I’m new here so please bear with me if I don’t know how to post properly. I wanted to post this in the dream category and thought I saw it, but now I can’t figure out how to get there. Anyway . . .

Last night, or the previous night I slept, I say this since it is so very late as I write this, I had an experience. I want to say a dream except it is unlike any dream I’ve ever had before.  And also, I hesitate to call it a dream, because it didn’t all happen while I was asleep.

I remember waking up and feeling disturbed and anxious. I glanced at the clock and it was 3:30ish. I remember thinking, ‘why am I waking up so suddenly and feeling so anxious?’.  Then I recalled what I believed I had been dreaming. In the ‘dream’ I was in a place that felt like a cross between a grocery store and a library and something else I cannot now recall. I think it seemed like a grocery store because of the quality of the lighting. But it felt like a library because the sound in the place seemed hushed, with respect sort of. I recall seeing someone I know, a business associate actually, and wanted to speak to him. He was, however, involved with two ‘people’  and I didn’t want to interrupt.  The reason I use quotes around the word people in the last sentence is that they weren’t human. And this is going to sound weird but they can only be described as blue ostrich people with  human-like faces. But stranger than this is that as soon as I saw the ostrich people, I knew what they were and knew that I didn’t like them very much. I recalled having dealings with them before and didn’t want to communicate with them if I didn’t have to. This is going to make me sound insensitive, but I knew that it was hard to talk to them. It was like talking to developmentally disabled people and I just didn’t have the patience for it just then. In other words, communication was very difficult and time consuming and frustrating. I was watching my old associate helping them, it was like he worked there, and he was apparently dealing well with the difficult communication. He was being patient and explaining everything in detail and trying to make them understand. It took a long while but finally he finished with them and they went away. (By the way, this part felt staged or fake somehow, to me).  So, finally, I approached him, and he seemed surprised and relieved to see me. But the way we talked, it seemed like this wasn’t the first conversation we’d had since I’d last seen him as a waking person. We talked a little while and caught up on gossip and ignored the unusual setting for our reunion. And the strange alien people that had just left us. The tone of the ‘dream’ wasn’t nightmarish at all. It was normal! Well, maybe like we did this every once in a while, I guess familiar is the right word. Also, the whole time I felt we were being monitored, but not judged. Or, at least not judged in a way that I could relate to, which made me feel a bit afraid, just a tiny bit, but like I said, I felt used to it; it was familiar.

When I awoke, I couldn’t understand why I felt so disquieted. And as I lay in bed, I suddenly realized what I’d been ‘dreaming’ about and tried to hold on to it and consider it. What struck me most was how strange the dream was and the contrast with how ‘everyday’ and normal I had been while living it. And yet I had this powerful anxiety.

As I considered this, I began to recall many experiences where I have seen and done things that seem impossible  and yet I felt quite sure they were real. It seemed like many ridiculous memories came flooding back to me, all the way back to childhood, and that I had been in a state of denial. Like I was trying to sell myself on the idea of just ignoring them. Because they didn’t fit in with what should be reality.

I don’t mean to make it sound like I don’t believe in ufo’s or abduction. Because I do. I just mean the experience was a revelation to me.  That I had been burying everything in an attempt to stay alive and sane in the ‘real’ world, as they say.

As I’ve pondered this all day today, I’ve come to the conclusion that if it was merely a dream, I was trying to deal with the stress of the impossible imposing itself onto my life. And I’ve also been considering the possibility that It or something like it actually happened. And I only seemed to awaken from a dream and instead was just getting back from a short trip.

I can feel them watching me! All the time now! It’s been like this for some time. It’s o.k. because, like I said, they don’t seem to judge me. I think that more of us are abducted than we may have previously thought. Maybe everyone, or almost everyone.

I seem to know that there’s more going on in my life that can be accounted for in my conscious life. And sometimes I’m very tired when I wake up in the  morning. Like I’ve been working all night. I don’t know who they are. But I know they are out there. I think that being near them changes us. It’s like being in their company uncovers something in me that is very, very hard to know about. What I mean is that I don’t think I’m scared of them, so much as I’m just afraid of me, having known them. I think there’s something about us that we don’t want to face. It’s like facing a mirror that reveals . . . something. I can’t remember what it is!

Well, I just read what I wrote down here and I’m not sure I want to  upload this or not because it just sounds so crazy! I suppose I’m annonymous so what’s the harm right?

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  1. buffalospirit says:

    Thanks for sharing your dreams, experiences, thoughts, etc.! Very fascinating! I always “know” when they are coming or “know” after I have had an experience with them. Often, on nights that I “know” I had experienced them, I will be extremely exhausted in the morning with body aches and pains. I have the feeling constantly of being watched … and I had a dream once (that I am not so sure was a dream) in which I was on a stage, but the audience was blacked out and I felt like they KNEW everything about me and it was a very disturbing feeling. In another experience, after they had “visited” one night, I was driving to work and was stopped at a red light … each car that drove by me had a driver that I KNEW everything about – it’s hard to explain, but it was the most incredible thing to “know” everything about a person that you just saw a few seconds of as he/she drove past. And I felt empathy for some, sympathy for others … but love for all of them because I KNEW everything about each one of them. That was one of the most bizarre experiences I have had! Anyway, the final comment I have to make is that I don’t really remember any visual descriptions of my abductors – maybe I am blanking it out of my mind – but I do seem to recall their smell or the touch of their hands on my face or head. I would love to actually remember one of these visitors so that I can get an idea of who they are (greys? nordics? etc.). I do have some vague foggy memories of each type, but not related to any abduction experience so it’s hard for me to know. During one point in my life, when I knew I was an abductee, but still had a bit of doubt that it really could be happening, I awoke one morning with a strange symbol “pressed” into my forearm. Have you ever awoken with lines in your face from your pillow? The symbol with strange letters was like those lines. When I saw it, I knew for 100% sure they were real and they left that for me to not doubt my feelings and experiences. The symbol faded away within about an hour of my getting up and about – I was not able to photograph it, but I did draw it and have since found one site on the internet that had an alien alphabet that matched what I had seen on my arm. So folks, believe it – they are real. It’s just that I still have so many questions, and real answers except for speculation or guesswork. Sigh ….

