren.

What I am finding a surprise here (and worrisome) is this sites attitude of:  “We try to express a positive view of abductions”

 Well, I’ve only got one thing to say to that….ARE YOU CRAZY?  It’s kidnapping and that’s a criminal activity.  IT”S A CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!

 They are not nice, they are not kind, and they are NOT going to lead us into a new enlightened world.

They do not feel compassion or empathy and they do not love.

These creatures are not here to help us, they are here to exploit us and the mission is economic. (Think the Spanish conquistadors with the Inca’s or the Europeans with First Nation Peoples)

 These creatures can’t make physical war on us (nor do they wish to risk ruining ‘product’ us/earth) but they are technologically savvy and they use our immature collective need for a savior/daddy to come fix everything for us. They also use our equally immature belief that if they are technologically advanced, they must be spiritually advanced as well.

 Advanced technology does not automatically equal advanced spirituality.

There are ways to combat them.  They can be repelled, they do break and they do die.

Iron.  Don’t know why, but it seems to repel them and you can thank my Irish ancestors for that one.  In old folk-lore, an iron nail was set at every window and door jam to keep out deformed little men that snuck in at night to steal babies.  So far, it’s working.

Stop being passive and afraid.  You should be outraged and that rage, directed at them seems to injure them. Mentally throw a bomb at them, or a baseball bat…take your pick.  

Sound violent?  Yes, I’m sorry it is… but remember that they are kidnappers, abusers and molesters.

You have a legal, moral and ethical right to go to sleep at night with out intruders taking you from your bed and your home.

Fight back and good luck to you all.

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  1. buffalospirit says:

    Hi JohnSmith9438 – so glad that you are able to now share your experiences beyond just with your brother or a friend or two. Same here. It’s nice to put thoughts or comments out there and to see what others say – at least, I find it comforting!

  2. Sgt. Frost says:

    Mikai, I’m always around. I’ll be happy to talk with you, and if we can help each other, all the better. You can hit a message to sgt_frost@rocketship.com and we’ll go from there.

  3. Mikai says:

    Sgt. Frost are you still there ? You are right… personal experience enables me to read between the lines of a lot of your comments. Although, I’m not sure I agree with this one “As for the tactics of freeing the aliens grip, I will only say that what they fear most is exposure, and if it becomes too difficult to stay in the shadows, they will abandon their purposes for single (relatively unimportant) subjects.” Hmmm…can we talk ?

    Maybe I could help you with your curiosity of how my experiences changed since the full realization of EBE contact… and you could help me.

  4. JohnSmith9438 says:

    I really like what Buffalo Spirit is saying earlier, posted July 10th 7:17pm. I especially appreciate his or her deep feeling for fellow posters here. Maybe comraderie is beneficial. Although I’ve never considered it before tonight. At least not outside my own private group. Which consists of my brother and a friend or two.

    Now it seems odd to me that I’ve never tried to talk to anyone on the internet about anything that’s happened to me, even though it’s such a huge part of my life. I have always kept it a secret. I guess I just felt like it’s my problem and I’m just going to have to deal with it on my own.

    In response to BuffaloSpirit’s dated post, Every situation I find myself in with these entities is ridiculous. I mean its like they don’t recognize the difference between reality and fantasy. Or else they are trying to convince me that the difference I recognize is in error. Which is stirring to the point of terror. It’s actually hard to even write about it. Though you wouldn’t know it from the length of my posts; sorry!

  5. JohnSmith9438 says:

    Wow, I really respect the opinions that I’m reading here. But my experience is a bit different. I really hope I’m not a Tool but the way it was revealed me, I guess I’m one of those deifiers. In my experience, it’s like they are just so different that we sometimes take them to be bad. When we don’t like what they do, or how we feel afterward, we call them demons. When we enjoy what happens, we call them angels. Then again, I don’t recall any experiences like arrow’s. It’s difficult and strange beyond belief, and psychologically it’s hard to cope, but no one’s given me an anal probe that hasn’t been mercifully erased from my memory. Or at least mostly erased. Look, I agree with a good deal of what most of you are saying. Especially about the puppet show society we live in. But I get the distinct impression that some of you might be Anthropomorphizing these creatures. You know, seeing human-like qualities and motives in them that aren’t really accurate. I say all this without judgment. I’m new here and respect all of your experiences. I’m just saying what I’ve seen and experienced myself. The thing that stands out most is the idea that our experiences with them are a mirror. They reflect whatever we bring with us. What if we only bring ourselves, without all of our weaknesses and ego. I’ve had success with this. Just a willingness is all. Or maybe I’m just a naive fool! I suppose time will tell.

