Consciously Contacting Aliens

Hi Everyone – I thought I would create a new post about discussions on seeking contact with aliens.  I was asked by another poster, Geoff, in the “Flashbacks”  discussions whether I had ever tried to contact aliens. Geoff wrote, ” … With the visions or remote viewing, have you tried consciously visiting ET’s, they seem to be aware and on one occasion I was visited by a being straight away.”   Geoff, I have been trying this during the past week, but nothing seems to be transpiring.  Maybe they just don’t want to hear from me!  Anyone else have any comments or experiences about this?  Also,  what about the Stan Romanek situation (did I get his name correct?).  Where ever he goes in speaking engagements, UFOs seem to appear.  They do seem to follow him.  There’s a lot on the internet about him and in that situation, I feel that he can almost  “call them” at will.

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I believe myself to have had "contact" with aliens - my family as well - which is why I am in this group ... in hopes of sharing experiences and finding answers and more certainty on all of this. Also, as a child, my home and family members were plagued by paranormal experiences and I continue to experience this to this day - at home and at work. I am curious as to learning more about differentiating between the paranormal and those activities that are extraterrestrial.
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  1. buffalospirit says:

    Hi Christina – your English is fine! I have had experiences since childhood and many of them are hard to figure out whether they are paranormal or alien related. The balls of light were in my home. The presence of beings moving around were frequent. Things moving – things disappearing – things changing. It can drive you crazy. The cut wires would seem valid proof that you have something going on there …. alien related I would say. Just my opinion. I am still seeking answers. As I said, many of the experiences aside from actually seeing a flying craft seem to border between paranormal and alien related. It might be that it’s all about different dimensions – when we die and become spirits in the spiritual world perhaps we are actually on a similar dimension as that of aliens or entities from other worlds. It sure is a mystery!

  2. christinaspirit says:

    hi to everyone,
    My name is christina. Yes it is possible to contact aliens but you want be successful in such things all the time.
    i’ve been in few situations like this and i know people who have experienced similar .
    one of the cases which happened to me was when i was 12 years old. it was 20th august 2006 i clearly remembered that date since my grandma had her birthday party . that day i went out and played with my friends and later during evening time i bought laser for myself in local shop and i started pointing with it in all possible directions. i was with my mates and then i started pointing to the sky with that laser of mine and i joked; ” hey guys you know what? It would of been quite fun if UfO’s existed and one would of landed right here because of my laser”, my friends and me with them laughed badly abt it but then at night-time something really did happen and i did see alien craft thogh it was not as i imagined it would be. i didn’t believe in alien life that time and i knew nothong about ufology but what happened to me i was able to find later in respected books years later from the time the event has occured

    another situation of that type happened to me some 2 to 3 month back. that time i used to see and i still see now flashes , balls of light etc in my room. i did manage to remember that i had alien encounters since childhood but yet i was deeply puzzled by what i was seeing. then one night i was sleeping in my mother’s room and i woke up because i felt someones presence. i thought i was nuts! i couldn’t believe my own eyes! i was seeing or feeling someones presence every single night. i was very upset and i said towards the shadow that i was seeing that i needed some proof to know that i was not going insane. das later i wondered why my speakers weren’t working. i searcheds behind the cupboard for answers. and guess wt? the wire was cut. my stepfather was i out of station for 1 and i half weeks that time so it was just me and my mother in the house. againg i was puzled. i got teriffied but yet relieved. i did hear from my mother that she saw these shadows as well but not balls and flashes of light but i didn’t give much attention to it that time.

    if anybody hjad similar experiences please mail me on

    and sry for english since its not my native language

  3. buffalospirit says:

    Tess, I was reading a book that said that sometimes the aliens (reptilians?) actually enter a person’s body, similar to how an evil spirit would take possession of a human body – and then control it for a while. But since your therapist has no knowledge of the alien situation, he/she could only recommend the exorcism because that is what he/she had knowledge of. It’s like grasping at straws and at least your therapist “believes” you in that he/she knows this does not sound like you were imagining it. The only problem is that the exorcism procedure is made for paranormal/evil spirits and not alien entities. This is why I find this whole area so frustrating – there are just not enough real answers!

  4. tess says:

    Hi Buffalospirit,that is exactly what others have told me that there are entities in the house,even my psychiatrist eventually came to think that too and send me off to an exorcist!To tell the truth my jaw fell open,but here while many belief in entities if i mention the very word aliens they would start wondering if i am nuts.

    There were many instances when i would be in my bed and hear foot steps,some times they seem to be the kind of a heavy angry man,once i was so scared as i heard the footsteps coming that i curled up and raised my hands to protect my head expecting blows!

  5. Geoff says:

    Hi BuffaloSpirit,

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Sometimes I felt the energy sensation while meditating, practising healing, or when praying, there are times when it just happens and I agree that there is energy all around us and some are sensitive to it.

    On other occasions I am aware of a being and when they come close I feel a similar energy sensation, that tingling energy sensation can feel quite intense and strong, sometimes it’s a prelude to communication, it often leaves me feeling good, very alert and energetic afterwards.

    I used to ask for confirmation, just to make sure it wasn’t an image from a memory, or my imagination, basically I asked if they could confirm that they are there and what they want.

    I think both you thoughts are correct, that energy is everywhere and you feel it entering, but also some beings have a similar sensation when close.

  6. buffalospirit says:

    Good to hear from you Geoff!
    Regarding the tingling energy feeling in my body – funny you should ask if I sense any beings … until recently, I always thought it had something to do with paranormal entities. Yes, I would feel like there was an entity around and someone told me that the energy meant that I was picking up on spirits or spiritual energy. But in the past month or so, I have begun to suspect it may not be paranormal at all … definitely I do sense an entity. Which one, I don’t know! What about you, Geoff. Do you sense beings when you get that electrical buzz?

  7. Geoff says:

    Hi BuffaloSpirit,

    It’s good to hear you consciously tried to contact aliens and maybe in time it will happen, it’s important to try and seek answers, as the saying goes – ask and you shall receive. You mentioned feeling a tingling energy entering your body and I’m wondering if you sometimes sense any beings when it happens?

  8. buffalospirit says:

    Hello Tess! For me, the need to have some contact or perhaps to see if I can get some conscious remote viewing images would help me to define or confirm what type of alien species is in my life. Maybe it is playing with fire, but I feel like I have been in the unknown for too long. As a child, our home was plagued with little balls of light that would go buzzing throughout the rooms – ping pong size or sometimes baseball size. We also had lots of electrical buzzing noises and sometimes, you could actually see a grey-type line zig-zagging in the room in front of your eyes (similar to an etch-a-sketch for those familiar with the toy)… and it would leave a smell of ozone. I have since read in various places that these types of phenomena are related to Greys but again, I don’t have any definite memories of Greys (just foggy ones I am unsure of). Quite often in the past and recent past, I would wake up abruptly from sleep and be wide awake just in time to hear little footsteps running across the ceiling of the home I happen to be in – these are not four-legged type running noises that you might find from a light-footed cat or raccoon on the roof – but distinct pitter-patter of two feet (with some weight on it) running across the roof – this would always make my skin crawl!

  9. tess says:

    During the night i some times feel that i need to go on the roof,ours are not slanting by the way! but i keep resisting,the last thing i want is to see them again,i cannot fathom why many feel the need to be contacted by them.Then perhaps they may not have passed through the trauma that i did,just be careful.

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