Have you ever?

This is actually my first “real” post. I won’t go into the ins and outs of a testimony until I can get some solid responses on certain “aspects” of my own memories.  I hope by doing this that any one of these descriptions can lead to a productive response with workable commonalities. If anyone has heard of or have seen for themselves any one or more of the following:

1. Whispering just before falling asleep.

2. Small “red” beings that had a dull “glow” about them.

3. Aryan type blonde-haired female beings that made you feel calm and seemed to protect you.

4. (For those who recall mysterious things in the fifties), a grayish bell-shaped object.

5. Tall cat-tail shaped beings with spindly legs and arms.

5. A cone-shaped device that was suddenly placed over your face.

6. Cyst-like painless, dry lesions on your lower back about the size of a half-dollar.

7. Were any of you frightened of  certain cartoon characters as a child for no explainable reason?

8. Was being “alone” important to you to the point of hiding so you could think?

9.  Has episodes of PTSD brought on “riders” of unrelated issues?  For instance, having the ability to recall things in early childhood that wasn’t related to the usual flashbacks, or have you just STARTED to get flashbacks at a later age that you are SURE happened to you at a much earlier age.

I’m sorry if this sounds like some sort of survey, but I feel if I can present certain “triggers’ to this community we can find yet another piece of the puzzle to deal with all the strangeness regardless of degree.  Thanks and blessings.

About memorydoc

Early flashbacks of visitors of (several) descriptions, over several years from age six (approx) to age 19. Emotional states vary from (love and security) to (hiding in fear in the darkness in our own home).
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  1. buffalospirit says:

    Memorydoc – by the way, I was watching a UFO program recently which states that the Nazis had supposedly made contact with some aliens just prior to or the early part of WWII and that they have had a hand in this UFO/Abduction phenomena since. Supposedly, Nazis were involved in setting up the alien’s earth bases and it is theorized, that to this day, the “Nazi” regime is still secretly involved with them. This might explain your experience with seeing a soldier along with the blonde Aryan-type woman. Also, I have read other reports of people who have had memories of soldiers or Nazi-type men accompanying these alien and UFO experiences. Are they with our government or a relic Nazi group that continue to live in secrecy among the aliens? Interesting fodder to contemplate. As far as I know, I have no memories of any soldiers related to my experience though I have a deathly intense fear of police, soldiers or government entities.

  2. memorydoc says:

    Hello Lorelei99…………Nordics are an “Aryan” type looking being. Their features are usually fair as in blue eyed and blonde haired, even though some have reportedly been seen w/brown or green eyes. They are a peace loving people but are skiddish around humans in a dis-trusting manner and usually limit their contact to humans of their choosing. You can Google Billy Meier to find out much, much more.

  3. lorelei99 says:

    “Nordic” Aliens? I have never heard of these. Are they all blonde? I did have a dream about an “alien” with bushy black hair, tall and thin with an odd body shape. Most of the dreams I have had though were with the tall greys… once the short white colored ones… i think but it’s difficult to remember, but I just now remembered the one about the “alien” who looked like a man only taller. He had sex with me. I thought it was just a dream… maybe it wasn’t.

  4. kelemvor says:

    Hi All,

    Not sure about the ‘seasoned’ advice ;0) lol

    I did try going to a hyptnotherapist a few years ago but being in the UK there just aren’t many that I am aware of that are open to this stuff – and I think that being the reasonably logical thinking person that i am I was not quite getting into the vibe 🙂

    I’d be grateful to learn of a good hyptnotherapist myself 🙂 All of my experiences that I have related on other threads have been things that I recall, have had flash backs of or have seen whilst awake – Wouldn’t I just love to get to the bottom of it all. As far as whether hyptnotherapy is a good idea or not I guess you just have to be prepared for what it may reveal. A lot of my abduction experiences haven’t been too nice so I expect to have some traumatic experiences if I am able to be regressed – but to me that’s just more knowledge and ammunition for me to use to try to understand what’s going on and perhaps come to terms with it – or find a way to stop it. But that’s just me – if you do go for regression be aware that you may recall stuff that isn’t nice but then maybe you’re like me…you’d rather know 🙂

    In the end it’s up to you. Good luck, what ever you choose

  5. buffalospirit says:

    Memorydoc – whoa nellie! Yes, sounds likes things are getting exciting! I am eager, as well as others in this group, to see how things progress for you. Gathering as much information right now is a good move. Very fascinating theory that you have about your father and family – sometimes, I think to myself that when we get these assumptions, that they are probably not too far off the mark – in other words, the reason you get these assumptions is because deep down inside you know the truth! Anyway, I am also glad you found the video link and I viewed it several times again myself. I am aware that someone else has speculated that it might be birds (but thanks for clarifying anyway!). They are absolutely strange in how they move and it’s too bad that the original tape can’t be shown since the clarity has been compromised so much – anyway, keep us posted on your adventures! Some of the others here like Geoff or Kelemvor might have more “seasoned” advice regarding your choice to see a therapist or experience hypnosis than I could!

  6. memorydoc says:

    Hi buffalospirit……things are getting a little lively as I am gathering many “tools” to work with in my ploy to re-discover. Thanks for the e-mail. It was not my choice of description as those strange entities could have been birds. The remark was made by another who posted on that blog. Possible “synthetics”? I went way out on a limb and thought to myself if it would be possible that my experiences are linked to my father. He is as close to a model Aryan as one may get, tall with the ice blue eyes and blonde hair. I thought for a moment if he had been connected through-out his life somehow that I may have been “grand-fathered in” so to speak, but with absolutely no accounts from my parents and siblings regarding abduction or any high-strangeness what-so-ever, I am alone with my thoughts. I say this because when I re-call
    being seated in the dark with a blonde lady I found that her “type” very often supervises any ventures regarding abduction. The “soldier” sitting in front of us in the shadows may have been assigned or abducted himself! I am rightfully assuming that all concerned through-out that brief encounter were of a soul-matrix nature. I am feeling growingly adventurous as to the possibility of a reveal through hypnosis at the risk
    of complicating anything further. I would leave that to the pros. I truly want to gather as much info as possible prior to any therapy. Perhaps I should “reserve” a therapist until my decision is made. Then again, I don’t want to be another Travis Walton. MD.

  7. buffalospirit says:

    Hi Memorydoc – regarding hypnosis, I, too, have been pondering if I really want to go there or not (to open a can of worms as you say!).

    I found your experience under item #5 interesting where you write about hiding by the sofa and that you see these spindly creatures walking, similar to Mickey and the walking broomsticks he let loose!

    Though I can’t provide you with an exact link (you may be able to Google it or search on Youtube), I recall seeing a video clip from a man near Fresno or Bakersfield, California (USA) who had videotaped on an outside security camera two strange beings running across his front lawn at night. From your description, they appear to be the same type of beings … spindly with no real head or face and tiny sort of legs. An investigative program on television that I saw about this particular video involved the film crew trying to re-enact this event and the size of these beings would be about that of a small child – maybe 3 to 4 feet tall. Anyway, your description is the first that I have ever read of beings that are similar to this video which was the first time I had ever seen anything like them … very strange. So to me, when I start to see more than one source of the same type of being, I put two and two together and really can’t seem to think that you were imagining this or could have made this up – you incident took place as a child and this video I am referring to took place in the past two years or so.

  8. Geoff says:

    Hi Memorydoc,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and there are some interesting similarities. I agree with your thoughts that hypnosis may open a can of worms, it can be a difficult decision to make, if you are having images everyday then it may be worthwhile, I sometimes think we remember for a reason. I have had hypnosis and having a regression can help put the pieces together, I also found looking at a situation from another point of view can be beneficial.

    2. There have been a few times when beings had entered my room and I felt myself quickly loosing the capacity to move, sometimes I really had to concentrate to move my arms and it was difficult. I often suspect that a lot depends on us, if we are calm and comfortable then there may not be a need to restrict our movements.

    5. I remember hearing or reading about children that described them as doll like, it’s the similarities that are interesting, being thin, their height and eyes, also the way they moved. There have been times when I have memories and it stops at a certain point, or there is a gap to the next bit, especially when looking into their eyes.