  2. Geoff says:

    Hi John,

    I can relate to what you are saying about eye contact and as the saying goes – the eyes are the windows to the soul. I have been thinking about the best way to write about my experience of looking into their eyes and what I felt, because different things happened over a period of time.

    I won’t go into the details, but I wasn’t always comfortable with my encounters, the nightmares of Greys etc started around 22 years ago, sometimes they would appear in a translucent or spirit form while I was awake and sometimes they would start communicating to me. Like many people I was frightened and it wasn’t until around 8 years later that my perception of them changed. The flashbacks stared around 12 years ago and some things were difficult and a revelation, over time it has become easier to have conscious memories.

    Sometimes I view it as an inner journey, because these encounters can challenge our reality and also how we view our self and the universe. I guess if I read the below 22 years ago I would find it difficult to believe and it may sound strange to some people…

    While looking into the eyes of a Grey, I could feel myself drifting into a relaxed state, my mind felt still and similar to a deep state of meditation. It may sound strange but while looking into it’s eyes I felt that on a deeper level of consciousness we were the same, it felt that my personality or who I believe I am was only shallow and on the surface, beyond that was something deeper that was the same, I had the feeling that it exists in every living being.

    There are other times where I have looked into the eyes of Greys and also other beings and felt really good feelings from them, feelings of peace and joy, one being I like is around 7ft tall and has green iris and vertical pupils, no hair and greyish complexion. Sometimes it felt as though information is being taken from me, or being planted. There are times when I had visions and sometimes it felt as though I was seeing things from their perspective, sometimes it’s like having a memory and not realising until it over that it wasn’t me, I often view it as sharing.

    I had only one memory of feeling like an open book in their presence, I was in a large circular room that had rows of seats going around. There were different types of beings seated including human looking beings, some beings didn’t seem physical in the sense we know it, they seemed translucent and luminous. I was brought there by two greys and they stood by my side, then vivid memories started coming to me and it felt as though these beings were witnessing my memories. I felt embarrassed, but also felt understanding and compassion from them and it didn’t feel as though I was being judged.

    I agree with your thoughts – that just because it can be difficult, doesn’t mean that it’s bad. I often think a lot has to do with our perception of them and also our understanding, we often fear what we don’t understand.

  3. JohnSmith9438 says:

    Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for your comments.

    First, about the mirror. What I meant was, that there’s something about being with these creatures that leaves me feeling as if I’ve looked into a mirror only instead of reflecting my physical being, it reflects something else. I hesitate to try to identify what it is reflecting. I only know that at first, a long time ago, I was scared of them, or thought I was. But as things progressed, I realized that it was something about me, not them, that terrified me so much. And yes . . . I somehow identify this feeling with meeting their gaze.

    I’ve got it! Imagine if you and I met, and you quickly realized that I knew everything about you. Every secret. Every triumph, every skeleton in your closet, everything! Even your most private thoughts. You might feel as if I had an advantage. This might result in some feelings of insecurity, or worse; even terror. Now look. I know all about myself too, and I can be a bit hard on myself for my failures. But they don’t seem to judge me as I do myself, or even as we judge one another. I guess I wouldn’t say that they don’t judge at all, it’s just that it doesn’t feel like anything I know how to talk about. What’s really strange to me is that I don’t really know how I know this. I mean I don’t have any memories that I want to say are conscious that I can call experience with this whole situation. I mean aside from seeing lots of ufos and having some other miscellaneous experiences. Just the same, . . . I know.

    It is fascinating to me that you seem to find it a good experience to look into their eyes. I’d be interested in learning more about what your experience is like. I wouldn’t neccessarily say that looking into ‘the mirror’ is a bad experience for me. At least not in the long run. I guess, to be healthy and optimistic, I’m hoping that seeing myself as they do, might do me some good. I mean, just because it’s hard and painful, doesn’t mean it’s bad, right?

  4. Geoff says:

    Thanks for sharing and don’t worry about how your experience sounds, I suspect most people including myself can relate to how hard it is to write about certain things and are respectful. It does sound as though you have a good sense or knowing about what is happening and I believe you should trust those instincts.

    What is interesting is some of your feelings regarding what is happening, including that part of it was staged and also meeting someone that you had met before. People sometimes report meeting other people during an encounter and sometimes continually meeting the same person, I have also had memories of continually meeting someone, including some childhood memories. The first memory was of looking into her eyes and there was something about them, it was like I had seen her before and she was familiar, what surprised me the most was the feelings that were invoked.

    It does sound as if your very aware, especially since you can sense or see their presence and it’s good to hear that you feel ok and not judged. I often see beings and it can be quite good sometimes, especially when looking into their eyes and feeling their presence.

    Sometimes a deeper knowing comes to the surface during an encounter, a feeling that it’s all very familiar, that we know these beings, what is happening and sometimes the reasons why. It’s interesting you mentioned facing a mirror, do you feel a connection with these beings?

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