Street Lights Going Out When You Walk By

Just curious how many abductees on this group also experience street lamps or other lights going off when they walk by?  Happens to me all of the time.  Is it tied in with abductions or is this tied in with something else?

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I believe myself to have had "contact" with aliens - my family as well - which is why I am in this group ... in hopes of sharing experiences and finding answers and more certainty on all of this. Also, as a child, my home and family members were plagued by paranormal experiences and I continue to experience this to this day - at home and at work. I am curious as to learning more about differentiating between the paranormal and those activities that are extraterrestrial.
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  1. buffalospirit says:

    Hi JohnSmith – I like your “Coinceedincks” term! Very clever!
    In reference to your question about lights going off, it’s almost always when I am alone (or with my dog when walking about), though on some occasions, I have had it happen when my son was with me. The other electrical disturbances occur either when alone or, again, with my son around. I think your theory that these perhaps only happen with individuals, or with just a few select people who are close with the individual causing the effect, is a valid one. Have you had this happening your entire life? I noticed that mine began to happen in my late 20s as far as the street lights going off. As a child, we had lots of paranormal things happening in our home and in our lives (or so I thought it was paranormal!), but no street lights going off.

  2. JohnSmith9438 says:

    Yes! Thanks for posting. I too have had similar experiences. When I was a teenager, we named these things “Coinceedincks”. I know it’s a goofy name, but we were teenagers, so! The name is a play on the word coincidence. Except it’s supposed to mean a coincidence that can’t be because it happens soooooo often. I mean a coincidence is a random event that seems to have meaning due to frequency but after a while you have to draw a line and say this event can no longer fall within the realm of a coincidence.

    There’s a signpost up ahead . . . the Twilight Zone! Now whistle the tune – go on!

    I’d like to ask if this happens only when it’s just you alone and perhaps with a select few people or if you could pilot a city bus and point it out?
    The reason I ask is that this type of experience, for me, can only happen with limited audience. Usually just one or two witnesses and then only if they’ve spent a certain amount of ‘quality’ time with me.

  3. buffalospirit says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience! I have read in numerous places that the turning off of streetlights or other electrical disturbances seem to go hand in hand with abductees. I go through phases – in the past week or so, I am turning lights off practically everywhere I go – at other times, it’s only an occasional light. I also seem to mess up automobile transmissions and other electrical equipment.

  4. I_Believe8888 says:

    I actually made a comment about this a few weeks ago to my wife. I’ve noticed, recently and since I was a child, that street lights go off sometimes when I was near them. What prompted me to tell my wife this was we were driving home one night and I stopped at a red light. I was probably 3 cars back from the light, parallel with a street light outside my passenger window and it turned off while I was stopped underneath it.

    When I was younger I would stay out late at night, even though I was supposed to be home before it got dark and while walking when I would get 10 feet or less from a street light it would turn off. I always thought that it was strange that one light out of probably 25 lining the street would turn off when I was close. I just chalked it up to coincidence or that maybe the light went into some sort of “cool down” mode or something.

    Never occurred to me that it might me related to abduction though.

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