    Take care…

  9. memorydoc says:

    Thanks to “buffalo spirit”, “kelemvor” “geoff” and “tess” for the input on “have you ever”? I am going to elaborate some on the points I presented. (1) Whispering: I would at times hear multiple whisper-like sounds only while going to sleep. The (voices) were unrecognizable to me and I suppose due to more than one was unable to make out what was being uttered except for my name which was clear. (2) On small red beings: Only one time for this one where a very short humanoid was bedside in the dark that had “chiseled” facial features; pronounced jaw-line, cheeks and furrowed forehead. Very bad vibes from this one…., I felt I could not move well, like resistance from being under water. No memories follow other than what I described. (3) Blonde female: I was about five or six years old 1952 or ’53…….remembering being in a small room and only light enough to reveal shadowy line on a wall in front of me about eight feet away. Sitting on my left side close to me was a blonde lady. I don’t remember her facial features, but her hair was like corn silk and I was fascinated with that. I got this “feeling” (non-verbal) of being loved and protected by her. I actually felt a very strong love and adoration for her and was very calm esp. for a young boy in the dark with a woman not his mother. Across from us sat a military type man sitting erect with his cap on his knees and not moving or speaking.
    To the front/left of us about 12 to 15 ft. away was an opening as if a door was partially opened revealing a very dull grayish light. My next memory was on my back and a quick glimpse of a cone-shaped thing being brought down on my face and then “zero” nothing more. (4) remembering standing in our back yard looking up to a bell shaped gray object the size of a small bus tilted to one side with exterior “pipes” running down one side of it. The day was warm with vivid blue sky and the sun was high. I recall being alone. This thing hovered above our big old pear tree to add and I don’t remember anything beyond that. (5) I recall being in our downstairs living room, not knowing how I got there in the middle of the night, “hiding” behind one end of a big sofa so not to be seen by two tall cat-tail shaped “creatures” with spindly arms and legs. Even though it was dark, I could make out that one was ahead of the other and they were moving fairly fast toward me. They didn’t have facial features. Remember the “walking” brooms holding buckets in Disney’s “Fantasia” or the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”? They reminded me of them without the buckets and the broom handle shape, but the arms were out to their side as if they were carrying something. During this very short time I remember seeing a short dark figure off to one side of them in the adjacent dining room of the house that reminded me of a doll-like creature about three feet tall with big doll eyes (my interpretation at that age. Again, this is all I remember as things just went blank upon seeing “them”. I have been trying to connect this certain exp. with our back door being open the next morning and the discovery of a lesion near my tailbone as well as an invigorating energetic feeling I had that sunny summer morning. My mom couldn’t figure out what that half-dollar size lesion was on my back. I remember it being callous-like and numb. I never mentioned once anything involving any experience I had due to not remembering any of it until five years ago when I had an “anniversary” type PTSD from my exp. in Viet Nam. Those feelings left me feeling severely depressed to the point of tears, no appetite for days and a daunting fear of people in general. It was during one of those episodes where I started to get these little slices of strangeness associated with being a kid and living in a certain house during the fifties. Not a day goes by where I do not “go there” for a brief time experiencing the same images without explanation or resolve. Not a traumatic feeling, just an enduring, strange sameness. Hypnotic therapy is an option, but dare I open that can of worms? I might.

  10. tess says:

    Hi Buffalospirit,well at least he did not lie,he did say it will hurt and that is the last thing i remember screaming in pain! I am sure that there were other humans aiding them and they did not seem to care.I keep asking myself could all this really have happened or am i loosing it?Do those who have been abducted ask the same question?

    Why is it that i remember what happened but have no idea how i ended up there and back,why is that i do not remember that as well?All this uncertainty is simple driving me nuts.

  11. buffalospirit says:

    Hi Tess, for me the “Nordic” gives me a sense of friendship or safety – but I don’t mean that this is what I believe. It’s just that it’s the sense or feeling that I get from this entity – that he is a friend or that he is protecting me (and I also repeat that I only have foggy memories of such an entity which I am not even certain about). I am sure that this tactic comes in handy when trying to calm down a terrified abductee – it may not be the truth, but as long as it calms the abductee down, it’s all good. How many parents may have also lied to their children when going to the dentist or doctor’s office, saying, “It will be all right … Oh, it won’t hurt you …. don’t worry, I’m here, ” etc., etc. just to calm a frightened child? Same thing, I think.

