Hi I am new here…….and so begins my story.  I am now 43 years old…..and have been having these dreams all my life.   I have always felt like I have never belonged.   Even as a little girl I never felt like I belonged anywhere.  And I felt that I was adopted.   All my life I have felt like I was meant for something, but just do not know what.   

In my dreams, I usually dream of something trying to hurt me, and then the aliens or something like it, comes and saves me.   The things that usually try to hurt me are bad unknown people I do not know, and spiders.   In real life I don’t have a fear of spiders.  So, I don’t know why I dream of them wanting to hurt me.   But all my life, I have always dreamt of something or someone unknown to me coming to rescue me.   And I have always believed in Aliens.    And it isn’t a fantasy thing with me, I have always had this belief that they exist.   And they only pick out special people to let them know they exist.    I have a beautiful husband and three beautiful children who I am so blessed to have in my life.    And I believe in GOD as well.   

I can remember being eight, and, my mother was rooted to the spot when this bright light came through the window in the kitchen, and I ran outside, and this light was coming from high in the sky and you couldn’t see anything but the light coming out of the clouds.   How awesomely scary that was at first, and then I understood they didn’t want to harm anyone, they were just showing me they were there with me.  

I had a very poor upbringing, and a very traumatic childhood, and I wondered where they were through all the bad times, but, as, I have got older, they were always with me to make me a stronger person I am today.

Well, I do have lots more to talk about but I will leave it for another day when I have the next dream.   

I was also on antedressants for the last nineteen years, and have just come off them, and now I am dreaming again.   I love my dreams and wouldn’t swap them for anything.

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  1. Geoff says:


    Thanks for sharing and I can relate to some of your feelings, of not quite belonging and feeling different to the majority of people, including family and friends. I find it difficult to understand why the majority of people treat each other and also this planet so poorly. I am also 43 and have been having memories of ET encounters since I was 21, some memories where of childhood encounters.

    Some people feel a deep connection with ET’s or a particular type of being, sometimes being with them can seem second nature and everything can seem familiar. I remember when I first started having memories I was scared, but I also had memories were I was talking to them and felt comfortable being with them.

    I agree that we are helped and they can appear in spirit or translucent form, there have been a few occasions when I found it difficult and they have helped in some way or another.

    Best wishes,


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