Welcome to AAER’s alien abduction discussion forum. Many of you participated in our past discussion boards, and this is our newest group. Please feel free to post your personal experiences of alien contact.

This includes sightings of aliens, UFOs, ghosts, or anything paranormal as it all fits into this alternate dimension of reality. You can also upload photos, drawings, audio and video.

You will need to be registered to post a message or reply to someone else’s message.  The registration link is on the right sidebar at the bottom of the list. You will be a contributor which means you can write messages and reply to messages but your responses won’t show up for about 24 hours.

All of us learn from each other’s experiences and it is nice to receive validation that we are not crazy! This is one of the nicest benefits of participating in a discussion group.. We look forward to hearing from you!

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8 Responses to Welcome!

  1. ray jones says:

    Hi, glad to have an outlet and a place to share. I can’t say I have had any classic abduction memories or experiences, but my past is littered with impossible memories, psychic phenomena, visions, UFO sightings, ghost or was it an angel, shadow entities and a deep gnawing sense that my people my kind are out there somewhere, sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have wrote that but I’m trying to be honest.
    It doesn’t help that I had an aunt who suffered most of her life with severe mental disorders, can’t help but wonder if I am just like her-pitifully deluded. But then isn’t questioning one’s sanity an indication of sanity.
    In any case I’m 61 happily married for almost thirty years worked at the same factory for 35 years and so far have managed to stay out of the ‘loony bin’ so maybe I’m more alien than nuts, now there’s nutty statement. Anyway way good to have a place to speak without ridicule. Ray

  2. giles says:

    Thank you Marilyn

    It is so good to be among like minded people who have a common thread. I have found it difficult to find such a site where I can discuss events freely. I am very open minded and if anyone ever needs someone to talk with please just say so on one of my threads.

    Peace always


  3. Sue says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzBVep04LXM This is a good video
    to watch especially before you go to sleep to help you remember the faces of the ones who abducted you. I hope it works for you because it did for me.

    You will need a self hypnosis tape or go to YouTube and find a video. To get to your consciousness you have to be able to form real good images to reverse the current of your Master Mind. I saw three white men very clearly who has probably been causing all my problems.

  4. kiki says:

    I can’t figure out how to post my experience. If there is a “post” button it sure it doing a great job of hiding its self from my view!

  5. beatlesguy65 says:

    Are there any serious people out there that will talk to people about their experiences? This recent experience of mine is eating away at me and all I need to do is talk with someone who is serious and will listen to me seriously.

  6. Robbygirl2009 says:

    Thank You I hope to help and to be helped

  7. elf says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome. It is a pleasure to be here. I thought there would be many more users than this. Oh well, they must be on other sites. Some of my words may be spelled incorrectly due to my laying down and using the laptop.

    Hope these discussions will help me. Even more so, I hope I can lend a hand and a kind heart to others.

    Thanks again

  8. k8stargazer says:

    thanks for the weelcome Marilyn, my family and I are past thinking we’re crazy…I’m hoping to find someone to talk to who has been shown technology, and information and designated as something ie. I’ve been called a navigator more than once by the greys and others taller beings. I have at least 3 hybrid children that weere taken from me when in utero and then brought back for em to meet later on. They look a little too different to fit in by any means at all. a daughter and twin sons. They can’t speak english, but sound more like dolphins and the boys in particular frightened me when I met them, they look like they have radiation burns on their faces. I have been abducted many times since early childhood.

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