  12. tess says:

    Hi buffalo spirit ,i too am a female but believe me the tall blond alien with hair the color of straw ,was not there to protect me.Although i must admit that he was the only one who showed some emotion,when he bend down and whispered…….I know you are frightened and it is going to hurt,but it will be over soon…….I do not know if he spoke in my language or English,all i know is that i understood him.But believe me i would not view them as protectors,they do what they set out to do,

  13. tess says:

    i have experienced some of what you mentioned,

    Whispering behind my pillow in a language i do not understand.

    Flashbacks of alien abduction,tall and blond.I did not even know they existed

    When i had the flashbacks about 4 or 5 in all about 2 yrs ago,i have no way of knowing when the abduction happened but i saw myself with a body of a grown up not a child.

  14. kelemvor says:

    Hi Geoff

    Indeed, but the time period may not be as long as you’d think – after all perhaps only some species (including us) were brought/seeded here and the others may be native – we have no way of knowing. Another biblical story could relate to noah and the ark (similar to gilgamesh story I believe) – could be factual or an interpretation.

    But in the end we don’t really know, we’re dealing with what we are told by history and our own investigations in the areas of geology, biology etc etc etc.

    These people are so much more advanced than us that I doubt it would have taken that long – especially if as some suggest there are other planets out there with ‘human’ colonies, which would suggest they’re using a template or some such thing. But given their advancement I would be surprised if we are the only ones. Who knows 🙂 abduction etc is such a wide and and varied subject that the sky is the limit – I know what I have experienced and what I believe but there are many other people out there that are in the same situation with similar and different experiences.

  15. Geoff says:

    Hi Kelemvor,

    It’s a fascinating thought, if we are created or altered by aliens then it means this earth has been visited for a long time, it makes me think about the huge time period involved, to create life and to observe and monitor it all this time, they may have a better records of our history then we do… If this is the case then a lot of theories and fears about them being here may be incorrect, maybe a part of it is about creating or seeding intelligent life on suitable worlds.

  16. kelemvor says:


    #1 and #3 are familiar to me. Certainly recall waking up in my bed to see a tall blonde woman staring down at me, she smiled at me then disappeared – weird but that is what happened.

    On the point made by Geoff – I’m not a religious person but I do believe that human beings may well either have been created or altered over time by alien races and the fact that we look like some of them does kind of bring to mind the part of the bible that says that man was created in god’s image. Makes me think that there may be some truth in it but that the facts have been lost or twisted over many many generations – either because people believed god to be some ethereal being rather than physical or perhaps simply to further they’re own ends, who knows – either way I find it fascinating, not sure about anyone else.

  17. Geoff says:


    I can relate to some of your questions and it would be interesting to hear your experiences.

    1. It used to happen a lot a while ago, I used to wake up and think someone was talking to me, I would often hear my name as though someone was trying to get my attention and think this also happened while falling asleep.

    3. Nordic types have sometimes been reported by people who have encounters, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they look similar to us. I have had some memories etc of seeing human types and felt comfortable in their presence, sometimes it felt like we were friends, they were telepathic and they seemed more aware then us.

    5a. In regards to the tall cat-tail shaped being, are you able to elaborate and do you remember what the eyes looked like? Screen memories are common when remembering an encounter, I have heard many different descriptions of beings that are probably the same type, it’s the similarities that I find interesting.

    9. I found that stress can trigger flashbacks and also similar situations, I used to find it difficult to lie down on a table without having powerful memories, I would have memories of being in a room with tables and seeing Greys. Some flashbacks were of childhood encounters and some seemed recent.

  18. buffalospirit says:

    Oh, I forgot to add that I have had foggy memories of possibly greys and human entities (blondes I believe them to be so I deduce that they are Nordics? … specifically a blonde male nordic – very tall)… I happen to be female so perhaps I would be stuck with a male entity? This blonde Nordic fellow, who is foggy in my memory, also feels like a friend and makes me feel safe – like he’s my brother or protecting me. Sorry, that’s about all I have in relation to your list of questions!

  19. buffalospirit says:

    I have recalled hearing whispering just before falling asleep (#1) and chalked that up to paranormal stuff. I have suffered from PTSD off and on through the decades (I think it flares up when I am stressed out from abductions – but of course, I don’t remember the abductions – I just manifest the stress by jumping out of my skin when people wake me up or when they walk into a room, etc.). Interesting to see what other responses to your questions might be!

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