  6. kelemvor says:

    that was meant to be climb in to bed – typos doh!

  7. kelemvor says:

    Arrow – I know what you mean. Sometimes when I climb in to be I get the feeling that there are people around me or standing over me – it’s the sort of time that you want to find a way to prevent anything happening, but sometimes you’re too tired an have to just go to sleep – maybe an abduction happens maybe not, but there’s always the awareness that it probably has.

    Never been much good at meditating – I’m one of those people that thinks too much and usually end up talking to myself (in my head) all the time, I can’t switch it off and get distracted ar too easily too 🙂

    Maybe I should just try talking/thinking about random stuff to the aliens….I think they’d get bored/irritated pretty quickly and just throw me back 🙂 ha ha

  8. arrow says:

    I had heard that aluminum deflects the microwave/scalar waves but I wasn’t aware that the aliens couldn’t touch it…
    I read on montalk.net (I LOVE that site!) that for the aluminum to be effective it needs to be grounded. He suggests using those emergency camp/space blankets. He has it all diagramed out on his site.
    I also read that silk interfers with the scalar waves/implant impulses. I have taken to wearing a silk scarf at night and have found that…hmmm….do any of you suddenly find yourself unbearably sleepy or mentally foggy when you are reading about something that you know is important or when you want to do something that will aid your situation somehow? Anyways…I find that happens with me. I have found that when I feel that way, it clears up shortly after covering my head with silk.
    Kelemvor: It seems that I have abductions 2 – 3 times a year…but it feels like they are near a lot lately.
    I hate trying to sleep when I feel them around. I keep opening my eyes to see if they are there yet
    Did any of you see that news blip about the UFO over the airport in China? A lot of talk about how it managed to take almost a week before the news hit any outlets in the U.S.
    Also…a heads-up if any of you use Holosync for meditating, I have been using that method for almost 4 years and the other day I clearly heard a male voice beneath the binural tones of the CD. I called the company and they assured me it wasn’t a planned thing. (the woman I spoke to acted like I had gone mad) I am unsure about where I was actually hearing the voice (from the CD or in my own ear) but my gut feel is warning me off of the CD’s.

    Hope all of you are well and coping. Please keep passing along any tips or helps that you know of or hear about and thanks.

  9. buffalospirit says:

    Regarding Paul’s comment, wasn’t there someone on the Internet selling aluminum hats or some sort which is supposedly supposed to keep the aliens at bay? Perhaps it’s worth trying …. who cares if you piss them off. It doesn’t matter if you do or if you don’t … they are still going to get you.

  10. Paul says:

    Good day folks,
    I have reason to believe(and not from movies)that a metel found on OUR planet called Aluminum is not good for the aliens.I haven’t tried it yet,but when I relocate THEY are still going to be able to find me(implants).So I figured after what I witnessed I know that THEY cannot touch Aluminum.Whether or not it stops THEM for coming into OUR reality us still unknown to me.
    So if anyone wants to try covering their walls,ceiling,floor,windows,tuck Aluminum fool in every possible crack,And see if THEY show up.But,like one of you kind folks said you might piss THEM off.

  11. kelemvor says:

    To be honest I’ve seen people during the day as well as the night but in the daytime I haven’t been aware of any missing time or anything like that – so perhaps no daytime abductions

  12. kelemvor says:

    I think my abductions have been less frequent in recent times – maybe once or twice a year but I could be wrong lol

    I too normally feel like something is going to happen before it actually does – usually feel like there are people around me or in my bedroom before I go to sleep – kind of hard to know what to do, go to sleep or wait to see if something does occur.

  13. arrow says:

    Well, in as much as I ignored EVERY warning sign last night (including hearing them) and convinced myself that I was imagining things … I went to sleep anyways and was abducted.
    I feel that since becoming more open and more proactive, I am under closer scrutiny.
    Last night almost felt like a “ha ha on you” abduction.
    How do I feel about it today?
    Like I should ‘high five’ the little f****r and tell him “good one asshole.”
    I recently confided in a non-abductee friend and her belief and support has been very helpful.

