Was i Abducted

I was laying in bed one night and i kept hereing  noises outside. then it was like an out of body experiance i was in a craft in space i asked what is that someone answered a name that started with a Z i couldt see them but i knew they were there. i can remember the experiance clearly in some spots but it is very un clear. I am just now starteing to get worried and more interested if further studie. i have seen 3 UFO’s. and one was close i was almost drawn to the craft. I am 15 i need help in figuring out what to do i need advice. One thing i feel the need to be taken again as in i want to abducted again. I Honestly think with all my heart i was taken to a different planet. PLEASE HELP ME GET ANSWERS

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  1. Geoff says:

    I agree with some of the above replies, you should trust your instincts and keep a journal, sometimes the answers come when we ask the right questions or when the time is right.

    There are people who are fearful of aliens and their experiences, but many are not and it can be a positive experience. It may be frightening at first, but over time and with understanding some people change and are at peace with their experiences.


  2. arrow says:

    I feel I must take the above two responses to task for what I believe to be incredibly irresponsible replies.
    I would like to first point out that you are dealing here with a MINOR. And, there are significant legal ramifications to encouraging a minor to engage in activities not in the minor’s best interest.

    I have been an abductee for well over 50 years, however…I am also a nurse with a specialty in psychiatric nursing. It is within the realm of possibility that this young person may be using abduction as a mask to cover and deny something
    quite mundane (though certainly as sinister).

    To the 15 year old that wrote in, I have some things to share…
    First, we should clear up some words and view them accurately.
    abduction = kidnapping
    mind-reading = rape

    Kidnapping is a crime. If it is secretive and sneaky and committed against you without your permission it is wrong. If it leaves you confused and uncertain about what is happening, it is harmful to you AND IT IS WRONG!

    If you are being abducted, the aliens may try to convince you that you are being taken for your own good…or they may try to convince you that you are special or chosen.
    That’s crap.
    If they were so on the up and up, they’d be at the front door with a permission slip for your parents to sign first.

    As for the mind-reading…
    Your thoughts are a precious and private part of yourself. And your thoughts, like your body, are something that you choose to share with someone you care about and trust. If either of those are taken from you by force and without your consent…it is rape.
    A positive entity or person will NEVER use covert and criminal means to interfere with another persons mind, body or free will.

    I would suggest a couple of things for you….
    First, you need to find an adult that you trust to confide in. That won’t be easy. They may want to explore the possibility that other things are happening rather than abduction…and that’s OK. It will be important to (in nursing words) ‘Rule Out’ other possibilities.
    I would caution you to NOT confide in someone who’s first inclination would be to seek medication for you as that would not be in your best interest.
    Second, I’d like to recommend a web site that I think would be helpful for you. It is: montalk.net.
    I think also, that kelemvor’s suggestion to keep a journal of incidences is a helpful one
    Remember that your free will is your greatest asset. Cherish it and safeguard it. Good luck to you dear,

  3. Izo says:

    Ask its name until it gives it to u because i might know it. And dont fear them they wont hurt you.

  4. Paul says:

    I believe it is not uncommon to seek answers after an abduction or encounter.I think it’s kinda cool that they can pick up on OUR thoughts.It is scary,but I have reason to believe that there are rules to abduction.Remember THEY can possibly read our thoughts.So if you want to experience more with the little space bastards,just think about the topic real hard.
    If you are seeing UFO’s try to snag a picture.This would be good info for groups such as MUFON and NUFORC.

  5. kelemvor says:

    I think that you should trust your instincts – try keeping a diary of events to see if you can piece it all together. You will find that you may not remember everything as clearly a few hours or days after it happens, so try to write notes while it’s fresh in your memory.

    This will be a good start.

    Good luck

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