CARET alien writing?

I am interested in anyone’s thoughts on the supposed CARET alien symbols as reported by an “Isaac”.  There are references to this on the Internet and many think this is a hoax.  The reason I post this is that a few years ago, I awoke with a symbol on my forearm (which later disappeared – similar to when you wake up in the morning with pillow lines in your face and they later disappear).  This symbol contained strange “letters” and upon searching the internet for almost a year for similar alien writing, I could find nothing that was similar until I ran across the CARET symbols.  Upon Googling this further tonight, I find that these symbols are controversial and many believe them to be hoaxed.  I want everyone to know that I have no idea about what sort of controvery is going on with the CARET symbols other than I woke up one morning with these symbols on my arm.  So who put them there?  The government?  Aliens?  I want to know which aliens would use this language?  I also posted my query to the Coast to Coast AM radio program (here in the United States hosted by George Noory)  since “Isaac” had been on the show a while back.  I would be curious to see how many other people out there on this site or elsewhere have ever had symbols on their body or run across alien writing (specifically the CARET variety) anywhere?  As far as I am concerned, I believe the CARET symbols to be valid and not something created by “Isaac” (who apparently wishes to be known only by that name – you need to read this stuff on the Internet to get the whole story on who Isaac is and why he wishes to remain anonymous).  Just Google CARET and stuff should come up. Whitley Streiber also believes in the CARET writing, if I am not mistaken.

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I believe myself to have had "contact" with aliens - my family as well - which is why I am in this group ... in hopes of sharing experiences and finding answers and more certainty on all of this. Also, as a child, my home and family members were plagued by paranormal experiences and I continue to experience this to this day - at home and at work. I am curious as to learning more about differentiating between the paranormal and those activities that are extraterrestrial.
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  1. buffalospirit says:

    I just wanted to post that supposedly the CARET symbols are a hoax. I don’t buy this because if they are hoaxed, then how in the world did similar symbols appear on my arm? Apparently, there were sighting of craft in the skies of Northern California that contained these symbols on the outside of the flying craft. Now, it could be that these photographs were hoaxed and the flying crafts were also hoaxed, but that does not, in my opinion, mean that the original documents and information about the CARET symbols were hoaxed. The symbols on my arm were similar to the CARET symbols but maybe they were not exact – I don’t know … but all I DO know is that there is NO WAY that I could wake up in the morning and find something like this pressed into my arm. Someone or something had to have done it. Hoping that in the near future there will be more information about the CARET symbols.

  2. buffalospirit says:

    Memorydoc – A lesion … do you think it could have been a burn? I have had several nickel-sized burns on the exact top of my head (I would awake in the morning, with lots of pain, and there would be a red burn on my scalp). Happened twice. The first time, I found that when I drove my car around that day, my car alarm would keep going off while I was driving, street lights would turn red as my car passed, and I also had lots of computer trouble at work. Not sure if this had anything to do with it all. So your lesion could have been a burn. But on the other hand, maybe they did some sort of experiment similar to a spinal tap or something. OUCH! Do you have any scar left from this experience? The reason I know mine were burns is that about a week later, the burned skin (which was very thick) would peel off my scalp (and there were little holes in the burned skin from my hair follicles) in about two pieces and when I put them together, they are in an exact circle about the size of a nickel. As far as the CARET writing goes, I never did hear from Coast to Coast AM (I emailed them twice). George Noory said that if anyone wanted to get a message to “Isaac” one could email the radio program. Not a peep. I feel that if I can find more data on the CARET symbols, this would give me more information about the type of aliens that are tormenting me. I am sure that Coast to Coast thinks I am a nut. That’s the problem with all of this – no one believes most of us when we have these experiences and the only people that we can relate all of this to are each other. This is why I don’t feel any answers to all of this will come any time soon.

  3. memorydoc says:

    Boy, I would have preferred the “caret” on my skin instead of the quarter-sized lesion I had above my tailbone that stayed there for weeks!

  4. tess says:

    Its a pity you did not take a picture of it,but i guess it does not register fully the importance of it and as it soon faded you had little time to think.But having said that you still remember, so why don’t you do some research,perhaps you will find a similar symbol and even if you cannot find the meaning ,you might find were a similar symbol have been found.

    At times i have a feeling that we have been given a lot of symbols and we just need to put the puzzles together of course the word JUST is what shall i say putting it mildly!!

  5. buffalospirit says:

    Hi Tess,
    Yes, it’s hard to explain. The Caret scenario involves a number of different letters or “symbols” I believe – and if I am understanding it correctly, these symbols in themselves are like a language. On my arm (and I wish I would have had a camera to at least attempt a photograph – but I drew a diagram instead), there was a curved line above and below several Caret-type letters or symbols. The curved lines up and below encased the letters/symbols within and was about one-inch by one-inch in total size. So I am assuming that all of these letters/symbols together must have meant something. At I said, it was “pressed” into my skin and was very clear – clear enough for me to decipher most of the letters/symbols accurately. It slowly faded away over about an hour’s time (again, I reference it to the lines you may get from a pillow pressing on your face while you sleep – when you awake, the lines are quite clear, but they begin to fade away once you are up and about).

  6. tess says:

    what kind of symbol did you have,as it seems that a symbol is related to other symbols and only when they are but together do they form a word.They are the caret symbols.Take care,Tess

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