  14. Sgt. Frost says:

    Buffalospirit, the EBE are constantly testing and toying with us, even in ways which would seem absurd and pointless to us. The things they do in this manner could best be described as ‘prank’ type actions, just ridiculous things to see how we will react to a wider range of stimuli than they can test with the more intrusive bedroom-type visits. Governmental agencies have also used this kind of technique to study certain peoples behavioral patterns for some time now. Some examples could be anything, just some oddities that can’t be easily explained, an item goes missing, only to appear in an obvious place hours or days later, tricks played on pets, things a person might otherwise associate with ghosts. Anything in this category will be minor, a nuisance at most.
    I am very curious, how (if at all) has anyone’s experiences changed since the full realization of EBE contact, and especially after seeking out individuals or groups with like experiences?

  15. arrow says:

    Hey everybody…
    I found a pretty interesting web site and thought I would share it. Maybe some of you already know of it, but I would be interested in what this group thinks of it
    It is: montalk.net

    Also, does anyone know any particulars about the governments HAARP project?
    (apologies if this has already been addressed in an earlier post.)

  16. buffalospirit says:

    “They have a more pronounced presence than most realize, not just in bedroom visits, but little things in day to day life as well.”

    Sgt. Frost: can you explain a bit more about the “little things in day to day life as well”?

  17. Sgt. Frost says:

    Oh, by the way, I left out any real details on deterrence for the fact that I have every reason to believe that once someone has been implanted, the EBE can effectively ‘read’ what you see, and no sense giving up the surprise so it can be side-stepped.

  18. Sgt. Frost says:

    They can manipulate gravity, so the small object could have in fact been very light, until activated by the heat of your touch, triggering it to ‘weigh’ much more than it really did. They have some pretty cool toys.
    Unfortunately, it seems confrontation is the only way to deter them, at least that I am aware of.
    Has anyone ever wondered why they continue to abduct for a life time, when a culture as advanced as they are could glean every biological fact they could want in just two or three visits? It seems they are much more interested in how we react to certain stimuli, in gathering data on our unique psychological behavior, observing how we deal with various kinds of stress and trauma and so on. They have a more pronounced presence than most realize, not just in bedroom visits, but little things in day to day life as well.

  19. kelemvor says:

    Respect to you Arrow ! The most I ever recall doing is shouting at them to get out and inevitably that didn’t work – in fact the little buggers tricked me. They threw a tennis ball shaped/sized metallic object at me which I caught (thinking it was quite light – sometimes instinct is a pain e.g. instinct to catch it) unfortunately it seemed to be very heavy and pinned my hands down so that I couldn’t move them – seems they are afraid of us when we’re awake lol. I still wonder about that object, was it really heavy? did it become heavy only when I touched it or was it some sort of perception thing i.e. they deceived me into thinking it was heavy. The aliens themselves were smaller than me and didn’t seem any stronger – so who knows.

    Anyway, I digress – we all probably have a lot of info to share so don’t apologise if you write a lot – we all do it 🙂

  20. arrow says:

    OMG…I didn’t realize that was SOOOO long! My apologies.

  21. arrow says:

    Huh…well that wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. Maybe more along the lines of “hang wolf bane at the door and they won’t come in” You know…something simple. :^)
    I’m not real sure how to actually ‘out’ them but as mentioned in my first post, confrontation and anger (no, make that rage) did seem to help.
    My last abduction was last Nov. I had just moved and it was the first night in my new room. I knew they were there…you can feel them, ya know? I remember being really ticked off and saying aloud, “Hurry it up bug boy, I’m really tired tonight.” Then I rolled over and went to sleep.
    I woke up the next morning to a pillow full of blood and feeling really really ill.
    My face was swollen, I could feel a painful area above my right eye, fever blah blah…the usual. The blood and pain lasted for 3 months.
    I was repeatedly treated with rounds of antibiotics and nothing changed. I finally took to using a Nettie Pot. If you don’t know what that is, it looks like a little tea pot and is used for irrigating the sinus passageways. I used that damn thing 4-5 times a day for nearly 3 weeks until finally one day I hear a ‘tink’ against the sink.
    It was a tiny clear oblong thing with some type of fine filaments inside of it. I tried beating it to death with a hammer (with no discernable damage) and finally flushed it.
    I began to feel better almost immediately.
    For some reason, finding that thing in my nose changed my head. I’m still creeped out by long dark hallways and closets but that constant nagging fear was changed into some serious rage.

