My experience started very young. The more they take you the more they start to form a connection with you. I am over 50 and they just started to talk to me before they do their medical stuff. They have never taken me in a ship ever; it is always through some kind of a dimensional window it is hard to explain. They have never hurt me as far as I can remember and have always been very kind, but they have a system and they stick to it no matter what. Why they are doing this is obvious for their complete understanding of us. I was taken last week from my bed, they somewhat paralyze you from moving, lift you up and straight out you go through wall, floor, ceiling whatever is in your way. Then it’s a bit like a rollercoaster ride to their observation room, it is completely black once you go through the wall and only light again once your there about 20 seconds or more. I beleave they do not mean us harm, but there understanding of bed side manors is very poor. I have been taken at least 20 or more time and not always at night. It seems crazy sometimes but it is what it is.

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  1. Iamhim says:

    i will tell all who reads this he is speaking the truth i have as well experienced these things. though it has stopped for the last 15 years. Hey Bob iam not being sarcastic but the next time you have an encounter tell them Aaron wants to talk to them. odd everyone wants to run from them but not me.

  2. alexei says:

    they behave like ghosts and they manipulate the physical are they ghosts or gods and i think that u could be rite but they are using your genes to create somthing im not religous but could they be Nephelim

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