Just a question of curiosity.  I have an extra vertebra and wondered if or how many of you may have this same anomoly.

I wondered if this might be significant amongst abductee’s.

A spine x-ray can be easily and affordably obtained via a reputable chiropractor. 


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  1. JohnSmith9438 says:

    I wonder if it could be an experiment in physiology on their part. I mean they could have tweeked your line way back to produce the extra vertebra, to create some result. Is there any advantage or disadvantage in having a longer spinal chord?

  2. buffalospirit says:

    typo – “life” not “like”.

  3. buffalospirit says:

    Twas a joke. I actually don’t take like too seriously.

  4. arrow says:

    Bragging rights to what? There are no perks to being an abductee beyond knowing fact for certain that there is an alien presence here.

  5. buffalospirit says:

    You have some bragging rights – I guess being an abductee gives you some unique perks! 🙂

  6. arrow says:

    I’m kind of hoping people will check into it. I’ve never met anyone outside of my own family with the extra vertebra.
    I found out by accident when I went to a chiropractor and on following up on it, discovered it amongst several other family members. (each of them abductee’s as well.)

  7. buffalospirit says:

    I have had problems with my upper and lower back – had MRI’s done with nothing conclusive and no extra vertebra have been discovered. Very cool, however, that you do have an extra one. I would be curious to also see if this is somehow tied in with abductions.

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