    When I felt them back that night and then heard them on the other side of my bedroom door, I literally became a deranged woman. I sat up all night in my bed with a hunting knife and a spray bottle of mace and I just raved at them.
    I told them how disgusting and ugly I thought they were. I accused them of being perverted pedophiles for preying on children, I told them how much I wanted to wrap my hands around their ugly bug necks and squeeze and when they were dead how I wanted to tie their bodies to the trunk of my car like a gutted deer.
    I suppose in hindsight, that’s all kind of funny..but for me…they’ve been in my life for over a half-century. That’s a long time to be afraid to fall asleep.
    But now I have a conundrum.
    I’m not by nature a violent person…(I’m a nurse for God sake!) and though it seems that aggression and potential violence is a deterrent (at least for now)
    I can’t help but feel that there is a significant spiritual component that needs to be addressed.
    That our success requires spiritual evolution as well as technological advantage.

    Is it an either/or situation or can ones humanity evolve spiritually while still maintaining a warriors edge?

  22. Sgt. Frost says:

    I’ll admit that I am very pleased to see people discussing such things and sharing ideas, as are Arrow and Kelemvor are doing here.
    As always, the clock of science marches inexorably forward, for the most part, any significant advances will be concealed for around a decade, or until the next generation of tech is finished.
    I don’t want to discuss my personal info, I will simply say that I have had some experiences in life, and I am one of the best at what I do.
    As for the tactics of freeing the aliens grip, I will only say that what they fear most is exposure, and if it becomes too difficult to stay in the shadows, they will abandon their purposes for single (relatively unimportant) subjects. The mechanics of this have not yet been tried in the civilian sector.

  23. buffalospirit says:

    Sgt. Frost,
    I am also curious as to how one would go about preventing further ET abductions (as per Arrow’s inquiry). Is it really possible?

  24. kelemvor says:

    Arrow – I get what you’re saying. I’d also be surprised if we are the only humanity out there, after all if we can be manipulated as easily as it seems and if people are being abducted left right and centre then It’d very unlikely to think that we are the only ones. It all depends on whether or not there are planets capable of sustaining our type species out there – though given the level of advancement that these aliens seem to have, it is unlikely that they couldn’t find a solution eitherway – terraforming or just some sort of base within which they can control the atmosphere. There are also human/alien hybrids out there and they must all be living somewhere.

    Talking about the whole metaphysical reality, it is all a bit ‘matrix’ but if I’m honest I’ve always felt that this reality doesn’t feel quite right – can’t really put it into better words than that. We do appear to be cattle essentially though – free range lol. Living our lives – mostly in ignorance and then WHAM you get abducted or become aware of your abductions.

    Unfortunately we are all too much at their mercy and they dont appear to have much of that. They treat us as we treat other creatures on the planet – maybe we’re not that different after all.

    On the military note, it’s very unlikely given the intelligence levels of some of our people and given the need for self preservation and protection that we all need, that our various military establishments and governments are not working towards a greater understanding of quantum and theoretical physics. It’s just a matter of time before we have a breakthrough – let’s just hope that humanity manages to use the advances to help ourselves and to hell with the powerful families that pull the strings regardless of their origins.

    If we don’t advance then we’re always going to be at the mercy of others

  25. arrow says:

    When 95% of the worlds wealth is under the direct control and ownership of 5% of the worlds population..
    and when that self same 5% believes that they are blood descendants of a race of ET’s that claims THEY created humanity and are rightful heirs of both the planet and humaniity…

    well, Houston…you may have a problem.
    The History Channel has been all over it lately (ancient aliens) and it sure looks like a PR job to me.

    You are also assuming that all of them ‘travel thru space’ and that might not be correct.
    I agree…it would be nice to be treated with respect and dignity but the races who would, don’t slink around in the dead of night, nor do they interfer.
    We as a culture are indoctrinated in the belief that Daddy/God/ET will one day come rescue us from our messes.The truth of the matter is that the cavalry’s not coming. We need to become grown-ups and we need to become grown-ups really really fast.

