Paranormal Childhood

I understand that most people will not believe the things I intend to post, but if anyone has any hypothetical advice that would be appreciated. Anyone that feels the urge to call me crazy, stupid, or a liar- save your energy I have heard it all before.

I started school in 1985 in southern Louisiana at an old Catholic school associated with a church that the town was built around. First day of kindergarten another little girl gathered us all on what to us was our playground, the kindergarten building was way behind the school near a row of old trees so we played under the trees away from and at different times than the other grades. The row of trees was technically planted on an older section of the towns old cemetery and the trees were the only divider between our playground and an old but still used cemetery. The girl who had gathered us began to tell us about her all powerful father, that would let us do whatever we wanted and give us power etc, his name was Satan. She told us that her father wanted us to dig in a certain spot under one of the trees and so we all dug until we reached a box that was marked with a blue pentagram. The girl then stood on the pentagram and let her father possess her and her voice changed and I got scared and went inside to find the teacher sitting at her desk and told her I was scared and that I wanted to stay inside and she picked me up and brought me back to the group where the girl was now saying a black mass while possessed. The faculty soon became involved in the abuse after I continually told my mom what was going on and drew pictures of the things they were doing and making us do. After I would not be silent about the abuse they made good on the threats and I was punished severely and repeatedly in the most horrible ways imaginable for two years. Telling my mom only made things worse but I kept telling in hopes of making the abuse stop. I know this sounds crazy and paranoid but the fact of the matter was that this Satanic cult was running at the very least the part of Louisiana referred to as Acadiana. And since that is where we were there was nothing that could be done. My mom tried taking me out of the school but not only did the cult make it impossible they made plans to have my mother permanently committed to a mental institution so they would have full access to me. The plan did not work because the people at the court ordered 30 day drug rehab that her family(cult members) had her forcibly committed to, saw what they were trying to do so they helped her get custody of me which had been taken when she tried to take me out of the school and told us to flee the state that night and we did. So it was 1987 and me, my mom, and her then boyfriend now husband fled the state and ended up in Pensacola Florida. I now realize how shitty my luck had to be in order to have been born into a Satanic cult and then to flee right into a UFO hotspot.

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