dreams, hunter gatherers and oneness

I searched for alien focused sites and found this website today after waking up from a dream this morning that made me afraid last night, it was the second time i had had a similar dream which on both occassions had woken me from sleep in the middle of the night due to the level of fear i was feeling about the dreams. I am writing this as muc as anything to try to clarify to myself something about these and other experiences in my life.I do not normally contribute to forums such as this, however my dream is as follows, I was sitting facing a large patio like window but it was very very big, in a normal house type room with two doors behind me and i had an old school friend sitting next to me, a girl who i had gone through all of my schooling from age 5 with who i lost contact with 25 years ago. outside the window the sky was vast and it is all i could see, no trees, land or houses etc, just an expanse of endless sky, it was filled with hundreds of war planes, large grey noisy ones all flying from left to right, i felt frightened that this was a terrible situation and something bad must be happening if the sky was filled with active planes of war. I turned to look at the open doorway behind me and there were the grey aliens with black hooded cloaks, i have seen on the film communion standing in the doorway but not entering the room i sat in, they were also standing in the doorway of the other room to the left behind me. I think prior to dreaming this part of the dream i had been in another room alone and the grey aliens had entered and physically grabbed hold of me, which frightened me and i resisted in fear, though they didnt hurt me at all whilst holding me with force against my will. I could not fight against them however as they were too strong for me. this part of my dream was the most anxious and alarming, causing me to feel panic. i dont remember what happended after they grabbed me but the next part of the dream was as above i was sitting in the room with my schoolfriendlooking out of the window at the planes. I think there was more to the dream but as i felt so scared i tried to consciously block them out i think and it all seemed blurry and confusing in the other parts. I awaoke with my fear and felt afraid that the aliens might be in my home and was afraid to leave my bed as i would normally after a bad dream just to wake myself up and remind myself it was just a dream, in case they were still in my house. however i was awake and trying to remember more of the dream to understand why i had felt so scared, as i lay there it seemed that there was a constant flickering of light in my eyes that wouldnt go away, the same sensation as if someone has been shining a bright and flickering light in your eyes and when it stops your eyes copy the flickering light for a while until they ajust to normal sight again. I recognised this from another dream id had about 2 years ago when id woken up in a similar way in bed and felt really anxious as there had been a massively bright light outside my bedroom window that had left my eyes with the same after sensation of flickering for a very long time. i have never had any eye problems in my life and done suffer migranes of wear glasses so this sensation was unusual and concerning to me to have occured so suddenly in sleep for no apparent reason. On this ocassion i had thoughts of the aliens again and was afraid to get out of bed in case they were in my house, which is to me quite an irrational fear. On both occassions i had a feeling of being watched by the aliens either a sense and in the dream because i could see them watching me from the doorway.
When i was a small child maybe, 4 to12 i had many disturbing experiences seeing lights most of my childhood in my bedroom at night, sometimes i was so scared i was frozen and would hide under my blankets to protect myself from them, my family were all used to my strange visions and would ask me what i could see and where i saw them and i would describe them vividly. I have continued to see halos around various objects, people and places, i.e doorways entrances to this day but have got so used to it i dont think anythink of it its jsut what i see around me. though it seems comforting and familiar to me. I did have a dream as a child of a ufo in our large back garden, which was at the very back of the garden between the apple trees, i remember being scared of it. Then i had a dream that our back garden and all the gardens ajoining ours don the street which were fenced off in between, no longer had fences they were jsut one large area of greenbelt and neolithic humans were peacfully hunting and gathering across the whole area, at one with the earth and each other with no conflict. I have often wondered if this vision was sent to me to help me to learn and understand the world as i have since gone on to work with indigenous nations for their human and territorial rights in politics, i also became a writter and had always been inspired by whitley striebers career as a writer and had always hoped some day of ebing able to write myself, which i eventualy did to my surprise. i did watch the film communion when i was aprox 18 and found it fascinating so dont know if my experiences are just a projection of having watched the film or something more of my own personal experience of this phenomenon but definately helpful to write and explore this idea i think.

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  1. pascha says:

    Thank you both buffalospirit and alexi for your feedback on my post, it is very much appreciated. I have an intuition that an understanding of my often unusual experiences throughout my life with respect to similar events will be revealled to me in their own time and not in mine lol! But it really is comforting to know that people such as yourselves have been willing to offer support and suggestions along the journey. In universal gratitude from Pascha

  2. alexei says:

    ok so here is my theory the halo’s around the people they mite just be having the same expiriances as you .you where chosen by them i know that you mite just be able to tell who else is. as for mainsteem media population and goverment well they mite just be as maniulated by them as all of you

  3. buffalospirit says:

    Thanks for sharing your feelings and experiences. If you read the many posts on this site, you will see that some of your experiences (including dreams) have similar threads or incidents to what others have experienced. Welcome to the club! I am here because I am seeking answers – I also feel frustrated that this issue is not taken seriously by the mainstream populations- and I also resent the fact that governments have the audacity to hid this from everyone. By sharing on this site, you can be with like-minded people and perhaps all of us can learn more about this together.

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