    Sgt. Frost, I wonder…are you an abductee or is your interaction with ET via the military (or both)?
    I agree that as a species, we are unique. And that as well as physiological and intellectual evolution; we have potential for spiritual evolution.
    (Although, it is my understanding that there are several other planets with humanity as well)
    I rather suspect that the military, while working at martial superiority…is also directing efforts in the fields of quantum and theoretical physic’s.
    (the jury is still out though on whether I believe it’s for our benefit or not).

    Now, I know I’m flirting with the twilight zone here…and getting all metaphysical on you ..but,
    Since approximately 2001, I have become increasingly more convinced that our reality is what amounts to a rather elaborate cosmic SIM’s game.
    I am also convinced that the ‘trap’ of it was artificially induced.
    I wonder if we as a race may not have been ‘livestock’ for a very long time.
    And that our lifelong abductions are in part to monitor and when necessary, reinforce that vision of reality.
    (creepy things to ponder on a boring raining afternoon, I suppose)
    If there is any substance to that theory, then perhaps there is potential for breaking the conditioning and leveling the playing field.

    And, I’m curious here, but exactly how would you assist in preventing further ET abductions?

  26. kelemvor says:

    perhaps I should have said – it would be nice to be treated with respect/dignity too. Unfortunately that seems very unlikely to happen and they’ve almost entirely lost any respect that I could have ever had for them too.

    What a waste, but then I like most people don’t know the whole story – let’s hope it turns out for the better.

  27. kelemvor says:

    What good would the money do the Bilderbergs etc if the disclosure is made or the aliens decide to call their bluff and break the stalemate? The people in the shadows may be pulling the strings but they are very naive if they think that they have any real control over the situation. Any species that can travel through space is always going to have the upper hand against those on a planet who are essentially planet bound. They’d only have to wipe us out some how, whilst keeping a number of people for breeding or just taking children and within one generation with the right kind of teaching and segregation they’d be able to start anew – albeit with a smaller population of humans to abuse.

    Sgt Frost – I don’t want to get them out of my life, just would like to be treated like an equal and be given the choice. I also find it quite fascinating that there is such a variety of people out there – it’s just an absolute shame that their intentions or at least their actions towards us primarily seem to be negative. I think in many ways that word sums up the whole situation ‘SHAME’, it’s just such a big disappointment, so much for hoping that there are better people and better ways out there that are worth aspiring to.

    It always strikes me at how readily people will abuse each other to get what they want when if they showed a bit of courage and integrity (e.g. try asking) then they might save everyone a lot of trouble and still get what they want. Though perhaps that is just me being naive, lol

  28. Sgt. Frost says:

    Yes, we have tried bartering with the Grays, but that was largely unsuccessful. Much tech has been gained from the EBE, but the vast majority of that was taken by force or recovered from crash sites and reverse-engineered by our own technicians.
    Originally, the plan was to deal with the EBE and aid them in what they seemed to be doing, and in exchange they would follow our guidelines for how they conducted their tests, as well as sharing gathered information and recording whom they took and from where, what was done to each person, and so on. The EBE were also very eager to share all their fantastic technological wonders with us. Oh, the excitement our forerunners felt at such a union, a pact which would surely place America at the top of the heap forever. Plans were drawn and implemented for a slow-burn release of truth and full disclosure of these wonderful new allies. At roughly the same time, Russia was dealing its own version of this same thing, hail comrade Grey! Long story short, we were to quick too jump at such a miraculous chance, too greedy and power hungry to see that it was just a trick, a rouse to gain access to our inner workings, along with whatever other opaque goals they had. The greed and lust for power has always been the most destructive trait of our species, but in an ironic twist, that very stem of aggression and competition is what now grants us the thread of hope we hang onto. By the way, I assume most everyone has already noticed the fact that the majority of alien-themed movies and games are casting negative light on aliens? That is no coincidence. That is now just a contingent plan, as fully disclosing the truth would run the risk of accelerating the timetable, and time is a very precious commodity right now.
    Governments and leaders come and go, the golden rule of ruling is that they only have as much power as they are allowed, if they get too wild and make too many unpopular calls, they invariably die, no power in the history of the world has escaped that fate for long. In the end, no matter who is in the shadows, the ones in the light ultimately have the true power and control. The shadows are influence peddlers, but not overly concerned with the technicalities of crisis resolution, unless their pocket book is at risk.
    If anyone out there truly wants to be rid of their visitors, I would be more than willing to assist.

