evryone should read

Secret Life: Firsthand, Documented Accounts of UFO Abductions
by David M. Jacobs and watch the 2009 documentary touched i mean the entire world should please POST TO ME YOUR COMMENTS

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when i was 12 i awoke and my eyes were paralyzed i had somehow had contracted a virus still undefined and have gone through many strange episodes and behaviors but my sister is an experiencer
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  1. buffalospirit says:

    I had a memory of a large Pig Woman (who almost looked like a clown of sorts) … I call her a Pig Woman because she was huge and had a human face, but it was almost pig-like with her nose and ears (and she had a snout). She was wearing a polka-dot dress. This memory of the Pig Woman was with me throughout childhood – she had come down the hallway and into our living room one evening where me, my brother, my sister, and parents were watching television. I remember her coming up to me and sort of smothering me with her large body and I was screaming but no one was helping me. Anyway, decades later (I am currently in my late 40s) when I was in my mid-30s, I happened to have a phone conversation with my younger brother who lives quite a distance away and I mentioned this pig woman dream and he freaked out because he said that he had the same “dream” and that he had always thought it was a dream – in his version, the Pig-Woman was smothering him! – upon asking my sister later, she had no recall of such thing. Our parents are dead so we can’t ask them. Anyway, that night, after finding out that my brother had the same memory, it was like a whole bunch of memories and suppressed thoughts were unleashed and began circulating in my mind and I woke up several times in complete terror, screaming, and crying. I was married at the time and my husband was getting a bit frustrated at my nightmares because he had to try and calm me down. To make a long story short, the strange incidents we have are truly not always when we are alone. And they are so cleverly disguised as to leave us wondering what is real and what is not.

  2. JohnSmith9438 says:

    I just watched the 12 min. promo reel and it’s very interesting.

    The woman Mack interviews Caren (sp.?) talks about a childhood meeting and the sharing of a gumball machine. Ridiculous right? Again, the ridiculous! Too common to be coincidence! My childhood experience took place on my families’ carport in Florida when I was about 4 or 5 years old, I’m guessing on the age. But the experience is vivid. I recall my little brother and I playing on the concrete carport. It was covered and part of the house except that it had no walls, except at the back. There was nothing between us and the adults in the house except a screen door. On the concrete floor was nothing except a picnic table against the back wall.

    While playing, I remember something that looked like a spider that was about a foot tall, about six or eight inches wide at the width of it’s legs. The actual body of the spider was small, kind of like a daddy long legs. But this was no spider. I knew this as a certainty even at 4 or 5 years old. It didn’t move right. It moved like a remote controlled vehicle or a robot, even though I didn’t know what either of those things were at my age in the early 1970’s.

    It walked up on the carport and after I recovered from the shock of seeing such an impossible thing, I moved to put my little brother up on the picnic table. He’s about a year and a half younger than I and I recall he was wearing nothing but a diaper. Once I got him up on the table, I began to contemplate getting to the screen door and alerting an adult that we needed help. I tried to time it right, as the “spider” roamed around. And I made my move. I ran to the door and banged on it and yelled for my mother and even though I could clearly hear my parents and some of their friends talking in the room adjacent to the door, they couldn’t hear me at all and eventually I ran over to and climbed up onto the picnic table with my brother. While risking contact with the spider and as it came near me, I remember realizing that even though menacing in appearance, it didn’t seem to mean me any harm. Just the same I was afraid, terribly afraid!

    After this, neither of us has any memory of what happened. It just gets fuzzy. A bit later, we were back and I ran and got my mom and asked her why she didn’t save us. She was, of course, completely baffled and confused by my complaints, as she had no memory of me yelling through the screen door for help.

    I recall how I tried to explain what had happened and how my mother and father rejected my story out of hand. I remember how lonely and afraid I felt following this experience. I was especially afraid for my brother, but he seemed to have no memory of the experience immediately after it happened and to this day cannot recall it.

    That was the day I discovered to my dismay that sometimes being completely alone means having company! Just the beginning.

    I equate this experience with her gumball machine experience.

    Have any of you had any experiences like this, as though I didn’t know the answer!?

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