I wonder if anyone on this forum can help.

On tuesday night of last week, I was sat outside my house in Spain, and I was reading a book under the back porch light, not aware of my surroundings as I was very much interested in the book.

Around 11pm (I think) I saw a light on the hillside near where I live, and because of where I live, I was intrigued (Due to the fact that I live 20 minutes drive from the nearest town)

So I decided to investigate, now I have been skeptical for years on the theory of aliens, so I jumped in my car and went to drive there.

I had to double back on myself as my drive points away from the hillside, after turning around and driving towards the hillside, I saw the light again. this light was a colour I’ve never seen before, and it frightened me, but I felt I couldn’t turn back, like I didn’t want to.

As I got with in about a 100 meters I had to leave my car as it was through dense scrub.

Thats the last I remember, as I woke up next morning back in my bed.

and since that night I’ve been having dreams, and in these dreams I’m in a round room, I’m alone except for one other…..being… for lack of a better word. This being clearly isn’t human as he stands around 12 foot tall, he reached out with his hand and placed it on my forehead, his skin is light, almost transparent and he has very yellow eyes no nose or mouth, and when he removes his hand, I wake up.

Every time I’ve woken up since last tuesday I’ve felt very calm. but also at the same time very frightened.

Has anyone else had this experience? I need to know I’m not alone.

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  1. Geoff says:

    Hi Brett,

    Sounds like an interesting encounter… especially because you saw a light and also experienced missing time, then had dreams of seeing a being. It’s good to hear you were not afraid to contact them and that the being was communicating to you about answering your questions.

    I’m curious about the eyes because I had seen a tall being with yellow eyes, did he have vertical pupils?

  2. JohnSmith9438 says:

    Thanks for that kelemvor! You are so right. But what about insanity? Has anyone that’s having these experiences gone to seek ‘professional’ help? I’m certainly not volunteering. I’m more afraid of psychiatrists than I am of aliens. I mean no offense to anyone who is out there trying to help people day after day, with no one around sane enough to say thanks!

  3. kelemvor says:

    Technically most people would consider all of us on here to be nuts John 🙂

    It’s just nice having somewhere finally where we can all come and share our experiences without feeling like we’re going to be ridiculed. Just a shame that we don’t always feel like we can share this stuff with others that are closer to us.

  4. JohnSmith9438 says:

    I love what Paul wrote about the power of our minds. I can definately relate to that. There’s something about us, about our minds that they seem to respect or appreciate, at least, in my experience. It’s similar to what I’ve read elsewhere about our violence. They respect our proclivity for this as well. I don’t know why I tie them together this way but the feeling is similar to me.

    And the part where kelemvor is talking about how the part when you wake up can be the place where your mind doesn’t want to go back to is parallel for me.

    But my favorite statement is where Bret is saying he felt calm and fearful at the same time. My experiences with them appear to be full of seemingly contradictory concepts that are not conflicting with one another. (Sounds unlikely, right?) I became aware that this is the ‘third way’. Apparently, just after duality; as a philisophical concept.

    I too feel like a nut writing all this stuff down. I’ll be amazed if they don’t kick me off of here.

  5. Paul says:

    All I can say is Brett,You obviously have alot of questions for them.And they answered you(try to keep notes,it helps)You also might find that things come out weeks to months down the road.If at some point in your venture you decide you’ve had enought,Stop thinking about them.They will still take us,they just won’t let us know.Our mind can be very powerful when used correctly,Unfortunatly no one has ever taught us humans how to utilize that part of the mind.After knowing that you’ve been abducted you should have someone you trust look over your body for wounds(puncture,needle,bruise) that heal very quick.Try to document it.(take a picture)get a doctor to X-Ray if something is found.

  6. buffalospirit says:

    Thank you for sharing. I also have memories of being in a round room that have “benches” or seats along the walls but I have no memories of the being or beings that is/are abducting me. I find your description interesting as it seems to be a bit different from what we usually hear about. One of the things that I would like to know is what type of alien is involved with my abductions (and those of my family members). From what I have been able to research, there are quite a number of different visitors out there and as the previous poster said, be careful as you really don’t know what his true intentions are.
    Take Care.

  7. kelemvor says:

    Perhaps you are lucky enough to have found a nice one – i’m glad that you dont feel so scared but be wary, you dont really know who this person is and people tend to have ulterior motives. As far as I am aware a lot of these being are good at telling us what we want to hear – it’s the stuff they dont tell us that can be most important.

    Just remember – you wouldnt trust a human that abducted you now would you? So be on your guard. Beyond that I’d suggest that you keep a diary of anything that happens – you can use this as a sanity check or just to see if any contradictions come up from one event to the next – if there are any more of course.

    As far as him looking different the second time, perhaps you were just able to recall better the second time. But if he essentially looks the same then perhaps this is real – after all how often do people dream of the same person (that they’ve never seen before this) on multiple occasions? I dont know but i dont think it’s often.

    If this is a good experience for you then that’s great but as i’ve said above be wary and remember they are in control, you are there because they chose to take you etc – don’t let yourself be dazzled by promises of this that and the other and keep you wits about you.

    Hope that helps.All the best

  8. Brett_Hill says:

    Thank you for your concern, I appriciate such a quick responce.

    I can say I am a little un-nerved by the whole experience, that is to say that last night, the same happened again, I’ll tell you.

    I wasn’t expecting it to happen again, but it peaked my curiosity, so I decided I’d think about the situation what happened to me last tuesday. Sat out back of my house, I was staring at the stars again, and decided to attempt to call what ever it was that contacted me to begin with,.

    I decided I was going to think about taking the this being again, and what I’d say.

    After this I woke up in bed, and I’d had another dream.

    I woke up terrified.

    This time the being, placed his hands on my shoulders and knelt down, touching his forehead to mine, I felt totally relaxed, and an image came into my head, I closed my eyes and what I saw was a planet, very lush and green, with dense trees, and a civilisation, they were tree huoses, with a lot of the beings on them, children, older people, elderly, and they were looking happy.

    I opened my eyes to see that the being was looking at me, stood back up.

    He spoke to me, saying “You haven’t been chosen to be contacted, but your sheer concentration on calling me brought me to you, I mean you know harm, undoubtedly you have questions, in time I shall answer those question, but I wish you to feel relaxed and enjoy our time together”

    I know that it sounds far fetched, and with writing this I am being to feel I shall be rejected from the forum under the fact that people will think I’m lying, but as far as I can tell this was a dream, I don’t remember going to bed or locking up, but everything was done when I got up this morning.

    The last thing I want to comment on is the fact that this being had no mouth first time I met him, but when he spoke he had lips, they came from no where.

    I don’t feel affraid anymore, and I will attempt to contact this being again tonight, he told me his name, but I have no way of spelling it, as I can’t even pronounce it myself.

  9. kelemvor says:


    Sounds like you were abducted – if you wake up frightened like that then I’d suggest that you are waking up at just the point where your mind doesn’t want to go back to. You are bound to be afraid, these sorts of things aren’t exactly nice much of the time – you are being taken against your will more often than not and usually don’t have any control over what’s happening.

    Maybe it was a one off – after all you did go to see what the light was, perhaps they wanted to know about you and why you were following. But that’s clearly speculation.

    But above all else – you are not alone, I promise you that.

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