  29. arrow says:

    It’s my opinion that, at present, the primary reason the American public is not being told yet is because someone – somewhere (the Bilderbergs) is making way too much money yet. And that massive income may be disrupted at disclosure.
    Particularly when it becomes known that they have had a large hand in the cover-up.
    It seems apparent to me that main stream media is broadcasting shows aimed at acclimating people to the idea of disclosure.
    What I can’t seem to work out is if the government is working at some way of protecting us ie ‘StarWars’ or if they have sold us out in exchange for technology and personal power. (I fear the later)
    I agree with your opinion of the EBE but that seems to apply mostly to the Grey’s. There are several other groups, and conflicting information about the Annunaki. I have had personal interaction with the larger grey’s and they seem more individual in personality and in their approach and behaviour.
    Nonetheless…if it looks like a monster and creeps around in my house in the dead of night and kidnaps me or mine…than I have a right to try and kill it.

  30. Sgt. Frost says:

    Indeed, every one needs to band together for success, alone is no good if you want to physically deter them, especially since a person is much more susceptible to their abilities after they have been abducted, and this is the main reason abductions normally start as children, along with the lifetime of bio data that creates. An outside, non-abductee is nearly, but not absolutely, necessary.
    Other countries may indeed commit to disclosure, but that act will be a nil point unless the US does as well. The religious implication of aliens is also moot; people will see what they want, no matter what it really is.
    Their tech level is not insurmountable, while they are advanced in some ways, they are childishly naive in others. They could fairly accurately be compared to a taxi-driving kid in Taiwan, they can drive the car like a pro, yet they are too backward to write their own name. That is only a metaphor, but the point is valid. It is widely speculated in the community, though as of yet unconfirmed, that the tech is not of EBE origin, such as their ships, they can build and repair them, but they did not create them, which explains why there is such a narrow design spectrum between all the various species. But who knows for sure?
    As for the legality of harvesting an EBE, as long as you obey any applicable ordinances pertaining to weapons in your area, it is perfectly legal to humanely kill any alien whom enters your home.
    War is coming, and much sooner than we projected. Remember the flack Galileo caught for saying the Earth was not the center of the universe? Well, in a sense at least, he was wrong. We as a species are totally unique, and that makes us a collective object of envy. You might say that we are the only people around, not just in the human sense, but in the emotional and spiritual sense as well. Even our pets have a more developed sense of right and wrong, of caring and love, than the EBE do. But the EBE are very good at telling lies, and with the limited knowledge of aliens that most contactees have, it makes it very tempting to accept what they tell you as truth, when it is just garbage. We are well prepared to face the threat the EBE present, at least as well as possible. Now we just wait, as time is the most valuable thing we have right now, and do what we can on and individual level to stop the house visitations.
    Never lose hope in humanity.

  31. kelemvor says:

    Hi Arrow

    Maybe I’m wrong on whether they’ve been to congress yet but there has certainly been plenty of publicity for them and it’s very unlikely that all of congress is unaware of them.

    TBH I would like nothing more than to find out that these aliens are nice and just getting it wrong – don’t really want to hit them with baseball bats but would at least be an interesting experiment lol.

    Trying to gather evidence to prove to others is a waste of time too – people won’t believe it until they are seeing it first hand for themselves – I include myself as it wasn’t until I was 21 that I actually remember seeing anything, though I suspect that I was abducted from early childhood – many of my family have also been abducted. It runs in families which may just mean that we have good DNA or that it happens to everyone and hardly anyone is actually aware of the scale of it.

    Best thing – gather evidence for yourself and share with other abductees, even baseball bat tests 🙂 we need to systematically test where we stand and figure out a plan from there, not easy I know and there are so many people with differing experiences that it is difficult to categorise it all.

    It strikes me as odd that there don’t appear to be many useful abductee web sites – there seem to be quite a few flaky ones which adds to the unfortunate belief that UFO’s and abductions are all myth with no real evidence – an it’s all spread by lunatics. That’s why I say that we need to support each other, if we don’t then no-one else will.

  32. arrow says:

    Any suggestions then? (I’m pretty good with a baseball bat :^) )
    I have read that 1 in every 4 persons has been abducted. That seems high to me, although there have been 8 in my own family that I am sure of.

    I saw the tape with Dr Greer’s group of witnesses who were prepared to testify, but I wasn’t aware that they had already gone before Congress.
    I have misgivings about that side-kick of his; Carol Rosin. Something just seems off with her and the colleague she speaks of was an ex-nazi.

