my questions for all of you

as a child i was always switched off when my sister was being taken and because of her experiences she has moved out somewhere in Utah parts completely unknown to any of my family members i cannot ask the questions that I’ve all ways wanted to ask so i wonder if any of you mite be able to help.

question #1

are you sure that they are aliens or are they interdimensional beings? i only question this because of the nature in witch they act they are not boastful they are secretive unlike what is seen in the sky they remain so secretive that not even i could convince my sister of what was happening to her she remains as far as i know completely in denial of what I’m almost certain was happening twice a week from her 5th birthday until now that is not what i see on youtube or on the stupid news

question #2

are you being taken by white orbs or an actually physical metallic saucer’s?


the process of grooming you from childhood has blown my mind actually the whole thing blows my mind but my sister definitely got this from my mother no doubt in reading her journals from childhood she and my sister have bin told by them that they are from them that they are family I’m wondering what you make of this and how my sister was immune to me having the colds the flu and also the mystery virus that i got after my sister was taken when she 9 and i was 7?

i have more but ill post them another day

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when i was 12 i awoke and my eyes were paralyzed i had somehow had contracted a virus still undefined and have gone through many strange episodes and behaviors but my sister is an experiencer
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  1. christinaspirit says:

    i’ve been always wondering where the hell is millitary running atround when people are being abducted by greys( or by wt ever specie u r being taken).
    in the town where i used to live few people were continuously cntacted or abducted by ( them). Lots of bright ball light structures and sort of ufo craft were reported not just by local people but newspapers on a country level both in russia and ukraine. that hell with abductions is continuing in that town ( sry i wont name it for ethical reasons) is happening for more than 30 years . when ever people who either seen a ufo or have been abducted asked millitary about not reacting to these situations they were given no answers wt so ever.

  2. Shadowman says:

    I’ve also wondered about your first question. From some of what I’ve gathered, I wonder if they are possibly a negative of us, an engineered, dark version of mankind. I don’t know, so many questions and so few that can answer them. If Sgt. Frost were still around, he could probably help with those questions. I wish I could help you out…

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