A Question.

I am 18. Over many years I would periodically have problems sleeping and I felt anxious, usually when this would happen I would sleep in my living room with the television or lights on or in a room with someone else. There are a few times that stand out, one of my earliest was when I was alot younger I went into the living room, it was Christmas time so the Christmas tree was up and the lights were on, I also turned on the T.V. Another occasion was when I was watching T.V. and fell asleep in the living  room my brother was also asleep on the other couch. A third occasion was when I felt anxious/scared but slept alone in my room. Though there have been many more these are the most significant. I have regressed alot through my dreams and meditations and these three are the major ones.

On the first one I had laid down in my room but was so scared that I couldn’t go to sleep. I went into my living room where the Christmas tree was up and everything. I cut on the T.V. and I can remember that I Love Lucy was on T.V. Land. I went to sleep still feeling very nervous. I regressed much later several things that happened later. I opened my eyes to two Grays standing in my living room, looking at the Christmas tree as if they were trying to figure out what it was, even tinkering with the ornaments. They then turned their attentions to me, at first they stood there, just looking at me, than they came towards me, walking slowly, the last thing I remember was one got close to my face with those eyes, I cannot remember beyond that.

The second occasion I spoke of, my brother and I had been watching T.V. I had gotten off of a hard days work so I fell asleep really fast, I told my brother to leave the T.V. on. Well, he didn’t. I woke up and realized I could not move, I was on my stomach and was facing where my brother was on the other couch, but instead I saw something standing over me, I tried to scream but the scream was muffled. I tried with all I had to move but I just couldn’t. The moonlight illuminated the Gray’s skin faintly. There was a flash of light and my brother woke up and heard my muffled screams which soon turned to loud screams, he ran over to me thinking I was having a bad dream to wake me up and I asked him if he saw the creature and he said he had not, but walked over to the window and told me that he saw a light in the sky, I looked and saw it as well. He asked me what had happened and I told him what I had experienced.

The third occasion happened when I slept in my room, in the dark, even though I had a bad feeling. It was much like the previous account in that I woke up and could not move. I saw two beings in my room, their shadows just visable in the dark. There was one standing beside me and another at the door. The one beside me was rather small but the one at the door was tall. I don’t know how but I moved my arm and rolled myself out of bed and they ran towards the living room which was well lit, I got up and ran into my door way to see nothing. I then felt dazed and went and sat on my bed and held my head in my hands, this encounter was less than a year ago.

Now to my questions; has anyone else experienced anything like this? Also, my brother has a very strong fear of extraterrestrials and anything of the like, he constantly sleeps in the living room or with a light on, do you think he has had some experiences himself? Please let me know.

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  1. bstewart says:

    Thanks for leaving replies. It feels good to know I am not alone, as generic a response as that may sound. I have moved out of where I was living and I really dont have anyone to talk to.

  2. memorydoc says:

    Your account(s) may sound typical, but I know they are your own and as personal as it gets. I have had bed-side visits as well, one being a dullish-red figure who grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let go. Putting that aside, I had to go through merciless touting and teasing as a kid by my own brother upon mentioning anything at all due to the confession of just one exp. As a result, I have had to live with anything having to do with the unexplained to this very day. Whats worse, we all shared the same bedroom (my two bros.), me being the oldest, and for some ludicrous reason, (they) decided to choose me? I recall bits and pieces of some of those events including seeing a bell shaped craft above me in my own backyard (no one else saw it, of course), and not being able to remember anything that followed. I often found myself alone as a kid just contemplating the things around me. Memories started to pop in five or six yrs ago when I was being counseled for PTSD for an entirely different matter. I suppose this dubious little bonus can serve as something useful. Take care.

  3. christinaspirit says:

    hi my name is Christina. i am 17 i have similar experiences to yours. i would like to talk to you about it but not here as am not sure of how to abreviate of what has happened to me. my mail is


    and sry for english since my native language is russian

  4. Iamhim says:

    when you see them make use of your time with them. interact and lose your fear. they will not harm you. do not look into there faces it is how they can read you entirely not just your thoughts but everything. look down on the floor when they are there it helped me.

  5. Geoff says:


    Thanks for sharing your experiences. When I was in my early teens I awoke in the middle of the night and unable to move, it was dim but I could see two small beings standing at the foot of my bed, I could feel them staring at me. Then they were gone and I got up and walked into my parents room and looked at them sleeping for a while, then I went back to bed. At the time I thought the beings were ghosts because that was the only context I could put them into, that was around 30 years ago and I wasn’t aware of the abduction phenomenon then.

    Around that time the anxiety and fear of sleeping started, I was worried that I would awake and see something in my room. I often slept with the lights on and stayed up late. The best way to describe the fear of sleeping is like a cycle, it would suddenly start up and then gradually diminish, sometimes there was a feeling or memories that something happened and sometimes not.

    On one occasion I awoke after my stomach was poked and there were two greys standing next to my bed. In the morning I asked my dad if anything unusual had happened that night, he told me that while sleeping on his side a lady had pocked him in the back, although he didn’t see anyone, he just thought it was a lady. There have also been times when one grey looks deeply into my eyes and I don’t remember what happens next, or there is a gap to the next bit.

    I agree with kelemvor that your brother may have encounters and sometimes people report seeing other family members on a craft, I remember seeing my mum and dad, but not my brother, although unusual things have happened to him and he sometimes has dreams about ufo’s

    Take care,

  6. kelemvor says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. From what you describe i would say that there is a good chance that your brother has experienced the same things, it may just be that you are better able to remember it – like you said, you woke up and saw these people where your brother did not.
    It’s also fairly common for abductions to happen to many if not all members of a family and it seems to happen across the generations. I myself have been abducted as have my 2 brothers and my father, My father told me that he first saw people in his room when he was a child and he is now 60 years old – so perhaps you can see that these people are fairly persistent.
    Given that abductions are so prevalent I do sometimes wonder if everyone on the planet gets abducted, but only some of us (lucky or not) are aware of it to some degree or another. Something to ponder I guess….

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