    Does one need a license for hunting aliens? Probably not since the official word is “they don’t exist”. Guess I’ll have to check with the DNR.

  33. kelemvor says:

    I agree that they need to be stopped – how is one of the most difficult questions.

    I think that we need to work together on this, they may well be more advanced than us but it seems that it is us (the victims I suppose) that have to go out and fix this – funny how it’s never the ones committing the crime that decide to change their ways – a bit of carrot and maybe a lot of stick needed 🙂 lol

    It seems like disclosure isn’t going to happen – there is a stalemate – when you have people like Dr Greer and the disclosure project going before congress (at least I think they did) with very strong witnesses and yet where is the disclosure – we still don’t have it.

    It seems it’s not in our or our governments interest to disclose – people may panic at just how incapable we are to stop it – maybe, and the various aliens don’t have any intention of stopping and disclosure would only mean that we would resist even more so they’re not going to change.

    So yes, perhaps we are alone in this, but there are a lot of us and together we’re stronger. It’s in our hands guys

  34. buffalospirit says:

    I agree that it’s not right, but I also think that some of the abductors are benevolent while others are malevolent. Either way, I feel frustrated that there are no real answers and that it comes down to the fact that there is no one to help you in this situation. The only comfort we can get is to share these types of experiences with others and hope that eventually enough people will be open to discussing this so that we might be able to get some real facts. Even if we were all aligned as humans (including our governments) in addressing this issue, I believe that we are just not able to overcome the technology and knowledge that these aliens currently use over us.

  35. arrow says:

    I would love to hear what you have discovered (though it is probably morbid curiosity as to whether it confirms what I have recently found out.)
    It is my understanding that part of the reason the original truth was kept from the public was that first government contact occurred shortly after the ill-fated “War of the Worlds” broadcast.

    I’d like to think we are a bit more sophisticated in our thinking and outlook but I suspect that the religious implications will be profound.

    What most infuriates me is the ‘Shadow Government” (the Bilderberg world gov’t) that is trying to play god for humanity.

    I understand that currently, the rest of the world is pushing the U.S. to agree to full disclosure. I have also heard that Brazil is very close to just making that call regardless of world (or U.S. opinion)

    Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t find a hot-shot lawyer, gather as many abductee’s as I can muster and then file a class action suit against the U.S. gov’t and the aliens for civil rights infractions, kidnapping etc.

    Hee…that’d beat out O.J. and Michael Jackson.

  36. Sgt. Frost says:

    It is very refreshing for me to see someone else who doesn’t want to simply deify these things. The more a person delves into the situation, the stranger it gets, but you are indeed right on many points, and close on others. There are many types of EBE coming here, some with different levels of tech and physiology, so the iron may work for certain types, my knowledge pertains almost exclusively to the common Grays. It seems to me that many of the old folklore tales were founded on obscure and bazaar truth. Unfortunately, I now see the whole picture, the Government is right to conceal the truth from the masses, as a large scale uncovering would be absolutely disastrous for us all. Think of this whole thing as a reconnaissance op, wherein the invading side (the aliens) are watching, planning, and doing whatever else in a fairly safe, peaceful manner, they don’t want attention drawn to themselves, if they are seen by to many, revealed to be in the midst of us, then their plans must change. The one thing that is certain is the fact that they are dangerous, an educated animal, if you will, and if they think they are losing their shadows, they will get very violent. Am I saying that every single species of EBE is out to get us? No, but the ones who are somewhat sympathetic to us are in a minority, both numerically and politically. I am also not saying for us all to just throw our hands into the air and say ‘We’re all screwed!’. Those of us whom they choose to study are in a very unique and important position, for if they have repeat contacts with the enemy, a way of drawing them from the shadows to specific locations, then there is opportunity to fight them, but such a thing should not be attempted alone. Some very disturbing things have been revealed to me recently, but I don’t want to say anything more here for fear of ridicule. It kind of makes me wish I would have kept my eyes closed and not gone out looking for more. Good luck and be safe.

  37. Paul says:

    They take us.There is nothing we can do.But try to inform the public.
    this man Ret’d Chief of Defence for the Canadian military Paul T Hellyer says something very interesting about America’s former president Bill Clinton.
    Just another interesting video.

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