I feel they are waking me up now!

hi, I am in my mid 50’s (female) and in a nutshell I feel the time is nearing for something. I had no interest in ufo’s, they just did not register on the ricter scale for me, but suddenly (last two months) i have an obsession about them and for the first time I think i have been abducted. i intend to go see a hypnotist to confirm my suspicians. how do i know a good hypnotist, what do i look for in them?  advice welcome. I live in new zealand and so there may not be the broad minded therapists here that is required. But i need answers now, it feels urgent. (I am a very rational human being, not prone to fancies etc so dont write me off as being loopy please. cheers.

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I am a post menopause english woman...but i think they are still interested in me, strange! (I have a good sense of humour and not much fazes me).
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  1. patd says:

    I am having the same feelings that are writing about. I am also in my mid 50’s. I have sent in my experience from 33 years ago and will be posted shortly.


  2. memorydoc says:

    I see some VERY good advice above me. It is good to have an open-mind to a point, until something happens to YOU. A good therapist who
    is very familiar with this subject will even advise you on how to manage your own credibility as a follow-up. I didn’t know how important my own credibility actually was until it was compromised. Pls try to remember that these are exciting and intriguing times we live in. You are certainly not alone.

  3. tess says:

    I just want to add some thing else,be careful if you go to a hypnotist make it clear to him or her that while under hypnosis he would not give suggestions at with regards to ufo,abduction etc,the reason being you want to go there through your own will and not because some one is pushing you to that direction! Do not worry if there is some thing it will came out,at least that way you will have no doubt.
    I have heard of hypnotists who direct the person may it being child abuse,sexual abuse,abduction etc, and the person’s mind conjure up images which may seem very real at that point, only to find for all concerned that it was just an illusion under hypnosis,take care tess

  4. Geoff says:


    There are a lot of people who are becoming aware and are considering the possibility that they may have been visited or abducted, I think it happens for a reason and when the time is right. Having a regression or hypnosis and experiencing memories could change your life in ways you never imagined, you never know what you may remember or how it will affect you, but it can be an insightful and interesting journey.

    In regards to finding a good hypnotist, maybe phone a few and discuss your suspicion and also what you hope to achieve, trust your feelings and intuition and if you would feel comfortable being regressed by them. A therapist or hypnotist who has experience or knowledge of the abduction phenomenon would be the best person to see.

    I have included a link for New Zealands UFO Research website, Suzanne is very familiar with the abduction phenomenon and may know someone you could see, or offer advice.


    Good luck…

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