Human offspring or Hybrid

The general acceptance in the UFO & ET literature is that the Greys are creating Hybrids, meaning a cross between humans and Greys, but I have experienced something different.

I won’t go into too much detail, but around 10 years ago I started having flashbacks of continually meeting a female human contactee on a craft and being presented with babies and small children, the feeling was that this was our offspring.  The children seemed very aware for their age and were telepathic, they wore white gowns, slightly petite and not that physically different to us.  I know they have been altered and I often view them as being more evolved.

Later I was told by a Grey that they are creating humans and seeding them on other planets, the impression was that it also referred to human life on this planet.  The Grey was communicating via telepathic words, feelings, visions and memories. When the grey said creating humans I could see children and adult humans and I could feel a sense of pride in their work, then I had a vision of another planet that looked similar to this earth, green trees and grass, a blue sky, large grey domes and people.

The Grey also informed me that the decision was made by an organisation of different beings and that they are working on their behalf.   To me it seems as though the Greys are not creating human offspring for their own purposes.

I read a Budd Hopkins book last year and I think he suggested that the term hybrid should be replaced, he preferred transgenic, meaning that they were the offspring of male and female humans and were altered on a gene level.  Although I would disagree that Grey DNA is being added or would need to be added.

I’m wondering if anyone has been told or shown something similar?

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  1. Geoff says:

    I have met others at support groups who have said they feel more at home with the beings they meet, then with their own family, I feel a similar way. But that wasn’t always the case and lived for over 10 years in fear of them, but that changed when I had a better understanding and felt how they feel. We often fear what we don’t understand and I think our own beliefs don’t help, there is also so much negativity in the media and movies about ET encounters.

  2. queengreylian says:

    I am so glad to read this. I always feel sad when I hear the majority speak of being abducted and violated. I am used to hearing of fear. But that’s not how I have experienced abduction.
    I don’t consider it being abducted. I feel more at home than with my family here. Hard to explain I’m used to getting shocked looks upon stating this aloud. So I usually listen with compassion to most abductees stories-wishing I could spare them the fear.

    I don’t know why I don’t have the same experience?

  3. angelkaykay007 says:

    same with kelemvor! its awesome to see that im not the only one! i just posted something like this. the title is “its been a few months but i have new experiences to share” i was presented with a baby that i felt was mine

  4. kelemvor says:

    I’m not sure about the whole motivation behind it but yes there certainly are hybrids being created. I don’t ever remember being told anything particular about hybrids but I too have had at least one child presented to me and believe that he is mine. Beyond that I’m sure that there may be others on this forum that have also had similar experiences and perhaps could give you a greater insight than i can.

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