Coast to Coast AM – Budd Hopkins Talked about woman video taped her abduction…

On Coast to Coast AM the other night, Budd Hopkins talked about a woman who was adbucted many times. She had the ability to see and get a “feeling” when she was going to be abducted, so she set up a video tape recorder in her bed room, brought in her two children to sleep with her in her bed room on the same bed, tied a string to her wrist to test what they do to her string, and then she hit “record” on the video recording device. What ended up happening was that she had no memory the next morning of being abducted, but when she watched the video tape, she watched herself wake up in the middle of the night, untie the string from her wrist, carry each of her two children individually to a location off of the camera’s view, then the NEXT FRAME IN THE VIDEO DIRECTLY AFTER SHOWS HER IN THE BED WITH HER TWO KIDS AND THE STRING TIED TO HER WRIST. IT SHOWS NOTHING OF HOW SHE GOT BACK TO THE BED WITH HER TWO KIDS AND THE STRING RE-ATTACHED.  I’m thinking they were able to play with the “dimension of time” and  crossed from their reality to ours and changed the time in the entire house to go back in time as if nothing happened at all…any thoughts?

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5 Responses to Coast to Coast AM – Budd Hopkins Talked about woman video taped her abduction…

  1. alexei says:

    no john you are rite why do abduties see a rabbit instead of an ailien because our minds cant fathom it so even if they where on the tape we would not see them

  2. JohnSmith9438 says:

    Upon reading my comments, I felt like my statements did sound disrespectful to the person who originally posted them. I do believe in what I’m saying, but in retrospect, perhaps I could have left out the attempt at humor. Sorry.

  3. JohnSmith9438 says:

    I don’t mean to sound disrespectful. However, to me, it would be like me buying a guard frog to protect me from a burgler. I mean, really! A video camera is going to either go unnoticed or be unrecognizable to an entity or entities who have use of technology that we can’t even fathom. And seem to possess intelligence far greater than ours? I’m surprised the video tape didn’t have an episode of I Love Lucy on it after she was done. I wouldn’t believe anything I saw no matter what it was on the tape! I think the only saving grace is that they don’t appear to have a slapstick sense of humor.

  4. alexei says:

    they will never ever allow u to film them because the experiment is about not knowing watch touched

  5. Izo says:

    they froze the tape machine not time.

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