overwhelming alien abduction curiosity

For as long as I can remember I have had an intense and almost overwhelming curiosity to learn more about alien abductions and other things that the “normal public” thinks are strange, but the abduction curiosity is by far the out does the other curiosities.  I don’t ever remember being abducted or even coming in contact with an alien, but there are 2 accounts in my life where an alien space craft was within at least 500 feet flying above me.  From a lot of the research that  I have done, many abductions are for either the purpose to help the specific individual (eg. telling of one’s mission, or operating to prevent future problems, such as health or otherwise), or for research.  I think they are as curious about us as we are of them but they have the means of finding out more, unlike us.  I also have read different things saying that they are in the same mission to find “Yahweh”, which is very interesting to me; even another life form acknowledges that there is a God, and what’s even weirder is it is the same God as our own.  There is only one account that I have heard where the abduction was negative, but it was due to the person being very uncooperative over a long period of time.  If you would like to share anything with me, it is all very welcome and appreciated.  If what is written is not to be shared with anyone else please include this in your response.  Thank you all for your time and help on this quest to know more on this topic.

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  1. GDT says:

    Sorry, but most abductees are traumatized. Ask any reliable researcher. Most suffer Post traumatic stress and live a life of anxiety and fear. While the aliens do play psychological games with the abductees and there maybe an isolated incident where they use screen memories to leave an impression of it being a pleasant experience….. that is rare.

    Sorry, but the new age space brother stories are usually crap and the people spreading that are suffering mental problems or selling their book,video or speaking time.

    Although Hopkins told me a few months ago, that it isn’t uncommon for a few abductees to go over the edge/lose it (as they can no longer handle the experiences) and they go new age or extreme religious as a way to cope. (or self medicate using drugs or alcohol)

    Two close UFOs- makes me wonder what else you have experienced. Were both of these at the same location? You or someone close by -maybe the cause of them being so close. I don’t think they would risk getting so close to us murderous monkeys – just to pickup a pizza.

  2. dreambaby5207 says:

    Well I have a few stories,but nothing really interesting… just little things started happening to me as a kid that frightened me. i would see people by my bed, but that stopped after one night i begged them to not appear becasue they were scaring me. instead i would hear them in my head and one night i saw a white light in my window. i remember being in a space ship being given a tour by a pretty tall girl. but those experiences dwindled as i got older.
    but now at seventeen i think its starting up again. i constanttly wake up at 2:20 in the morning and i have to take a crap load of vitamins for no reason. my eating habits have changed but i don’t know if that’s related to any alien stuff. but some nights i get a strange feeling that something is coming and i get an insane craving for milk. i’ll sit there and drink an entire gallon. if you knew me you’d know how much i hate milk! lol i don’t know but its strange

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