What keeps humans so ignorant?

Quite often when I am around friends I often bridge the discussion about ufo technology or extra terrestrial life visiting this planet and the vast majority of people smile and snicker like I am a fool. They generally make a statement that they don’t believe in UFO’s or that life exists elsewhere.

I just feel that as a species we really were not created to be very aware or intelligent.

Most non-believers are like fools wandering around a forest proclaiming that trees don’t exist. Subsequently, no matter how many times you point and show them a tree, they simply will refuse to see it and demand more proof.

I can appreciate how difficult it must before the creator of a forum like this on the internet and I wish to congratulate them.


About Gary

Independent ufo - EBE researcher. 48 year old male from Ontario Canada Have had a keen interest in extraterrestrial alien information since very young.. Educational background: MEng. M. Tech. Mechanical Engineering Chemical Engineering Other areas of interest: Cosmology, archeology and astrophysics have never experienced anything unusual.
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  1. Robbygirl2009 says:

    I enjoyed reading that…Thank You. We are like a washed up race from the beach with amnesiha I know I spelled that one wrong! Sorry! lol

  2. elf says:

    I cannot understand why humans and other species of beings, such as animals, fish, etc… are frightened when it comes to building a knowledge base. I would believe they would be more accepting and welcoming. Well, green=arrow, not being in control is a horrific thought to some, but those who know that we are not ever really in full control have learned to be more open minded about the unknown or the alleged unknown.


  3. green-arrow says:

    i think people are just dismissive of ideas that frighten them, maybe they say they don’t believe because they’re afraid of what it would mean if they were wrong.

  4. Paul says:

    Hey Gary,
    Humans are very foolish when the topic of UFO’s or aliens comes up.Don’t dread my man,WE know the truth and that’s all that matters.maybe the dumb ones will learn from this website.
    CONGRATS to the creator on starting this website.

  5. Firelilly says:

    I’ll suffer tonite because I called him a fool!!!!

  6. Firelilly says:

    I have amnesia when it comes to living, He gets embarrassed when comes to womens products, deciding on what to wear is a nightmare, in the end I look decidedly asexual jeans, sweatshirt sneakers, the only time I know myself is when I look in the mirror, He understands nothing of this world crowds confuse and frighten him (to many faces). I’ve forgotten or he needs to be taught how to take care of me/himself. I’m not a dyke but I think decided more like a man the I do a women. Confrontation is just a fucking nightmare, I suffer under the legal system in this country, because Angel is eye for an eye.

  7. Firelilly says:

    Hi Gary most aliens wander around here like fools in a thicket!

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