Ok so im 16 years old and live in brandon flordia, about a month ago I woke up with a fresh burn on my right ankle with hair missing that hurt when I tuched it and I did not recall geting it. I noticed on my right foot near the burn there was a tirangle mark of some sort, but the thing is I have the exact same mark on my left foot but with bumps that i rememer noticeing when I was 10 or 11 thinking it would go away, but it didnt. Also about a mouth before this I was outside at night with my friends and we seen a big flash of light with a sound ive never herd before behind my neighborhoods house, we looked at eatchother and ran in my house to ask if anyone els herd it but no one did. We tought it might have been fireworks but no one would have fireworks that time of year. Another thing is people in my family think they have seen a ufo while driving on the interstate at night once. I’d also like to add that i smoke weed very often but so often that im acustume to being high and remember very well. I dont know why but im so convinced ive been abducted, ever sense I looked into it I see more and more simaler things that happends to me. My family say its strange but I can tell they dont believe me. Ive also always felt more aware of  life and feel like im differnt form my friends. What do you guys think?

The burn

Mark on my right foot

Mark on my left foot

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  1. buffalospirit says:

    Hi! I have had burns on the top of my head (on my scalp) and I once had a mark pressed into my arm. I usually also get bruises. Great job on photographing these. If you ask me, I would say that if you truly feel that you are an abductee (i.e. your gut feeling tells you so), then it’s most likely the case.

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