Just happond!!!

Anyways, I woke up this morning but with a memorie. I know this will sound crazy but this is what happond! There were 3 of them. There was one standing right front of the doorway holding my 13 month old daughter, Meliah. The other 2 were standing at the end of the bed. Me and my husband sat up and were looking at them. For some reason the words Seekers and sharers was in my mind! The one infront of me was a seeker and the one infront of my husband was a sharer. They came to us and sat on the bed with us. And placed there hands on ours. I remember feeling so good and happy. but I didn’t feel like my life or power or whatever people say, was being sucked out. I just felt like I was next to a good friend I could trust. We did this for about a half hour and then we let go of eachothers hands. I remember looking over at Everett, my husband and he asked me if it was ok for him to go. I remember saying yes and saying some cute coment like, but you better be home before supper or else, something funny like that. It was interesting that It didn’t seem like I wasn’t under any control by the aliens, if I was, I wouldn’t say something like that , would I? So next thing I know is we are on a ship. It is quite bright but nice, no different than we would like to have our space ships I suppose. We were standing in a traffic way of sorts, just like in an airport, you know the long walkways with lots of people rushing back and forth. But it did have a arc, as if you are allways slowly walking around a corner. (i thought that that was intiresting because that would fit the shape of a flying sauser.) So anyways, on the left side of me was what looked like a lounging spot. There were couched things to sit on and long windows to look through. Colors I remember where white and gray. So I just appered and I look around and that’s what I see. Then I see on the right side of me…Everett smileing and walking away with another person (alien) and he said (I love you baby) I said I love you too. He seemed excited but i had no idea where they were taking him. I look back and there is the one holding meliah and the alien that is exscorting me. I turned and looked at him (i am just refering to it as a him because i dont remember any gender diffrence, even though i could clearly feel a motherly feeling coming from the one holding meliah.) he smiled. And then then I wake up. So, was it a dream or did something really weird just happen. I thought it was quite interesting that the aliens didn’t talk.
It didnt seem that the men or the women looked to different but, I felt like I could tell the difference. It was also interesting that the hall was rounded, the ship I was in was defiantly a round one! Another thing that was unusual was how the words Seekers and sherers was already in my head. How did I know that’s what they were or in this case doing. Everett had to have something else happen to him. Since he had a sharer I bet that the alien was sharing knowledge with him. I bet they chose him because they knew that he could do some good with the knowledge that he gave him. For me I’m guessing the alien was finding out more of human life or something like that. I also wonder if they did something to meliah? I don’t know what good her knowledge would do?
So I woke up Everett and asked him if he remembers anything, and he doesn’t. So what I want to know is, did this just really happen? It was as real as me typing this! This is no bullshit story! Who were these people? What did they want! And why is it so hard to remember! Oh, and just so people know, these aliens looked alot like humans but I always remember something a little off when looking at there face, and eyes!

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My name is Abbey and I am interested in abductions because I think I may have just had one! I am not even out of bed yet. Just woke up and wrote down my experience and looked up abductions on my iPod. Found this site and is hoping that all of this could some how be explained.
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  1. kelemvor says:

    I guess it’s something we’re all trying to get our heads around – just remember you are not alone, I think we’d all be surprised by the true scale of this. I’m sure a number of people have had similar experiences to yours, but I guess that because we don’t recall everything we only recognise parts of what other people say they have seen. Something to ponder there 🙂

    As I’ve suggested to others, keep a diary it’ll help you to make some sense of things.

    All the best

  2. abbeymaecook says:

    Thanks so much for listening. The weird thing is I believe something is still happening. So the next day I tell my husband and we talk alot about it. I have been watching him carefully and there are a few things that creep me out. For instance… He’s been sore in the mornings, just like I have been since the experience. And last night right as we were going to bed he said, did you hear that? I was like, hear what? He said he heard a third voice. I asked him what it sounded like and he said it was a wisper! That was strange! And everynight I am deathly afraid to go to sleep, I don’t know why but I just sit there looking at the doorway and my heart pounds! Why? Anyways I like what you said out them erasing our memories, why do they do it? Why not just let us know you are out there! Were ready!!!

  3. kelemvor says:

    Thanks for sharing that with us. It’s difficult to be able to say with absolute certainty that this was real or a dream, but then it could also have been a recalled memory from another time – these are often very vivid.
    I’m glad you had what seems to be a positive experience – not everyone is so lucky.
    Have you ever had any other similar experiences – if so then I would cautiously suggest that this is real.
    It is difficult to remember what happens which is why many people choose to undertake regression therapy – but my concern is that if these people mean us no harm and if the experience is positive, then why do they need to make us forget? Personally I’d be happy to know/learn more and hopefully take humanity down a better road – but it seems that they don’t want that at least no yet but they are already influencing us so I think suppressing people’s memories is a bit pointless now (unless their intent isn’t so nice).
    Anyway, those are my thoughts – it may be worth speaking to you husband if you have another experience in the future, maybe next time he’ll remember 🙂

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