Is MIB about……Staring hard at me across the street is not good enough!!!!Are you angry or are you trying to control me, it would be better if you treat me like a naughty child. I need a man to stand in front of me….Otherwise I will be forever restless. Suffer inside my house, only time I don’t suffer Is when I’m walking. Angel want’s to sight see. Rents are to high, can’t live on the street (Proud Angel) I’ll get into to much trouble….Angel see’s red. There’s not alot of difference between him and me, except he’s male and I’m female.

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  1. Sgt. Frost says:

    Firelilly, we are all dangerous, but mostly to ourselves, and the weapons used most are words and misunderstanding. Life can seem to be made of a flower, with pedals of joy, contentment, and completion, but these pedals are fleeting and soon fall away, leaving a center of pain, sorrow and regret, but we must remember that all things come full circle, as surely as the leaves fall in the the winter, they bloom in the spring. Remember, the one thing that can never be taken from us is our free will. We all make allegiances to one form of control or another, and we all get confused, but no one is beyond redemption, every one is a piece in the puzzle of our collective lives, and our primary job is to find our place, and sometimes that may require help from others, but don’t be afraid to seek help if you are in trouble or too confused. I really don’t want to offend you, but at a glance, you exhibit many signs of schizophrenia, or some fracture or trauma, probably from a past event or victimization, it would not hurt to check it out. We are only as alone as we think we are, and there is always someone willing to help a lost soul.

  2. Firelilly says:

    Pale man can you tell me why God has slapped me with two laws and ten commandments why is my movements being controlled, who’s bidding am I doing? What is my job here? why am I under house arrest? why is my fore fathers talking to me? why am I suffering, is that part of the control? AM I DANGEROUS!!!!

  3. Firelilly says:

    Thankyou for you concern elf, had some really strange (don’t mean to be condesending if you work for organisation) but you stick out like a sore thumb I’m guessing eastern European, why did look so surprised !!! in TAB. Very pale man…I don’t mean to be so offensive but you literatly do not look like your from here and I don’t mean just the town!I’m easy going…You walk around me I’ll walk around you.O.K. P.s Talking about hybrids I can’t stand the light, I suffer intensily going to get a pair of sunnies. Oh the pain!

  4. elf says:

    Hello. I did not understand this posting fully.

    Could you explain some more. I hope no one is trying to hurt you.

    Write back please just to let us know that you are okay.

    Thanks again

  5. EllieMayRocks says:


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